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Social Networking: The New Attraction of the Unknown. Today, there are many new social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. however, the social apps such as Fling, Cuddlr, Whisper & 20 Day Stranger have form what many of us dare already qualify as a new stage in the history of the social web.

Social Networking: The New Attraction of the Unknown

Php Web Development Tips To Improve Programming. Johnaallen: Powerful Reasons to Opt for Android Application Development. Android, the Google’s child which is an open source mobile operating system that combines the features of various open source projects for developing innovative applications.

johnaallen: Powerful Reasons to Opt for Android Application Development

According to a recent analysis, the Android OS is found to be an extremely famous and recognized mobile OS (platform) around the world. In the Mobile Development world, the Android application development has brought a high revolution since unleashed in 2007. The Android Application Development India is relatively fast as compared to other countries. It offers over plus of features that makes it relevant for productive Android application development to create some breath-taking apps for users across varied domains.

Android OS provides various features such as all-inclusive libraries for 2D and 3D graphics, video camera, touch screen, GPS, accelerator, using Google Talk, wide range of libraries for video and audio files. Open Source Technical Framework Flexible Nature of Android OS Cost Effective. 6 Best WordPress Security Plugins. Article Submission Directory. eCommerce Development Company. E-commerce Development With a wide range of CMS & e-Commerce platforms available in the market, a typical eCommerce solution is inadequate to fulfill the flexibility that you require to maximize your profit and conversions for your online shopping business.

eCommerce Development Company

The tailored CMS & eCommerce Development services by Vijay Web Solutions assures you to provide with a website that is built with a perfect business strategy and advanced technologies. We specialize in database driven content & user friendly shopping cart solutions. Our team of ecommerce web designers & developers have outstanding proficiency in developing the most captivating ecommerce portals. Our simple and intuitive front-end designs of ecommerce websites help in a quick online buying, selling and distribution of your products via the Internet. The eCommerce solutions offered by Vijay Web Solutions include eCommerce web designing & development, custom shopping carts, extensions, modules, plugins, etc. Magento eCommerce Development. WordPress Development – Tactice To Look For In WordPress Hosting Service Provider - Home.

Drupal Website Design & Development Company India - Services. Drupal is one of most popular PHP-based free and open source CMS platforms and provides various functionalites for developing elegant and professional looking blogs and enterprise applications according to the business needs.

Drupal Website Design & Development Company India - Services

The Best Open Source-Alternative: NetBSD. NetBSD is mainly famous for its portability.

The Best Open Source-Alternative: NetBSD

Although Linux ports are available for many platforms, NetBSD completely knocks the door penguin when it comes to supporting platforms. In any technical journal usually contains any information about LINUX. But the news about other widely used open source operating systems are much rarer. JavaScript Advantages & Disadvantages. A basic thing about Web design is that it needs both client-side and server-side scripting to implement the right idea.

JavaScript Advantages & Disadvantages

However, some web developers likes to use mostly the client-side code (i.e. JavaScript). Customer Relationship Management. If you are a manager or entrepreneur in an organization that manage a sales team, then you should read this blog post as it will help you understand the importance of customer relationship management (CRM).

Customer Relationship Management

In many companies data relating to contacts, customers, suppliers, etc. is found in printed documents, spreadsheets or scattered in different documents. Benefits of Creating a Website with Vijay Web Solutions. Currently, creation of sites is gaining increasing popularity.

Benefits of Creating a Website with Vijay Web Solutions

Become common cases where corporate site created before the official opening of the company and advance money is invested in the promotion of the resource. HTML5 - Autocomplete & Autofocus Attribute. HTML5 – Autocomplete Attribute The Autocomplete attribute is a new attribute in the HTML5.

HTML5 - Autocomplete & Autofocus Attribute

The function of the attribute is to enable or disable the autocomplete form element and input. Some browsers offer the complete functionality or suggest filling out a form field options. Importance of Using Bold & Italic in Website Contents. Being a good writer is sometimes not enough to capture the reader’s attention.

Importance of Using Bold & Italic in Website Contents

Digital writing is characterized as direct and simple. If you want to get a writing style suitable for web 3.0, improve readability for user, that means highlighting the most important data and well structured text. The Bold and Italic font style help us with this task. PHP Tutorial: Creating Pagination in CodeIgniter Framework. CodeIgniter – a PHP framework, prefered by most of the PHP developers for developing small & medium websites & applications.

If you are a beginner, then definitely you should start your development with CodeIgniter framework. In this PHP Tutorial, we are going to see, step by step creating pagination in codeigniter framework. Improving the Quality of Existing Code. Today, in this blog post, we will be discussing about the importance of refactoring the software code to improve the internal architecture of code without affecting its external behavior. For some, its such a natural subject that does not even deserve a lengthy discussion. However, unfortunately, there are still some people who do not fully understand this technique of code improvement. As per the Wikipedia, the Code Refactoring is a controlled process of modifying an existing software code to improve the internal structure without altering its external behavior. Tools Used in Software Development. Advantages Offered in BackboneJS. Mobile App Development Companies.

Tools and Site for Mobile Application Development. Web Application Development India by Vijay Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.