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Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media, one of the top marketing solutions provider and ranks top to promote and launch exclusive marketing campaigns for trusted partners.

Top Marketing Tactics for Reaching and Selling to CFOs. C-level executives are indeed tough to reach.

Top Marketing Tactics for Reaching and Selling to CFOs

Marketing and selling to these executives have always been challenging for B2B organizations worldwide. Whether it’s a small, mid, or large size organization; C-level executives in every firm hold a unique position, they are the decision-makers, who have the purchasing authority. However, the roles and responsibilities of C- level executives vary as per their designations. For example, CEO’s or chief executive officers are responsible for supervising the operations of the organizations, CTO’s (Chief Technology Officers) on the other hand are the chief technology officers, who are responsible for conducting technological procedures with business objectives.

Whereas CFO’s or Chief Financial Officers are responsible for the company’s financial position. Thus, it is always tougher to convince the CFO’s compared to the other C-level executives, because CFO’s oversee the risk factors and are concerned about the cost of things. The Journey of Warren Buffett [Infographic] Warren Edward Buffett is one of the top investors of all time.

The Journey of Warren Buffett [Infographic]

The investments of this American business magnate made through his financial holding company ‘Berkshire Hathaway’ helped him build a fortune estimated at 6,770 crores USD. Over his lifetime, this well-known investor earned acclaim as one of the world’s foremost philanthropists alongside being the fourth wealthiest person in the globe. He has also been referred to as “Sage” or “Oracle” of Omaha by global media. This Infographic highlights Warren Buffett’s investing strokes of genius, his greatest successes, and his most resounding failures that he would take back.

5 Essential Tips for Improving Your Email Marketing ROI. Today, almost half of the population uses email globally.

5 Essential Tips for Improving Your Email Marketing ROI

According to Radicati’s updated report, there are 3.9 million active email users. And this number is foreseen to hit 4.3 billion by 2023. These numbers indicate how email has become one of the most common communication tools around. Email, being one of the affordable and effective channels, is embraced by most of the businesses, be it big or small. It helps them to beconnected with the customers and reap more ROI. Before learning more about the outcome, let us see what it means to be called email marketing ROI. Email marketing ROI (Return on Investment) is one of the popular performance measures used by the businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of their investment. Best Time to Send an Email Blast. Timing matters, particularly when it comes to making your subscribers open and read your emails.

Best Time to Send an Email Blast

That being the case, schedule your messages for the perfect time to have a massive influence on your campaign’s efficacy. To help you out, we have accumulated some of the most advanced and up-to-date data in this Infographic articulating the best time to send email blasts. These numbers are broadly affirmed by the email marketing community. 5 Email Marketing Tips for Manufacturing Companies. Email is an effective way to reach prospective customers in today’s digitalized world.

5 Email Marketing Tips for Manufacturing Companies

However, several industries either ignore this strategy altogether or rely on blast-emails for promotional purposes. As most of their purchases are multifaceted with long sales cycles and involves numerous decision-makers, the industry experts overlook the importance of well-planned email campaigns. Banking & Finance: All Inclusive Contexual Email Marketing Techniques [Whitepaper] B2B Branding: How It Improves Sales Rate. Crafting a brand for your company is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

B2B Branding: How It Improves Sales Rate

Your carefully built brand will help you create a visual, cultural, and emotional connection between your firm and the clients. Therefore, focusing on building a great brand will undoubtedly increase your sales rate and thereby revenue. To guide you, we have explained some of the best tips on branding. Please have a look at it. 1. Presenting your brand as an authoritative, trustworthy, and relevant source will form a good impression in your customer’s mind.

According to the Missouri University of Science & Technology, it requires less than two-tenths of a second for a site visitor to capture an impression about a brand. Image Source: Missouri S&T Dr. Now, the question is – how do you achieve a good first impression for your brand? Know your customer and their interest. Blue Mail Media Offers 15% Off on Purchase of Marketing Database. Irving, TX, May 12 – 2020: As the companies are gearing up to keep their business intact amidst COVID19, Blue Mail Media helps you with its most reliable solution.

