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Make the Move to Mobile-Friendly Web Design or Lose Out – Web & Mobile App Development in Singapore. We are in the midst of the Smartphone era.

Make the Move to Mobile-Friendly Web Design or Lose Out – Web & Mobile App Development in Singapore

Almost half of humanity owns a smartphone and uses it on a daily basis to browse the internet. The number of smartphone devices has long since surpassed the number of desktop PCs. Research tell us that customers prefer to browse websites on their phones, especially when they’re out and about. Despite all this, many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still don’t run mobile-friendly websites!

If you still haven’t made the shift to responsive (or mobile-friendly) design, here are some reasons why we think you need to do so immediately: Avoid a fall in Search Engine Rankings. Top Web Design Trends That Will Rule Take the Center Stage in 2017. Great Benefits of Utilizing the Dedicated Resource Model for Project Development. Choosing Microsoft .NET For Web Application Development Generates High ROI. What Goodies Has Magento 2.0.11 Unveiled for Online Retailers?

Top eCommerce Strategies in 2017 Guaranteeing a Boost in Revenues. Top Magento Trends to Incorporate Into Your Store for Maximum Returns in 2017. 5 Ways an Android App Will Help Your Small Business Outperform competition and Succeed. Boost Holiday Sales by Sprucing Up Your Business Website. How Can a PHP-Based Website Dramatically Boost Your Business?

How to Net New Customers with the Help of a Mobile App? Build Brand Loyalty with Your Customers with a Business App. Top eCommerce Platforms Gearing Up To Rule the Market in 2017. Choosing ASP.NET Over Other Programming Languages for Your Website. 3 Tips to Revamp Your Website for the Festive Season. Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. Quick Contact Quick Contact Form Request Quote.

Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd

Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. Zen Cart is an online store management system.

Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd

It is a user-friendly, open source shopping cart software. Instead of responding to users' needs, some shopping cart solutions are complicated programming exercises. Zen Cart puts the merchant's and shopper's requirements first. Many shopping cart software programs are nearly impossible to install and use without an IT degree, Zen Cart can be installed and set-up by anyone with the most basic web site building and computer skills.

Zen Cart is PHP-based, using a MySQL database and HTML components. Multiple language support & customer modes Unlimited category depth Multiple sales and discounts Multiple display modes XHTML 1.0 compliant template system Extra pages Multiple ad banner controller Multiple shipping options Multiple payment options Newsletter manager Discount coupons Gift certificates Featured products Quantity discounts. Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. Why Mobile Geo-Location Is The Next Big Thing To Reach Target Customers? Web & Mobile App Development Company in Singapore. Can Good Website Design Have a Positive Impact on ROI? Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. OsCommerce is the power behind hundreds of online stores that turn over millions a year.

Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd

One of the best features of OsCommerce is the speed at which it can be configured and can start to sell your products online within just minutes of installation. It provides powerful built-in functionality including: product catalogue, account management, secure Administrator's panel plus online tools and reporting features OsCommerce is ideal for virtually any type of online business.

OsCommerce is easy to configure so that it can be meaningfully indexed by the major Search Engines. Customers can find your web site by simply typing product names or similar keywords into their web searches. Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. How to Start an Online eCommerce Business? – Web & Mobile App Development in Singapore.

So, you’re aware of the hype surrounding eCommerce businesses and couldn’t wait to build one for your business.

How to Start an Online eCommerce Business? – Web & Mobile App Development in Singapore

But where should you start? If you thought setting up an online business is quite similar to starting a brick-and-mortar store, you couldn’t be more wrong. While the basic building blocks are the same – initiation, planning, execution, control and maintenance – it takes on a whole new context when it comes to online stores. Let’s break down the process of building a successful online store into simple steps that anyone, either an aspiring entrepreneur or an established firm, can benefit from: STEP 1: Plan what and to whom you’ll sell Newbies into the online world usually decide on the product first and then look for a market when the right approach is actually the other way around.

Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. WordPress is the popular and best web OpenSource blogging tool/software in the world.

Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd

WordPress is an open source tool, so it is available for free download from the internet. It is powered by PHP, MySQL data backend and its customizable platform is practically the backbone of the Web 2.0 development. Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. Drupal offers an easy and cost effective option for you to consider for your next web project.

Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd

Drupal - as an open source Content Management system (CMS), authorizes to develop completely scalable solutions which are written on programmatic language PHP and database MySQL. Drupal open source CMS mainly helps in online management of websites for more fruitful results. Drupal is quickly becoming known as the #1 open-source CMS used to build scalable sites with a vast range of features. Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. The world of web is a chain of websites where the growing number of websites is large.

Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd

Every website makes its space & mark in this enormous world of web. Importance of the web market and the ability to drive your brand value & business forward takes place only in this digitalized world. A captivating, visually compelling and most importantly usable/ user-centred web presence is what it takes to keep your best foot forward to drive your brand value to greater heights. Openwave caters creative web design services to a wide range of customers to ensure that their brand, products & services get that aesthetic look and widest reach in the market. Online Payment and Billing Solutions. A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorizes payments for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar businesses.

Online Payment and Billing Solutions

It is the equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal located in most retail outlets. Secure Payment Gateways. Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. We at Openwave, utilize latest technological expertise and industry best practices to ensure that deliverables coming out of our premises are scalable and much reliable than what other development framework provides.

Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd

You will be benefited with the right blend of cost-effective management solutions and innovative thought process we implement to create, build and develop .Net solutions and applications that supports your development as well as corporate workflow. Our services render improvised user-experience for our clientele. In the rapidly evolving world of tools and technology, OpenwaveComputing LLC has expertise in all Microsoft .NET development products, including: eCommerce Solutions: 6 Reasons to Hire Dedicated Resources from an Organization. The effectiveness of an organization largely depends on the people running the enterprise.

Businesses require a well-structured team without which the business' productivity inherently goes down the drain. Despite the importance imparted to full-time employees, not all tasks need to or can be carried out in-house. This is where hiring a remote or virtual dedicated resource team can have far-reaching effects without impeding a business' scope for growth. 1. Dedicated resources win over Shared resources Most organizations provide resources that work on multiple projects at a time. Skilled Workers Suppose your company needs to get a unique set of tasks done, which requires the expertise and knowledge of qualified developers. Cost Benefits Imagine that you're recruiting a team of ten members who possess specialized skills. Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. For many companies, the time and resources required to update online content are unacceptable.

Market conditions require more speed and functionality than many organizations can coax from their existing Web content management systems. Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. Openwave Computing Singapore Pte Ltd. With the success of an organization largely dependent on the competence of its employees, recruiting a reliable and healthy workforce is, perhaps, the biggest challenge for a growing business. Irrespective of the size and capacity of businesses, on closer scrutiny, all companies experience common problems arising at different stages of business development. One of the most common complications arises when businesses reach a point where they do not have adequate skills or the expertise to perform a job. Budget limitations, lack of technological infrastructure, and the time and effort required in recruiting resources makes it nearly impossible to execute all tasks in-house.

This is why we, at Openwave, believe that our “Hiring Dedicated Resource / Team” model is a viable and smart means of outsourcing critical business processes to skilled professionals. Hire Dedicated Team / Resource: Openwave Computing Singapore. Magento commerce is the leading form of e commerce on the net today. Based on a superb flexible platform, Magento commerce solutions provide website owners with the tools to develop their websites into profitable highly visible selling portals. Magento uses PHP as a web server scripting language and the MySQL Database. The data model is based on the Entity-attribute-value model that stores data objects in tree structures, thus allowing a change to a data structure without changing the database definition. Openwave, one of the leading web development companies employs some of the best Magento Developers in the world. Android Apps Development Company in Singapore.

Openwave Computing Singapore. In the modern globalized business environment, companies face challenges to sustain and increase market share; diversify to different domains and manage relationships with customers and vendors. Openwave Computing Singapore. iOS Apps Development Company in Singapore. Web Design and Development Company in Singapore. Dot Net Web Development Services - C#, VB & ASP.Net.

At Openwave, we utilize the latest technological expertise and best practices of the industry to provide scalable and reliable solutions that help our client's businesses achieve their potential. We create .Net applications that support your development and suit your corporate workflow with improved user-experience as our goal. Custom PHP Development : LAMP - Ecommerce & CMS. The synergy of Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP, popularly known as LAMP, created a real revolution in software application development.

Decades later, it still remains an extremely powerful and flexible software development paradigm, providing astounding capabilities over J2EE, Ruby on Rails and other traditional software approaches. Build an eCommerce Store to manage & expand your Online Business. E-Commerce Solutions - B2B/B2C The Information Revolution has remodeled the society on a monumental scale.