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Website creation. Memes. Apps | Conduit App Marketplace. Blair - Nevada Ghost Town. Blair came into being in 1906 when The Pittsburg Silver Peak Gold Mining Company refused to pay outrageous prices for land to put up their mill. They surveyed a site 3 miles north of town near the companys gold mines and named it Blair. They established a 100-stamp mill, cyanide tanks and then constructed the 17 1/2 mile Silverpeak railroad from Blair to the Tonopah & Goldfield main line. A post office ran from 1906 to 1915. There was also numerous saloons, a 2 story hotel, and a population of about 700.

The mill closed in 1915 when low grade ore could no longer be milled profitably. The town was completely dead by 1916. Submitted by: Cat Evans Blair Courtesy Dolores Steele Old Car in Blair Courtesy Kurt Wenner. Myst - Myst Theme. Myst.