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Musique bluegrass

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Nickel Creek in BLUEGRASS JOURNEY. The Broken Circle Breakdown - Wayfaring Stranger. Nickel Creek - Home Page. Arizona dream soundtrack. 14 amazing country songs for people who hate country. Country music is bland, conservative music for aging white fuddy-duddies.

14 amazing country songs for people who hate country

Or so its detractors claim. In fact, country has, from its inception, been musically omnivorous, gulping down blues, jazz, soul, rock, hip hop and anything else that happened to be sitting nearby on the radio dial. As a result, there’s lots of country to listen to for folks who don’t like country. Hillbilly music as a genre was originally constructed in opposition to so-called “race music” — which is to say, it was specifically designed for white people. ALISON KRAUSS & UNION STATION - TEARDROPS WILL KISS THE MORNING DEW LYRICS.