Blue Mail Media Offers 15% Off on Purchase of Marketing Database

Robert Duke, Marketing Manager at Blue Mail Media,says, “COVID19 has significantly impacted the businesses worldwide and placing a greater demand on email communication. As a top-notch B2B marketing solution provider, Blue Mail Media is committed to support businesses during this rapidly evolving situation.” We are offering 15% discount on the purchase of any list above $2000, with a maximum discount of $1000 from May 12th to May 29th.

He adds, “We realize that our services will be of great help to all the industries and it will keep you and your clients connected while staying apart.” What to Expect from Blue Mail Media? Our records undergo 2-step verification, using sophisticated tools and manual procedures before delivering the final list. Summer Marketing Campaigns to Boost Customer Engagement. Summer marketing campaigns are the greatest way to promote your products and services.

Summer Marketing Campaigns to Boost Customer Engagement

Summer is a great time to release all your creative marketing ideas and drive the attention of the people who are going to the beach and pools to escape the scorching heat. Without delay, draft a summer marketing strategy that keeps your customers happy all season long. NAICS Code 4461 : Health and Personal Care Stores. Blue Mail Media’s NAICS Code 4461 is the reliable choice for the businesses to reach the professionals from the Health and Personal Care Stores industry.

NAICS Code 4461 : Health and Personal Care Stores

You can interact seamlessly with the decision makers who hold a higher position in the organization. This list contains the NAICS Code of all the subdivisions and sectors that come under the relevant industry. You can customized the data based on geographical location, job title, revenue, and other segments. This option lets you reach the most qualified leads quickly. Businesses can execute email, direct mail, telemarketing, and other online campaigns successfully by using the mailing list of NAICS Code 4461. Our NAICS Code list is put together by gathering the data from multiple authentic sources. SIC Code 3841 : Surgical & Medical Instruments. Blue Mail Media’s SIC Code 3841 is the perfect choice for the marketers to target the key decision makers, top-level executives, and professionals working in Surgical & medical instruments industry.

SIC Code 3841 : Surgical & Medical Instruments

This list comprises of SIC codes of different subdivisions and segments within the selected industry. It helps you to narrow down your target market further with specialized selects of your choice such as location, revenue, and other. This email list has all the essential marketing details of the prospects that lets you execute direct mail, email, and telemarketing campaigns at ease.

With our list, you can build customized campaigns to acquire sales-ready quality leads. All the information on this list is highly accurate and reliable. Pharmacist Email List. Increase Your Sales Productivity with Direct Phone Numbers. Communication with the customers are vital for any organization to succeed. Direct Dial numbers ensure the same by letting you have a comprehensive, productive, and prompt interaction with potential clients.

To sum it up, direct dials have numerous benefits for sales executives striving to reach the higher-level decision-makers and pitch their products. This Infographic highlights those benefits and explains the importance of reaching out to the prospects directly. Sweden Business Mailing List. Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses during COVID19 Situation. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is exceptional by any standards. It comes with extreme levels of uncertainty, which is well beyond the experience of business leaders. To spill the bean, COVID-19 will test almost every business leader to their limit. Fret not if you are one among them, and you own a small business with a dream to achieve bigger.

We know how challenging it is to take care of your daily operation in the light of coronavirus pandemic. So, to guide you, we have curated the below checklist of strategies. 1. Belgium Email List - Belgium Business Mailing List - Belgium Database. Brazil Business Mailing List. Blue Mail Media's Self-Service Support. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) aids businesses and governments to classify, compare and assess economic activity in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It is a 6-digit code system to categorize business establishments into different industrial categories. Adopted in 1997, NAICS codes groups the economy into 20 key sectors. Mexico Mailing List - Mexico Business Email List. Leverage the Power of Email Appending [Infographic] - Blue Mail Media. The business impact of dirty data – data that is inaccurate, incomplete, and invalid is staggering, but an individual organization can avoid the morass with specific procedures.

