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Corporate Control

Progressive News. Down With Tyranny! WikiLeaks. Progressive Orgs. SourceWatch. Koch Spy Agency Led by Voter Fraud Huckster The Kochs have been complaining about a "lack of civility in politics" as they seek to boost their public image--but one of their top operatives helped propel perhaps the most egregious case of race-baiting voter fraud hucksterism in recent years.


At the same time that the Kochs have been on a PR blitz, publicly spinning an image of themselves as well-intentioned patriots trying to make the world a better place and decrying "character assassination," they've been quietly ramping up a clandestine surveillance and intelligence gathering operation focused on their perceived political enemies, Ken Vogel reports at Politico. PRWatch. Discover the Networks. Politisite. Young Turks. Extreme Liberal's Blog. OpenSecrets.