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Coaching for CEOs, managers and executives is the forte that JO International can be proud of. Preparing, honing, and inspiring the people on these positions is something that John Owens has been doing for years. This is why JO International aims to coach executives in the most plausible human situations.

How Executive Mentoring and Coaching Helps in the Growth of a Business? (with images) · johnowen. Mentoring is indeed about a striking a very fine balance, and a bilateral one for that matter.

The world has been testimony to how mentors have led men of mediocre might to seamless success. But the annals of history, ancient and recent do not exhibit much on a mentorship having gone wrong. And, it may, and quite often for that matter. It is slippery ground, you may say, and business coaching for executives can go wrong in certain situations, which come too often. But is mentoring not meant to crease out the problems, much less to create them?

I kid you not, but it happens in the biggest of the organisations, the highest of the ranks. Here are some of the situations that are responsible for such professional and emotional wreckage during executive coaching training. You May Have Chosen a Mentor with Irrelevant Experience The need for a mentor is real. The Mentor May Be too Busy Promoting Himself/Herself A Company Sponsored Executive Coaching Programs Could be the Last Thing that Helps. 4 Things Executives Wouldn’t Know without a Mentor – Business Mentoring For CEOs. Be it sports, life, or business, one cannot emphasise enough the importance of a mentor.

4 Things Executives Wouldn’t Know without a Mentor – Business Mentoring For CEOs

In any walk of life, if a mentor has decided to make you his/her mentee, you would know things and avenues that are not only better that what you couls manage to know alone, but also the ones that are the best for you. This blog talks of 5 such things which an executive, even one up to the level of CEO wouldn’t know without a coach. In short, you are about to figure out why business mentoring for CEOs, executives and managers matters. Let’s roll! The Abilities and Capabilities Let’s face it! This is not to say that as a manager, you would be able to do zilch without coaching. The Importance of Business Mentoring for CEO - Yes! They Need It Too. When I had just begun my career, I used to wonder how wonderful it would be at the top.

The Importance of Business Mentoring for CEO - Yes! They Need It Too

However, most dreamers take a while to realise that it is rather lonely there. For managers, especially for CEOs, the journey on from this very position can be the most challenging ordeals of their lives. And, that is when the need for business mentoring for CEOs arrives. More than a year ago, when I was browsing through one of the issues of Harvard Business Review that interested me, something that echoed my views struck me. It talked of the promotion of David Nish from the CFO to the CEO of Standard Life, and his consequent turning to Niall FitzGerald, a former chairman of Unilever for mentorship. Business Mentoring for Executives is Bilateral Process - See Why! With all that news about the benefits of business mentoring making rounds, one surmises that it is a big deal - a magic wand that can make any manager, any executive, any CEO win like a pro.

Business Mentoring for Executives is Bilateral Process - See Why!

Mentoring and Coaching Programs for Executives & CEOs. How would you like to build a dream team and an amazingly successful business around your passion, that is an inspiration to you, your team and your customers and do so free of the usual corporate stress?

Mentoring and Coaching Programs for Executives & CEOs

And then, over an above this, to have an amazing life/work balance and a lifestyle that is totally aligned with your personal values? The role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in any business, big or small, carries a unique set of responsibilities. Wedged between the Board of Directors on one side and the executive team on the other, the life of a CEO can often feel very lonely. Who does the CEO you turn to when they need advice or help? The fact is that every successful CEO will to have a coach and mentor to turn to in both good and bad times. So why would any CEO want to deprive themselves of a mentor when it is essential for success? “Whenever I am asked what is the missing link between a promising business person and a successful one, mentoring comes to mind” – Sir Richard Branson.