Modern techniques like email appending can minimize the impact of dirty data on your business. An organization that employs strong data governance, in addition to data-appending practices, can generate up to 70% more revenue. Moreover, clean and reliable data makes your firm more agile and receptive while cutting down on wasted efforts by knowledge workers and data scientists. To get you prepared on e-appending practices, we have listed some facts and features in the below Infographic. Study it before embracing the Email Appending Services in the business plan. [Infographic Content] New York Email List - New York Business Mailing List - NY Sales Leads. Construction Industry Email List - Companies, Builders, Contractors List.

Industry Wise Mailing List - Email List of All Industries. Pennsylvania mailing list. Poland Business Email List - Poland business email database. 15 Quotes to Inspire Your Sales and Lead Generation Drive in 2017. Sales and lead generation is the process that consumes immense amount of energy and need paramount patience. The hardworking professionals involved in sales have to face rejections, disappointments, criticisms, challenging questions and an enormous pressure of meeting their sales targets.

However, a sales person must have the courage to turn the stumbling blocks into stepping stones because success, celebration and growth lie beyond his fears and disappointments. Here are 15 quotes from celebrated Marketing Gurus to ignite your sales and lead generation drive this New Year: “The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market ‘lives’ on the web.” – Wayne Davis “For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough.” – Zig Ziglar “The offer determines to a large extent whether you can maintain a dialogue with a prospect rather than a series of episodes.

10 Best Tips How To Make Your Purchased List Profitable. Effective Telemarketing In The B2B Space: 10 Strategies. Beyond doubts, telemarketing is highly relevant in the B2B marketplace. Unlike in the B2C Tele calling where customers get annoyed receiving unwanted phone calls, telemarketing in B2B is always welcome. It gives opportunities to both the providers and seekers of the products, solutions, and services to grow their business. Also, it is one of the most effective ways in generating B2B leads as it gives a humane touch to the communication that other media forms fail to deliver. Person to person interaction makes for clarity of message, immediate feedback and saves time spent on sending lengthy emails and waiting for them endlessly. However, for marketers to break out of the crowd is not an easy task. Here are 10 tips to build a successful telemarketing strategy and execute the same the right way: Decoding The B2B Email Marketing Strategy For Healthcare Industry.

Blue Mail Media Announces Year End Special Offers on Your List Purchase. Irving, TX, December 5th, 2016: 2016 is coming to an end and many marketers are left with unutilized budgets. 10 Metrics to Monitor Campaign Progress [Free Guide] 5 Easy Tips to Writing a Decent Subject Line for Marketing Emails. A Bit Of Everything Is The Best Mix For B2B Lead Generation. B2B Lead generation is the most common challenge faced by organizations all over the world. And the reasons are quite simple. B2C marketers can use aggressive marketing techniques, advertising and promotional offers to lure customers to buy their products or services. Last Minute Email Marketing Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday - Blue Mail Media - Blog. As Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall in line to mark America’s shopping season, shoppers are queuing up in malls and retail outlets to take advantage of the biggest deals of the year.

Make This Thanksgiving Special for Your Customers - Blue Mail Media - Blog. Oracle customers email list. Ditch The Sales Pitch, Sell The Value. While chalking out the sales plan, most sales professionals excessively focus on the content of their message rather than its delivery. Since the nature of their job requires them to converse with hundreds of people every month, they sometimes lose the humane touch which is required to establish a sense of trust and credibility in the minds of the customers.

This is why a good sales person reads the pulse of their prospects and addresses their real concerns rather than merely focusing on improving the sales figures. Because once you start selling the benefits instead of the functions, sales automatically happen. “The first rule of crafting a perfect sales pitch is ‘ditch the pitch’. You win half the battle if you sell the value and benefits of your product, rather than selling its features” Telecom Industry Email Lists - Telecom Companies Mailing List. Why Do You Need Technology Users Database?

