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Emily Johnson

Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media, one of the top marketing solutions provider and ranks top to promote and launch exclusive marketing campaigns for trusted partners.

15 Quotes to Inspire Your Sales and Lead Generation Drive in 2017. Sales and lead generation is the process that consumes immense amount of energy and need paramount patience.

15 Quotes to Inspire Your Sales and Lead Generation Drive in 2017

The hardworking professionals involved in sales have to face rejections, disappointments, criticisms, challenging questions and an enormous pressure of meeting their sales targets. However, a sales person must have the courage to turn the stumbling blocks into stepping stones because success, celebration and growth lie beyond his fears and disappointments. Here are 15 quotes from celebrated Marketing Gurus to ignite your sales and lead generation drive this New Year: “The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market ‘lives’ on the web.” – Wayne Davis “For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough.” – Zig Ziglar “The offer determines to a large extent whether you can maintain a dialogue with a prospect rather than a series of episodes.

10 Best Tips How To Make Your Purchased List Profitable. Effective Telemarketing In The B2B Space: 10 Strategies. Beyond doubts, telemarketing is highly relevant in the B2B marketplace.

Effective Telemarketing In The B2B Space: 10 Strategies

Unlike in the B2C Tele calling where customers get annoyed receiving unwanted phone calls, telemarketing in B2B is always welcome. It gives opportunities to both the providers and seekers of the products, solutions, and services to grow their business. Also, it is one of the most effective ways in generating B2B leads as it gives a humane touch to the communication that other media forms fail to deliver.

Decoding The B2B Email Marketing Strategy For Healthcare Industry. Blue Mail Media Announces Year End Special Offers on Your List Purchase. Irving, TX, December 5th, 2016: 2016 is coming to an end and many marketers are left with unutilized budgets.

Blue Mail Media Announces Year End Special Offers on Your List Purchase

To help such marketers spend their remaining budgets wisely and start off their new year with a bang, Blue Mail Media announces special end of year plans for you to avail our high-quality marketing databases at discounted rates. The announcement is aimed to enable marketers to buy bulk contacts at reasonable prices. Speaking of the move, Robert Duke, Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media mentions, “Marketers not spending their marketing budgets optimally may see shrinkage in the budgets allotted to them in the years to come. This is not a good sign considering the fierce competition that persists in almost every sector these days. 10 Metrics to Monitor Campaign Progress [Free Guide]

5 Easy Tips to Writing a Decent Subject Line for Marketing Emails. How do you determine which emails you would like to see once you open your mailbox?

5 Easy Tips to Writing a Decent Subject Line for Marketing Emails

Most experts believe that it is the name of the sender that the users first look at. If they see an email from or any such email address, there are high chances that they would not bother to open those emails. What do they see next? Yes, the subject line! Writing the perfect subject line is one of the most crucial elements of your marketing process. A Bit Of Everything Is The Best Mix For B2B Lead Generation. B2B Lead generation is the most common challenge faced by organizations all over the world.

A Bit Of Everything Is The Best Mix For B2B Lead Generation

And the reasons are quite simple. B2C marketers can use aggressive marketing techniques, advertising and promotional offers to lure customers to buy their products or services. Their accessibility to the customers is much higher than that of a B2B business organization. On the other hand, B2B companies need to reach out to the top level decision makers such as CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CIOs and many others, which is not quite easy. They are busy people and you need a very subtle and effective strategy to actually park your products/ solutions or services in their minds. The most important doctrine for quality lead generation is to do a bit of everything rather than completely focusing on a single strategy, because every single drop makes a mighty ocean.

Use Social Media. Last Minute Email Marketing Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday - Blue Mail Media - Blog. As Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall in line to mark America’s shopping season, shoppers are queuing up in malls and retail outlets to take advantage of the biggest deals of the year.

Last Minute Email Marketing Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday - Blue Mail Media - Blog

Similarly, the online shoppers too are proactively hunting for the best offers on the Internet. Last year, American people spent around $67.6 billion on Black Friday according to data provided by the National Retail Federation and the number is going up year by year. If you are a retailer or an online seller who still hasn’t planned the Email marketing campaigns for the most profitable days to come, worry not!

Make This Thanksgiving Special for Your Customers - Blue Mail Media - Blog. Thanksgiving is a special time to thank the lord who has answered your prayers and filled your life with people and things that make your life fulfilling.

