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John Miller

John Miller is an author and speaker based in United States. He is an expert in Digital Marketing and Technology domains. John is covering the growing world of technology and digital marketing from last 12 years. With a deep understanding of the subject, he would like to educate the users with the latest trends in the industry.

What does a Tax Reporting firm do? Orchestrate TechSolutions, LLC Announces Faycal Fakhry, CMB AMP as its new CEO – Orchestrate Blog. National Mortgage Servicing Conference and Expo, 2019. Orchestrate Technologies, LLC, has announced its participation at the National Mortgage Servicing Conference, 2019.

National Mortgage Servicing Conference and Expo, 2019

Organized by the Mortgage Bankers Association, which represents all aspects of the real estate industry, the conference is known to offer substantial collaboration opportunities for the participants. Orchestrate specializes in mortgage services with a core focus on Title and Tax service, Post-closing review and other QC services. Being a Title Examiner and Searcher: What You Really Do? The legitimacy of a real estate is evaluated by documentary evidence.

Being a Title Examiner and Searcher: What You Really Do?

However, it’s a common practice to procure and analyze these credentials before a property is sold or mortgaged. What is the role of a Title Examiner. The primary task of a Title Examiner, also known as an Abstractor, is to search and summarize title records of real estate.

What is the role of a Title Examiner

The legal documents and insurance records have to be summarized for a variety of purposes. It’s because, for land or building to be sold, its title has to be clear of liens or legal issues. Any buyer who wishes to buy a property would get its title checked before beginning the purchasing process. Only when the title is clear will the buyer be able to get a loan sanctioned to by the property by a financial institution. Other names for Title Examiner also include Title Officer, Commercial Title Examiner Abstract Clerk, Data Abstractor, Escrow Officer, etc. Streamlining the Mortgage Origination Process. Every application for a Mortgage loan has to go through a sequence of steps before it gets approved.

Streamlining the Mortgage Origination Process

Mortgage origination one of the initial and essential steps in the process. It deals with the creation of new mortgage loans. Also, it includes the necessary procedure that involves the mandatory and statutory documentation of all legal papers. How to achieve Excellence in Customer Service. Customers are the primary stakeholders of a company and provide the foundation for its success.

How to achieve Excellence in Customer Service

If a company wants the wheel of its profitability and growth to keep rolling, then it needs to focus on Customer Service, which is one of the most important cogs in the wheel. To achieve excellence in customer service an enterprise first need to understand that each of its customers is an individual who likes to be valued, treated fairly, and appreciated for the loyalty towards the company. Apparently, it needs to be conveyed during every interaction between a company and its customers. Why is Title Service Important. The process of purchasing a home includes a set of complex procedures.

Why is Title Service Important

It starts with the initial step of searching for the house that fits your budget and needs and concludes with gaining its ownership. Four Reasons to Invest in IoT in 2019. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been proclaimed as the next generation technology.

Four Reasons to Invest in IoT in 2019

The capability of transferring data over a network without the need for human interaction will enable various devices such as appliances and automobiles to interact with each other on their own. When you look at the potential, it is one of the biggest revolutions waiting to happen in the realm of technology. When devices get connected to the Internet and can interact on their own, they acquire the ability to perform some exceptional activities. For instance, the IoT can probably turn an ordinary refrigerator into a smart fridge, which could do much more than adjusting the cooling levels based on the stored articles. A real smart fridge would be able to track and provide a real-time update about the contents stored in it, and could even interact with your smartphone to order the groceries on its own. What matters in Mortgage Servicing? A Mortgage loan involves a series of critical tasks.

What matters in Mortgage Servicing?

Mortgage servicing is one of the primary aspects of the process that deals with loan payment collections and similar services related to mortgages industries. It also covers the mortgage-backed securities, which are essentially used during high-value transactions. Being a specialized task Mortgage servicing often requires the expertise of a dedicated third-party known as the servicer, who handles the day-to-day tasks of administering the loan.

As it’s an essential responsibility, lending institutions might be prompted to hire one or more for the purpose. How to succeed in the Competitive Mortgage Market. In the last few years, the mortgage industry has gradually turned into a seller’s market.

How to succeed in the Competitive Mortgage Market

It’s because the number of buyers has been exceeding the number of houses for sale. When properties are being sold off more quickly, mortgage firms have the opportunity to improve their revenue as the estates would be selling for more than the asking price. However, it has also led to a strong competition among the mortgage companies. Due to the rigid competition among the mortgage firms who have to keep looking for new clients, the borrowers can shop around to get the best rate for the origination. Moreover, if the originators have to bear the higher pre-set expenses in order to ensure maximum compliance with frequently changing regulations, it can leave a very little room even to recover the operating cost. Key Tips to Improve Customer Experience Tactics. The evolution of technology-driven communication has transformed a customer journey in many ways.

Key Tips to Improve Customer Experience Tactics

It has not only become dynamic but also much more unpredictable than ever before. Five Business Problems that Cloud Computing can solve. The ‘Cloud’ is basically a network of remote servers to store, manage and process data. Cloud computing is the methodology that provides on-demand shared data and processing resources to computers that are connected to the Internet. This way it enables ubiquitous access to a pool of configurable computing resources like storage, servers, networks and applications services. These resources can be furnished instantaneously by third-party data centers allowing users to process and store their information as per the demand. Essentially, Cloud computing eliminates or minimizes the need for expensive onsite hardware, software, and storage infrastructure. Four Predictions about Mortgage Industry in 2019. Research studies conducted by reputed financial institutions have forecasted 2019 to be a tough year for the mortgage industry.

However, simpler loan fulfillment programs coupled with affable customer service may be able to drive it towards higher revenues. An upsurge in the mortgage rates may no longer be a surprise, but the ‘30-year mortgage’ rate may fluctuate more sharply before elections in 2020. However, few impending aspects could well take the mortgage industry by surprise. Nonetheless, discussed below are some of the more plausible predictions in 2019, which may have a significant impact on all stakeholders. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing. Artificial Intelligence is about creating intelligent machines to perform cognitive tasks. The ability of these machines to think like humans would keep improving when they have sufficient data to identify patterns and trends. Digital Marketing (DM) is an expertise that extensively revolves around data and analytics.

How Professional Tax Reporting Works. The primary aim of a Tax report is to accrue all types of tax liens clouding a property’s title. The information provided by the report includes the status and figures of vesting property tax that the owner of the property has to pay to municipal bodies, banks, and lending institutions. The comprehensive statement is vital for carrying out various financial and commercial transactions related to the property such as the pre-closure of a mortgage loan or the eventual sale of the property. Accurate tax information is one of the primary reports that are needed to accelerate the process of pre-closures that are usually intricate and require detailed information on all specification related to the property.

Offered as a part of the consolidated title service solution, Tax Reporting Service incorporates the verification of tax documents pertaining to a real estate. Digitalization of Customer-Experience: Four Key Steps to follow. Last few years have seen a surge in competition among brands to deliver end-to-end customer experience (CX). The exponential increase in online users, along with the ever improving connectivity between businesses and consumers, are the prime factors that have forced enterprises to focus on digital customer experience.

Title Search Company Texas. Overview In today’s integrated global environment, enterprises look up to mortgage infrastructure as an important asset for their businesses globally. Mortgage industry landscape has lenders looking for innovative solutions to meet fluctuating demand and counter high levels of default. Five Current Trends in the Housing Industry. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Analytics. Most businesses today rely heavily on data analytics. But, if you want to make spontaneous judgments based on the latest data that comes into the system, then Real-time analytics is what you need. Real-time analytics is a process in which a system processes and analyzes data that’s loaded instantaneously. Usually, it takes not more than a minute to generate meaningful information, based on which a series of other actions can be taken.

Importance of Title Services and How Title Search can impact home ownership. How BI is different from Machine Learning – Orchestrate Blog. We know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has something to do with machine learning and so does business intelligence (BI) with statistical modeling and data science. However, the details about the key differences can be difficult to understand. If you can comprehend how each of these technologies works, then it can be a lot easier for us to recognize these differences or know how they are interrelated.

When a machine learns by itself using advanced algorithms that analyze data automatically, it is termed as machine learning. What is App Store Optimization (ASO)? – Orchestrate Blog. The app store, which is a repository of mobile apps, has numerous third-party apps. While many are free, few of them charge you a fee, and some are available in freemium versions. Does Lowest Mortgage Rate always mean the Best Mortgage deal? How Internet of Things (IoT) will lead us into the Smart Future. Internet of Things (IoT) is a seamless and massive platform through which different types of devices can connect with each other over the Internet, enabling them to share and exchange information. The devices can vary in forms and functionality, and all they need is the ability to transmit and receive data over a network. Through this, they would be able to perform useful tasks on their own without any human intervention.

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Unlocking Big Data - eBook. How To Build A Competitive Edge Over Your Competitors. Three Reasons Why Analytics Can Transform Human Resource – Orchestrate Blog. Why AI is the future of Sales & Marketing? Trends can Impact the Dynamics of the US Mortgage Industry. How the Web has evolved on Mobile. How to make Mortgage Originations more efficient. Four factors that could influence the growth of IoT. Why Marketers Need To Use Authentic CX Metrics. Can AI be the key to human-centric organizations? Title Service An Essential Aspect Of Commercial Mortgage Solutions.

Why is Information Architecture the key for your website? The Advantages of Mortgage Services. E-commerce predictions for 2020. Five Key Advantages of Professional Mortgage Service. 8 Big Trends in Big Data Analytics. Three Major Customer Experience Trends in 2018. 7 Features You Need to Include in a CRM Application. Key Factors to Consider while Designing a Digital Workplace. Easy Steps to Optimize Your Omnichannel Strategy.

Four Essential Facts on Mortgage Servicing. How is Artificial Intelligence Reforming Customer Service. The Ultimate Guide to Responsive Web Design. Contact Center Changes You Should Expect - eBook. Current Mortgage Industry Trends. UX Design: At the Heart of Application Development – Part 1. UX Design: At the Heart of Application Development – Part 2. What’s the secret behind a superior Customer Experience. Gamification in E-Commerce. Orchestrate.