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John R. Gorman

I am a Personal Injury attorney and a partner at Lutz, Shafranski, Gorman & Mahoney, P.A. in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Prior to becoming an attorney, I studied at the University of Notre Dame Law School. I graduated in 1983. After passing the bar exam, I was admitted to legal practice. I am certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney. I am also certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy as a Civil Trial Advocate. Since joining the firm in 1985, I have practiced in personal injury matters, including all types of motor vehicle accidents (cars, motorcycles, tractor-trailers, taxi cabs, and other commercial vehicles); slip/trip and fall accidents; dog bites/attacks; and injuries resulting from defective products. At our firm, we understand that serious injury accidents can happen in a split second, changing life as you know it forever. That’s why if you or someone close to you has sustained harm due to the negligence of another, we can help fight for the compensation you need to get your life back on track. To get in touch with me or other attorneys at Lutz, Shafranski, Gorman & Mahoney, Visit our website.

Untitled. Untitled. New Brunswick Personal Injury Lawyer. New Brunswick Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. Motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere will attest to the extraordinary sense of freedom and exhilaration they feel every time they take to the open roads.

New Brunswick Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, the negligence of others regularly results in serious injuries to enthusiasts in the state, and if you are among those harmed, a New Brunswick motorcycle accident lawyer is prepared to advocate on your behalf. Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes Motorcycle crashes can unfold in numerous ways and can be caused by various reasons. Sadly, driver error and inattention, driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol are the most common causes of motorcycle collisions. Failure on the part of drivers to leave sufficient distance between themselves and motorcyclists also leads to devastating outcomes far too frequently.

However, driver mistakes are not the only way in which severe motorcycle accident injuries develop. Understanding Shared Fault The Severity of Injuries Stemming from Motorbike Accidents. New Brunswick Slip and Fall Lawyer. When a person enters a property belongs to someone else, they presume the property is safe to enter, absent warnings to the contrary.

New Brunswick Slip and Fall Lawyer

That is a valid assumption because people and businesses have an obligation to keep the property they own or occupy reasonably safe for visitors. Unfortunately, business owners and others often fail in that duty, and visitors to their premises slip or trip on a hazard and fall, injuring themselves. In cases where a slip and fall results from someone else’s negligence, the injured person could claim damages against the business, property owner, or lessee. This area of law is called premises liability. If you were injured on someone else’s property, it is wise to discuss your options with a personal injury attorney. Liability Depends on Reason for Presence There is no liability without negligence and determining negligence in premises liability cases can be complicated. Trespasser Licensee Invitee Falls on Government-Owned Property.

New Brunswick Catastrophic Injury Lawyer. A catastrophic injury has the potential to permanently impair a person’s ability to work and fully participate in life.

New Brunswick Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Examples include amputations, spinal cord damage, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, organ system damage, and virtually any permanent injury that will diminish the sufferer’s independence and functioning. Catastrophic injuries are physically, emotionally, and financially devastating to the injured person and their family. If someone else’s negligence caused the accident that led to the injuries, the injured person and their family could pursue monetary damages with the help of a New Brunswick catastrophic injury lawyer. Of course, financial relief does not compensate for all that was lost, but it can help a family prepare for the future.

Recovering after a catastrophic injury is an extended process of coming to terms with the injured person’s future abilities and limitations. Compensatory Damages Can Make a Family Whole Punitive Damages Sometimes Available. New Brunswick Workers’ Compensation Lawyer. With the exception of those who employ workers covered by equivalent federal laws, every single employer in the state of New Jersey is required to provide workers’ compensation coverage to all their employers.

New Brunswick Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Whether you are part-time or full-time, you should be eligible under this system to seek restitution for certain types of losses stemming from a work-related injury or illness. However, there are a few procedural requirements to these claims that can be tough to navigate without help from a seasoned personal injury attorney’s help, to say nothing of how complicated the process of appealing a workers’ comp claim denial can often be.

New Brunswick Car Accident Lawyer. Traveling by vehicle is an integral part of daily life for millions, and most give little thought to the activity when they take to the roads each day.

New Brunswick Car Accident Lawyer

However, serious collisions occur regularly, and people can sustain devastating injuries. A New Brunswick car accident lawyer can offer you the help and guidance you need. Let a personal injury attorney help you get the compensation you are entitled to. Types of Negligence Leading to Car Crashes Vehicle accidents can unfold in a variety of ways, and it is essential for those injured in such events to obtain the aid of a lawyer who is familiar with the differences and the ways in which liability is demonstrated in each one. Driving while intoxicatedDistracted drivingTexting while drivingFailure to adjust to changing weather conditionsExcessive speed given the weather and roadway conditionsHeavy truck/bus accidentsMechanical failure/defective vehicle component How Car Accidents Impact Victims’ Lives.