Make This Thanksgiving Special for Your Customers - Blue Mail Media - Blog

It’s a time to share happiness, kindness, mercy, gentleness and gratitude with people around us who directly or indirectly encourage us to find meaning in life. And if you run a business, what could be more elating than thanking your present and potential customers who are responsible for your existence. While sending them a ‘Thank you’ note could be a great idea, appreciating them with your actions will add more sincerity to your expression. Thanksgiving is not business as usual. Oracle customers email list. Ditch The Sales Pitch, Sell The Value. While chalking out the sales plan, most sales professionals excessively focus on the content of their message rather than its delivery.

Ditch The Sales Pitch, Sell The Value

Since the nature of their job requires them to converse with hundreds of people every month, they sometimes lose the humane touch which is required to establish a sense of trust and credibility in the minds of the customers. This is why a good sales person reads the pulse of their prospects and addresses their real concerns rather than merely focusing on improving the sales figures. Because once you start selling the benefits instead of the functions, sales automatically happen. “The first rule of crafting a perfect sales pitch is ‘ditch the pitch’. You win half the battle if you sell the value and benefits of your product, rather than selling its features” Telecom Industry Email Lists - Telecom Companies Mailing List. Since inception, Blue Mail Media has been proactively helping organizations in multiple industries with qualitative data for their marketing activities.

Telecom Industry Email Lists - Telecom Companies Mailing List

Our highly skilled team of data scientists, researchers and industry experts put immense efforts in maintaining the quality of Telecom Industry Executives Database throughout the process of collection, verification and update. Not only we offer you pre-packaged to help you with your immediate marketing needs, but also we offer you to get your list customized based on your business specific preferences. Also, our widespread data partners network spread across USA, UK, Canada, Europe, North America, APAC and other regions strengthens us to serve clients beyond geographical constraints, and in a global yet local approach.

Why Do You Need Technology Users Database? As a proactive technology marketer, knowing your target market would mean identifying the segment of population which is using products, solutions or services directly or indirectly related to your offerings.

Why Do You Need Technology Users Database?

If you are in a business of selling Oracle based solutions and services, it would give you a competitive advantage to have qualitative data of those using Oracle based solutions in the geography of your focus. Since business needs are constantly changing, enterprises are always on a lookout for solutions and services providers to buy new systems and solutions, and even upgrade their existing IT architecture. Having data of those who might need your solutions and services would help you design a personalized experience for your customers and serve them better. An Investment, Not Expenditure A lot of organizations perceive investing into technology users database as a cost centre rather than a revenue centre.

Things to Keep In Mind Ultimately, It’s All About Your Success. Decoding Marketing Attribution. Not more than 54% of businesses invest in attributionAmong those who do, 28% rely on click through How Will The Marketer Benefit? 58% organizations focus on revamping media mix66% focus on the prospecting by establishing an understanding70% of the attribution justifies marketing expenditure Nevertheless, When Attribution Is Prioritized: 89% of those who rely on attribution vouched for its efficiency on businesses The challenges. Top 10 Valuable Marketing Tips For Small Business To Follow. Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Go Be It. I have great ideas. I will quit my job. I will start a business of my own. And I will make it big. That’s the most common thought that lingers around the minds of those who are bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.

However, a few find the motivation to break out of the cocoons of their comfort and make a big leap. Connect with Key IT Decision Makers and Trap the Opportunities in the IT Industry - Blue Mail Media - Blog. The world is witnessing a storm of change powered by increasing adoption of Information Technology around the globe. While developed nations have already set their feet well in the technology space, developing nations too are racing towards becoming digital economies to shore up their growth prospects.

As per a recent Gartner report, “Worldwide IT spending is forecast to grow 0.9% in 2016 on a constant-currency basis. However, currency rate changes will limit market growth to slightly negative, with 2016 at $3.4 trillion. By 2020, spending is forecast to approach $3.8 trillion in current dollars.” Going by these projections, there are immense opportunities for the sellers of IT hardware, software and associated services. 4 Guidelines to Buy a Mailing List. To buy or not to buy, that is the question. And by any chance if you have made your mind to buy, don’t ignore the reasons you were thinking not to buy it.

That’s the doctrine you must follow before buying a mailing list. When you are purchasing an email database, you must analyse a lot of factors and buy it from a trustworthy database provider who has in depth knowledge of the specific industry you operate in. How Small Fishes Can Challenge the Big Fishes in the SEO Game. Have you been worried about competing with the big players on the digital marketing battlefield? They may have large fiscal reserves and great marketing and SEO teams, but there is no reason why you can’t do better. If you have an exceptional SEO and content marketing strategy, you can surely make a difference by creating the right amount of buzz for your brand. Certainly, while content is the king, SEO is the kingmaker. As a small or medium business, you would want to achieve high visibility on Google for organic search engine and traffic leads.

