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Five Ways Technology Has Changed the Finance & Accounting Industry. Why Choose Best Outsourcing Partner in India? 6 Actionable Writing Tips to Improve Online Marketing Strategy. The success of an online marketing strategy is hugely dependent on the content used in it.

6 Actionable Writing Tips to Improve Online Marketing Strategy

The quality of blogs, articles and social media posts etc. determine whether the audience takes a liking to what they are being shown or turn it down. Hence, there are certain actionable writing tips that can be immensely helpful to improve one’s online marketing strategy, in order to achieve desirable results. Plan, Draft and Edit You write for your reader.

Hence, even before you get started, you need to identify your audience well. Shorter Paragraphs Work Better The best way to make content work online is by keeping paragraphs not longer than seven lines. Avoid Jargons, Exclusionary Words and One-Sentence Paragraphs People working in the same organizations parrot each other with phrases all the time. Active Voice Is Better Than Passive Always write in the form of “I did this” instead of writing like “This was done by me”. Correct Punctuation is foremost important Read this. Find an Editor. Enhance your Digital Appearance by Hiring Google Analytics Expert  Ad Operations and their Importance in Digital Business. Hire Six Sigma certified Data Entry Experts in India. Hire HIPAA Certified Medical Billing Experts & Save 70% on Costs. A Multimedia Animation Expert can transform Dreams into Reality 

Mobile-Friendly Content Writing Strategies 2020. Is your content mobile-friendly?

Mobile-Friendly Content Writing Strategies 2020

Here’s why it should be. Mobile viewing is spreading like wildfire. Google is prioritizing mobile content above everything else these days. Pros of Hiring Offshore Employees to Outsource Business Services. By Lee Bruce Digital Marketer There is not one, but a wide range of corporate functions that make the organizations feel flooded with work or urges them to hire full-fledged teams, which might be a very expensive thing to do.

Pros of Hiring Offshore Employees to Outsource Business Services

To curb this problem, they are moving towards the option of hiring offshore employees. Not only the outsourcing service providers these days feature a strong corporate culture, but also provide expert resources for different fields under one roof. By investing in remote working services in countries like India, numerous businesses have benefited and have eased up their path towards success. You can sit back and relax, as your work is spearheaded by highly trained and certified industry professionals. 1. All the top outsourcing services companies offer hundred percent quality work assurance. 2. Best Practices for Mobile Friendly Website Design. The age of mobile internet is at its peak and mobile phones have literally taken over every aspect of our lives.

Best Practices for Mobile Friendly Website Design

Customers today, don’t just use their phone for communication or social networking any more. They use it to optimise their lives. From dealing with unexpected hunger pangs to asking for directions, smartphones are the go-to master tool for over 90% of the population. Remote Team Management Mistakes to Avoid in 2020. Teams are being hired and managed remotely, but organizations everywhere don’t quite seem to have got used to the new setup.

Remote Team Management Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

As we enter the last quarter of the year and look forward to 2020, it is time for organizations to get their act together and avoid making mistakes while hiring and managing a team of people working from remote locations. Here are mistakes that organizations must steer clear of while managing remote teams in 2020. Keep checking on your team regularly: Since you are managing a team remotely and not interacting with or meeting each member on an everyday basis, it can very well become a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. In a remote work environment, forgetting the names of resources is a distinct possibility. Staying connected with them regularly to keep a check over proceedings is advisable. 5 Basic Guidelines for Improving Typography in Mobile App Design. Typography is an integral part of the mobile application designing process.

5 Basic Guidelines for Improving Typography in Mobile App Design

Typography in interfaces has undergone massive transformation, in terms of both Material Design for Android as well as Human Interface Guidelines for iOS. If you aspire to nail the ideal mobile app design and get the typography in it right, then below are 5 basic guidelines that you must blindly follow. This guide on typography in app UI design will help get things right. 1. Keep the font size minimum: Mobile apps are opened and used on mobile devices by people who are always on the move. 2. This is common practice in digital typography. 3. There are currently two system fonts for iOS, San Francisco and New York. 4. Top 5 Analytics Tools to Optimize the Website - Outsource to India Blog. Why Choose VE’s Offshore Embedded Engineers? Protect your Innovation by Hiring a Patent Expert 

7 Google Analytics Features Every Website Cannot Miss. Google Analytics can be looked at in two ways.

7 Google Analytics Features Every Website Cannot Miss

It is a money guzzler that you literally empty your pockets for, just to look at a few metrics that hardly matter or a tool that helps you understand exactly where your site stands and what you must do to improve its performance in a lot of areas. If the latter is anything to go by, then below are 7 Google Analytics metrics that you as the owner/promoter of a website cannot miss out on. Ecommerce Tracking: Ecommerce tracking is one of the most essential features of Google Analytics. The reason being, through it you get to know where your most profitable customers come from.

This will help you brainstorm better. How AI is upgrading the Software Development Processes. How AI is upgrading the Software Development Processes. VE’s Virtual Assistants can Handle Multiple Tasks for you. Get Highly Experienced Data Entry Experts at Affordable Prices. Fed up of Additional Costs? Don’t Worry! Hire Offshore Staff. Explore the World of Marketing by Hiring a Digital Marketing Expert. Get Best Offshore Staffing Services from Virtual Employee.

Outsource Web Analytic Services for Improved Business Solutions. Outsourcing Data Entry – The New Approach to do Business. Manage Your Business with Virtual Administrative Assistant. Turn Your Ideas into Circuit Wireframe. What are the Best Multimedia Animation Companies in India? Hire Certified Data Entry Experts from India. Why You Need to Outsource to India? 6 Challenges Faced by Every Entrepreneur and How to Overcome Them. Grow your Business with Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services to India. What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Services to India?