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John Miller

John Miller is an author and speaker based in United States. He is an expert in Digital Marketing and Technology domains. John is covering the growing world of technology and digital marketing from last 12 years. With a deep understanding of the subject, he would like to educate the users with the latest trends in the industry.

How IT Trends are Redefining Business Enterprises? Information Technology is changing business enterprises everywhere.

How IT Trends are Redefining Business Enterprises?

Those that cannot cope with the challenge are sooner than later relegated to oblivion. Technology has long been dictating how business enterprises conduct business and will continue to do so for a very long time. As we come to the end of 2015 it is reasonable that we learn about the trends in technology that will change the corporate world for good. Convergence of devices and experiences: 2016 will see convergence of devices as customers demand a more seamless experience. Wearable Technology will come of age: Orchestrate. How to Create Exceptional Mobile Experiences? Mobile internet browsing has long surpassed desktop browsing. 2016 will be a big year in the mobile domain.

How to Create Exceptional Mobile Experiences?

Stellar mobile user experiences will be the deciding factor between winners and also-rans in this space. It has been a long practice to somehow fit the desktop design on to the mobile screen. But that is not going to work anymore. Simple navigation Phones demand a different navigation than the typical desktop navigation. Drop down menus Make the best use of the small screen size. Fluid design layouts Mobile phones come in all sizes and screen resolutions. Go for minimal text inputs Typing on the virtual keyboards on a mobile phone is still a nightmare. Customer Experience Management – Free eBook. Click on the image to view complete eBook Customer experience management (CEM) is about managing the customer-interactions to exceed their expectations.

Customer Experience Management – Free eBook

It aims to elevate customer satisfaction to achieve customer delight and maximize the intuitive aspects of loyalty and advocacy. Constantly growing in importance, the domain of customer experience is being viewed as the single differentiating factor to define the competitive-edge among the competing businesses. SaaS Support Best Practices: How to achieve a perfect framework? Prioritizing Finance and Accounting for Better Outcomes. Massive transformations have been the order of the day in the Finance and Accounting (F&A) domain.

Prioritizing Finance and Accounting for Better Outcomes

The dynamics of the marketplace have been altered, such that, there are opportunities galore for all the main players in this arena — Providers and Enterprises. Given the phenomenal manner in which it is impacting the scope of operations, the F&A outsourcing sphere is increasingly viewed as being more than a mere method to reduce costs and risks reduction. What then are some of the regular outsourced services within accounting? Over the past few years, there has been a steady increase in accounts payable, accounts receivable and of course, payroll accounting. At the same time, we have studies that indicate clearly that companies are almost on a mission to move up the value chain insofar as the various kinds of F&A functions that they now outsource. Today, a vast chunk of enterprises are outsourcing the all-important internal auditing function.

How Right User Experience Can Maximize Your Business Profits? If you feel creating a notable user experience (UX) of your website is not directly related to your revenues, think again.

How Right User Experience Can Maximize Your Business Profits?

A research has shown that more than 47% of your potential customers visit your company’s website to check out the products/services. Going by the statistics, a website with remarkable user experience can help you convert these visitors into customers. On the other hand, having a website that doesn’t deliver optimal UX will let these visitors go away, and even worse, they could be end up getting attracted by your competitors. Another significant stat to be noted is that a business can get a return of up to $100 for every $1 spent on UX. Email Marketing in 2017: Key Predictions. The rise of social media heralded an uncomfortable existence for email marketing.

Email Marketing in 2017: Key Predictions

It even got to a point of being considered archaic and was ignored in favour of some trailblazing features offered by social media. But email marketing stood its ground and persisted to be one of the simplest and highly effective methods of online marketing. It is now back with vengeance and has emerged not just as the workhorse behind success of digital commerce landscape, but also a primary force that is driving the full gamut of marketing initiatives.

After having subdued the marketing dispensation for large screen personal computers, email marketing is now turned fundamental to the mobile marketing strategies. Key Benefits of Agile Development and Testing. Today when business-cycles are getting faster and more dynamic, the only way businesses can survive is by turning more Agile.