And if you organize and put your resources to good use, you can carve out your special place in the heavily crowded market. Be Jack of All Things It is important to be jack of all things when it comes to making use of SEO. No Data?? God Help Your Digital Marketing Strategy. Marketers may be brilliant in running hundreds of digital marketing campaigns but they are accountable for the success of each one of them. The real advantage of digital marketing is that you can measure the degree and intensity of the audience response. You may not know how exactly your campaigns affect your brand image in your target customers’ minds, but you can surely measure the number of conversations, feedbacks and sentiments they generate.

Using the right metrics and analytics, you can optimize your campaign in a way that it helps you achieve maximum RoI. Opinions Matter, So Does Data. Mailing Lists. Email Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon. In recent years, the term ‘Digital Marketing’ has become synonymous to marketing. Going by the Gartner’s 2015-2016 Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Spend Survey, 98% of marketers believe that online and offline marketing are merging into one. It also mentions that Digital marketing has become the mainstream, while digital commerce is taking a big leap to be among the top priorities of marketers. According to Epsilon, “43 percent of millennials have opened and read marketing-driven emails more often in the past six months than the rest of their older counterparts—all other consumers came in at around 32 percent.” Using ‘Mind Maps’ In Marketing. An average brain produces about 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts everyday depending upon how deep thinker you are.

And in the hour of need, many of these random yet significant thoughts do not appear to help. This is why, ‘Mind Maps’ can be of significant help in arranging these thoughts in a logical manner and help you understand a problem from different dimensions. ‘Old is Gold’ Does Not Apply To Database. When was the last time you updated your database? The Amalgamation Of Sales Marketing And The Human Mind. A smashing sales marketing story involves brands delving into the minds of consumers and ticking their emotions, building bonds, and making a lasting impression. The nostalgia of sales pitch from a bygone era makes most modern marketers giggle because it was mostly cringeworthy.

In the present times, the similar approach will earn you the laughable spot in the hall of shame. Still, a better story to convey newcomers telling what not to do while marketing in the trending era. Think Beyond LinkedIn When It Comes To B2B Social Media Marketing. When Facebook first came into the picture, it was nothing more than a platform where teenagers came together and interacted. Similarly, Twitter was a minuscule edition of a personal blog. As the world started to realize greater potential of social media, thousands of businesses started exploring marketing opportunities using the same. Many B2C companies have done it successfully, yet a large number of B2B companies are still sceptical if social media marketing would bring them the desired results.

5 Content Marketing Techniques That Never Fail to Deliver. Writing a blog purely to increase your sales may not bring the best results in today’s time. In fact, the readers lose interest in your content as soon as they realize you are trying to sell something. What may work instead, is educating your potential market with qualitative and unbiased content. Is Deutsche Bank Too Big To Fail? Or The Bubble Is Going To Burst? The credit crunch in 2008 left its scars on the global economy which the world is still recovering through.

And if experts are to be believed, the ongoing Deutsche Bank crisis may lead us to the next economic mayhem. 5 Ways to Increase Brands Awareness for B2B Business in 2016. Brand awareness is the contingency through which consumers are accustomed to the life and availability of the product. Brand Awareness is acknowledged as the amplitude to which consumers specifically plug into the brand with the individual product. Brand awareness includes both brand awareness at the same time brand recollection. 5 Valuable Tips to Help Keep Customers Loyal to Your Business. Top 6 Techniques to Expand Your Email Subscriber List. Digital marketing. Making Sense of Marketing Attribution [Infographic] Top Five Unconventional Ways to Trigger Your Email Marketing.

4 Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Mailing List. Top 3 Benefits of Multichannel Marketing Every Direct Marketer Must Know. 5 Steps to a Successful Decision Making Process – A Valuable Guide by Blue Mail Media. Real Estate Mortgage Information. 6 Reasons Why Live Chat Works Wonders for Customer Engagement. Use AMP, or Risk Falling Behind – Online Marketers Are You Ready? 5 Must-known Multi-Channel Platforms Marketers Should Be Aware Of.

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Professional Mailing List - Targeted Professionals Email Lists. 4 ways to approach business executives globally in 2016  CMO Email Lists - Chief Marketing Officers Mailing Lists. 5 ways to blog for B2B Marketing - Blue Mail Media.