As a proactive technology marketer, knowing your target market would mean identifying the segment of population which is using products, solutions or services directly or indirectly related to your offerings. Decoding Marketing Attribution. Top 10 Valuable Marketing Tips For Small Business To Follow. Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Go Be It. Connect with Key IT Decision Makers and Trap the Opportunities in the IT Industry - Blue Mail Media - Blog. 4 Guidelines to Buy a Mailing List. How Small Fishes Can Challenge the Big Fishes in the SEO Game. No Data?? God Help Your Digital Marketing Strategy. Mailing Lists. Email Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon. Using ‘Mind Maps’ In Marketing. ‘Old is Gold’ Does Not Apply To Database. The Amalgamation Of Sales Marketing And The Human Mind. Think Beyond LinkedIn When It Comes To B2B Social Media Marketing. 5 Content Marketing Techniques That Never Fail to Deliver. Is Deutsche Bank Too Big To Fail? Or The Bubble Is Going To Burst?

5 Ways to Increase Brands Awareness for B2B Business in 2016. 5 Valuable Tips to Help Keep Customers Loyal to Your Business. Top 6 Techniques to Expand Your Email Subscriber List. Digital marketing. Making Sense of Marketing Attribution [Infographic] Top Five Unconventional Ways to Trigger Your Email Marketing. 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Mailing List. Top 3 Benefits of Multichannel Marketing Every Direct Marketer Must Know. 5 Steps to a Successful Decision Making Process – A Valuable Guide by Blue Mail Media. Real Estate Mortgage Information. 6 Reasons Why Live Chat Works Wonders for Customer Engagement. Use AMP, or Risk Falling Behind – Online Marketers Are You Ready? 5 Must-known Multi-Channel Platforms Marketers Should Be Aware Of. Top 6 Smart Strategies to Revamp Your Email Marketing in 2016.

HR Executives Email List - HR Managers - HR Directors Mailing List. Why Does No One Like Your Email Campaigns? - Blue Mail Media - Blog. Top 5 Marketing Tips to Learn from Disney Movies - Blue Mail Media - Blog. COO Email Lists - Chief Operating Officers Mailing Lists. 6 Tips to Make Your Sales Call a Hit - Blue Mail Media. CTO Email Lists - Chief Technology Officers Mailing List.

Analysis Of Weekly Lead Conversion Rate: What Day Is Favorable For Sales? - Blue Mail Media. CIO Email Lists - Chief Information Officers Mailing Lists. Multi-Channel Marketing Conference 2016 - Blue Mail Media Inc. Top 7 Ways to Trigger B2B Content Marketing Strategy - Blue Mail Media - Blog. Lawyers Mailing Lists - Attorneys Email Addresses.

7 Must-known Ideas to Turn Social Media Connections into Sales - Blue Mail Media. CFO Email Lists - Chief Financial Officers Mailing List. 16 Effective way to Prospect B2b Business for 2016. C Level Executives Email List: CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, CTO. 5 Effective Ways to Personalize Your Email Marketing Campaigns. Social Media - Success of your Content Marketing Strategy. CEO Email List - Chief Executive Officers Email Addresses. How Marketers Are Making Big Bucks With The Pokémon Go Fad. Lawyers Mailing Lists - Attorneys Email Addresses. How can Email Marketing Drive Visitors to Your Blog? - Blue Mail Media - Blog. Dentists Mailing Lists - Dentists Email Addresses. B2B Prospecting Tips to get response from C–level Executives.

Get the best C-Level Executives Email List at an affordable price. 7 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Pro to Handle SEO Marketing - Blue Mail Media - Blog. Lawyers Mailing Lists - Attorneys Email Addresses. CEO Email List - Chief Executive Officers Email Addresses. Why Attorney Email Contacts are Best Choice. Smart & Simple Tricks to Contact C-level Executives. 4 Effortless Ways to Approach COO Executives. Strategies to Implement while Marketing to HR Executives. CIO Email Lists - Chief Information Officers Mailing Lists.