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John Marson

A complete claims management software solution for insurance Claims, Property Claims, Workers Compensation Claims. Call or Chat us at 1-800-294-0387 for more information about our solutions.

Technology - Insurance Claims Management Administration Software by Property Claims Module. Customizable Dashboard – with real-time analytics and reporting allowing you to better track status, financials, company and adjuster performance.

Property Claims Module

Dashboard widgets are user selectable based on permissions. Full Outlook Integration – integration with outlook that allows syncing of Email, Contacts and Calendar. Open API Design – allows for integrations with other in-house systems or third-party systems such as carriers eliminating double data entry and automating receiving of assignments. Watch List – add you most urgent claims or ones that need special attention to your watch list on the dashboard. Automated Diary System – automate diaries by client or companywide, this reduces reliance on adjuster to create diaries and gives better oversight and analytics while saving time. Insurance Claims Management Administration Software by