Key Benefits of Agile Development and Testing

This is even more important for software firms. It’s because they have to deal with a market which is quick to embrace new innovations and also keeps changing quite rapidly. Of late, software firms experimenting with new agile development principles have been able to reinvent their market niches much more effectively. In agile development, cross-functional and self-organizing teams collaborate to evolve solutions for the requirements, by working towards a common goal. 5 Ways Cloud Computing Can Increase your Business Productivity. How Financial firms are driving results using Big Data? The Growing Importance of Real Time Analytics. Real Time Analytics is being considered a quantum leap in the realm of data analytics.

The Growing Importance of Real Time Analytics

Why Automation has a Key Role in Finance. Effective guide to successful Software Maintenance. Software application maintenance might be perceived as a thoroughly technical activity, but has many managerial implications.

Effective guide to successful Software Maintenance

While technical aspects include performance testing, error correction, capability enhancement and reliability measurement, the managerial aspects include cost estimation, licensing, and modification management. The maintainability of a software application is calculated based on the ease with which it can be reinstated to functional state following a malfunction. As per the survey conducted by Lientz and Swanson, maintenance activities were categorized into four classes- Lean IT in Practice: Low-Code Rapid App Development. Business process heads tasked with drawing out operational efficiencies across firms are progressively more driving discussions around important technology choices.

Lean IT in Practice: Low-Code Rapid App Development

Their exceptional vantage points across sections and alignment with the business enable them to offer solutions that make a real impact. 4 Effective Ways for Better Customer Experience. One of the most challenging tasks faced by businesses today is to create customer experience that exemplifies their devotion towards their clientele. With ‘client-centricity’ being the buzzword, the role of contact-center in the scheme of things has become all the more pivotal. A contact center essentially manages all customer contacts through various channels.

Outsourcing Mortgage Services: Key Benefits and Advantages. In the face of radical changes occurring in the mortgage industry, financial institutions have to frequently counter many challenges. Price-wars or increased penalties for non-compliance are causing profitability-ratio to dwindle. Banks and mortgages companies are in constant look-out for innovative tactics, not just to achieve profitability, but also to provide the best service to their customers. How to Improve the Customer Experience by using CRM? Fundamentally, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an integrated solution with several user-defined tools. How Digital Marketing Transformation can change your business. Companies can feel overwhelmed by the rapid evolution of Digital Marketing. However, there are many positives which include the immense opportunities provided by the Digital Marketing Transformation. Stakes are high, and can impact businesses, and the way they handle it will define their future.

The next-generation leaders will be the businesses who can leverage this transformation in Digital Marketing to build significant corporate and personal brands. Digital Marketing Transformation through disruptive-technological-innovations is redefining the industry. A 5 Point Checklist for Keeping Customers Happy on Social Media. The social media explosion that began in 2008 and has been going on since then, has taken the world by storm. Today nearly 2 billion people are actively on various social networking sites. This makes it a prime stomping ground particularly for the millennials and digital marketers cannot be far behind in garnering their attention on this new age platform. How Incredible Website User Interface can improve the Customer Experience. How Big Data Impacts Your Integrated Marketing Management Strategy? All that unstructured data moving across continents at lightning speeds over the internet network is gold for digital marketers.

4 Technological Advances Taking Ecommerce to the Next Level. How Internet Of Things Impacts Data Science And Analytics? Internet of Things is fast becoming a reality with more and more entities being connected to the internet in the grand scheme of things. This will have a profound impact on the way we interact with one another and the manner in which businesses are run. Gartner predicts that revenue from IoT products and services will touch $300 billion by 2020. The Power of Professional Customer Service. Customer service today is more important than ever. Streamline your Finance and Accounting with the Right Operating Model. How To Excel At Customer Journey Map Design And Execution? Today regardless of the business vertical and industry segmentation it is more of a buyer’s market than a seller’s market.

What are the Trends and Best Practices in Enterprise App Development? Enterprise app development is at a crossroads. How to Market your Software as a Service the Right Way? Software as a Service (SaaS) is growing at breakneck speeds and the competition in this space is heating up. The clients are demanding more and all this puts tremendous pressure on Software as a Service (SaaS) providers. How Rapid Web Application Development can Deliver Enhanced Results? Today’s web application development needs are demanding and as such there is tremendous pressure on IT and software enterprises to deliver applications on an ever-shorter deadline. This calls for a radical change in the way applications are developed. How CRM can Help Organizations to Excel at Customer Service? How SMAC can Streamline IT Enterprises to be Future-ready? How to Fast-forward with Social Media in Contact Centers?

How Outsourcing is Changing the Dynamics of the Mortgage Industry? Volume-II. How Agile Methodologies can Help Large Enterprises to Stay on Top? Upgrade Your Existing Call Center Software to Stay Competitive. How Agile Methodologies can Help Drive Small Businesses Forward? How Outsourcing is Changing the Dynamics of the Mortgage Industry? Volume-I. Why User Interface Designs are Gaining Increased Popularity? How to Deploy Analytics for Back Office Process Optimization? How SMBs can grow by Outsourcing Finance and Accounting Services? What is Sales Acceleration and why it is important for your business? Email Marketing Mistakes You must Avoid. Is Your Software Engineering Aimed at Quality Control and Data Scalability? Real-time Analytics – the Key Driver of Your Organization. How to Deploy Information Management and Analytics in the Cloud? Orchestrate to Participate in MBA’s National Mortgage Servicing Conference and Expo, 2016.

Outsourcing Business Processes for Innovation – Volume II. Outsourcing Business Processes for Innovation – Volume I. What does the future of Customer Service look like? Inbound Marketing Trends Every Business Must Know in 2016 – Volume 2. Inbound Marketing Trends Every Business Must Know in 2016 – Volume I. How the cloud can be part of your unified business strategy? User Centered Design – The driving force behind your website. Financial tools small business cannot do without. How to Make Customer Service Your Most Effective Marketing Channel?

Nurturing your business through Blogging – Infographic. How data-driven solutions can accomplish better results? Why CRM is Important for Organizations? How Web Applications can redefine Your Business? The Advantages of Mortgage Services. Orchestrate. Statistics & Facts in the Accounting Industry in the USA – Infographic. 3 Key Aspects Of Mortgage Servicing Audit, Automation And Scalability. Improving Mortgage Originations In A Slow-moving Market. Delivering Service Level Beyond The Contract Terms. Reduce Expenditure And Improve Quality By Outsourcing Insurance Policy Administration. Reasons To Outsource Accounting And Payroll Services. How the cloud can be part of your unified business strategy? Why Isn't Your Kanban Working? - DZone Agile. Personalization is Key to Successful Mobile UX - DZone Mobile. Delivering Service Level beyond the Contract Terms. Offload Your Back Office Worries by Outsourcing Data Entry.

Analytics usage to convert contact center into profit center. Social Media Into Web Design. Reduce Expenditure and Improve Quality by Outsourcing Insurance Policy Administration. Pick Your Outsourcing Partner Cautiously. Is It Time to Redesign Your Website? Impact of Mobile Apps at Contact Center. Business Process Outsourcing and Data Protection. Improving Contact Center Performance. Reasons to Outsource Accounting and Payroll Services. Importance Of Outsourcing The Finance And Accounting Services. Rise Of Technology In The Mortgage Industry.

Data Security In Financial Services: Challenges And Solutions – Part 2. Data Security in Financial Services: Challenges and Solutions – Part 1. Current Trends In The Mortgage Industry. Advantages Of Outsourcing Finance And Accounting. 4 Ways To Create Efficient Collections System. Outsource Mortgage Underwriting Services For Better Assessment. Approach For Finance & Accounting Outsourcing. Technological Advancements In Mortgage Industry.