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John Matthew

John Matthew is a Seasoned and Experienced IT Manager with Business and Technology Acumen. He has a track record in not only winning accolades but also positioning himself as a Trusted Adviser/Mentor to both Customers and Partners.

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Bot Service. What is Azure Bot Service?

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Bot Service

Azure Bot Service is Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot offered as a service on the Azure cloud service marketplace. It offers the ability to add intelligent agents that are capable of conversation without having to commit the resources to develop one’s own AI. The service can be added to websites, apps, email, GroupMe, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, SMS, Twilio, Cortana and Skype for Business.

C-metric. With the SharePoint Framework, you can incorporate modern development techniques to create fast, responsive components.


Microsoft is giving more and more capabilities with SharePoint Framework and there are a lot of updates that Microsoft is posting on GitHub. SharePoint developers, who are familiar with the development of server-side web parts are now increasingly adapting to this new Page and web part model framework. Below are the best practices which you need to remember for while developing SPFx projects. Saving dependencies & Lockdown dependencies Once you have found the package you want to include in your project, you have to install and save it. Npm install <packagename> –save npm will save your dependencies with the ^ prefix by default. If you do not save your dependencies, then the situation can easily become problematic for production deployments. What is Digital Transformation? Let’s break the words, starting with the word “Digital”.

What is Digital Transformation?

It might be easier if I give you my interpretation of what it doesn’t mean in this context. Digital does not refer to the creation of a new website, the additionally commerce stores, getting likes, retweets, social posts, even the use of these technologies. So, what does “digital” mean in this context? The word “digital” is a synonym for the pace of change that’s carrying in today’s world driven by the rapid adoption of technology. This is put in existing organizations under tremendous pressure. Some are saying the science others just don’t. Is React Native Good for Mobile Apps? React Native is JavaScript based framework created by Facebook.

Is React Native Good for Mobile Apps?

It is based on JavaScript library to design native apps like iOS and Android. Facebook used this framework for their Group App and Ads Manager App before they released it for developer community in year 2015. This framework allows cross-platform development which helps to cut the expenses and save time by using same code for cross platforms. This is new technology for simple development and better user experience. Top leading companies using React Native technology; FacebookWalmartBloombergTeslaUberWixInstagramPinterestSkype. SharePoint On-Premises vs SharePoint Online. Everyone knows that SharePoint is widely used in an organization for storing their shared documents and managing the processes across them.

SharePoint On-Premises vs SharePoint Online

It is also useful to easily build their intranet sites quickly with less maintenance or without the support of the IT persons. People can easily build sites and sub-sites and start working on it within no time. They can easily search their documents or any content in the sites. There are lot many things which SharePoint can do. If wanted to know more about it, please refer to our blog. As you can tell by their names, SharePoint Online is located in the cloud whereas On Premise SharePoint is installed at your company location.

The pros and cons of SharePoint online and SharePoint on premise. Emerging Trends of Full Stack Developer (2019) - C-metric. Majority companies in IT industry are service providers.

Emerging Trends of Full Stack Developer (2019) - C-metric

They are developing solutions based on customer requirements and managing a number of projects with a large number of the employee base. Companies are now realizing that recruiting Full stack developer who has single skill will not help to grow the business and fulfill the market requirements. The company wants a developer with knowledge of multiple tools and technologies considerably more useful.

After a little research, I came to know that as the web has become more complex and more possible on the Internet, developers have gotten more specific. And that means that instead of developers who do all this, many focus on specific parts of development: Full stack (a hybrid of both)Front end (the visible parts of a website)Back end (the “under the hood” databases and infrastructure) Project Outsourcing or Staff Augmentation: What is more favourable?


Project Outsourcing or Staff Augmentation: What is more favourable?

Iyer, founder of a well-known IT firm is in constant need of ways to increase business and get IT projects completed on time. Currently, his company is doing well, however, there’s long way to reach his company goals. In order to successfully achieve the targets, he’s in need of virtuous human resources. The question here is “How would I get the people I need?” Budget is yet another important point to keep in mind. Both can provide quality people to work on the projects and get them achieved within a given time frame. Keeping this question in mind, we decided to write this blog to help business owners make informed decisions. Why we do so, is explained in this blog post.

Project Outsourcing: Project Outsourcing is a delivery model through which IT firms can effortlessly finish their projects by employing the resources of another firm. This allows IT firms to be benefitted from external expertise, cost management and risk moderation. Project Outsourcing – Advantages: