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Buy Quality Used Michelin Tires Online. TYME Travel Set | Travel Size Hair Care Products. Buy Quality Used Hankook Tires Online. 360 degree videos to rule the online world in 2016 | Pixelsutra. If you have ever wanted to feel the adrenaline rush a race car driver goes through, the time has come! Panorama videos are gaining weight in the online video world. And it is only going to get bigger and better in 2016. Called 360-degree videos, these are filmed in complete, 360-degree panorama, using a special camera that combines multiple lenses to create an all-the-way-around effect. By clicking and dragging inside the video, you can swing your view around to any angle you’d like. In 2015, YouTube took the plunge to support 360-degree videos and is geared up to add Google Cardboard, stereoscopic 3D and livestreaming, as well this year.

Social media giant Facebook is not behind too in offering immersive video content to its users. What’s left to be seen is the impact these videos have on brand building. While the trend of 360-degree videos has picked up well, there is plenty to be seen as VR and Oculus Rift capabilities enter the market this year. Dodge the hurdles with Isorotate | Avakai Games. Future of Virtual classrooms | LearnStudio.

Ever since virtual reality (VR) has entered the classrooms, it has transformed the way students used to learn. A few years ago, who would have imagined that sitting in a class, virtual field trips will be possible? Companies like Google have made this possible through their virtual field trip systems that give an immersive experience to the students by making far-flung places more discoverable. VR has the ability to grab the attention of students and because of the 3D interacting environment, it encourages students to develop their own objects.

And this in turn makes them creative. 3D hologram: The future 3D hologram is an innovation that will transform electronic modes of teaching. It’s one of the most promising form of mobile learning which is believed to take over the classrooms in the future. Various advancements in technology have replaced traditional chalkboard teaching to a digitally-enabled one which is more interactive. Should we go for professional actors in a live action video? So you have decided to go for a live-action video for you company but stuck at one major decision? Whether to use employees or hire professional actors for the video? Well the decision is not as simple as it seems. As there are pros and cons on either side. Typically, budget drives the final decision, and it’s easy to conclude that using employees saves money. Pros of Using Employees A brand is not just a logo or a trademark. Cons of Using Employees While it’s a great idea to use employees for a more real picture, things can go really wrong in this case.

Pros of Using Professional Talent Once you go professional talent, you have the option of choosing the right ‘look’ for your company. They can deliver long and complicated dialogues and help you avoid excessive re-takes that require additional editing. Cons of Using Professional Talent There are a few drawbacks to consider when using professional talent. Using technical jargon in explainer videos - Explainers. So we know that businesses use explainer videos to quickly introduce themselves, explain what they do, and tell how they help solve their customer’s problems.

And all this in not more than 90 seconds! Now when you have limited time to give a better idea of what your company does and why its products or services are important, it’ s better to be careful in choosing what you say! The primary purpose of making an explainer video is defeated if your viewers don’t get what you’re saying as they’re certainly not going to get what you’re selling.

Don’t forget that it’s only you who knows all the terminology, and all the complicated little things that set your product apart from the competition, but your audience doesn’t. So, how do you make your video informative yet simple? The trick lies in knowing your target audience. Whether you’re selling B2C or B2B will help you decide the amount of technical jargon you can use. Writing for consumers Writing for other businesses. Top Augmented Reality Apps | Pixelsutra. Augmented Reality (AR) acts like a magic window on smartphones, as it superimposes digitally rendered images onto our phone screens, giving a sense of an illusion or virtual reality. There are a host of augmented reality apps available on iOS and Android smartphones that guarantee an immersive experience. And the best thing is that AR apps don’t require headgear, so they’re an inexpensive way to get a taste of the the VR experience. Here are our top picks for the best augmented reality apps available.

Anatomy 4D (Android, iOS), Free This app gives you a virtual tour of the human body with AR technology. Once you print out the target image, you can zoom in and out to explore bodily systems—skeletal, lymphatic, respiratory, etc. Augment (Android, iOS), Free Augment allows marketers and designers to upload 3D models, in order to visualize them in physical space. GeoTravel (iOS), $0.99 Glitcher VR (Android), Free Google Goggles (Android), Free Ingress (Android and iOS), Free Snapshop (iOS), Free. Why hire a creative agency? - PixelSutra. In the fiercely competitive world of advertising, no matter how small or large a business is, brands are actively upping their ante in the creative game. After all it’s not easy to penetrate into every segment of the population without having unique ideas to generate brand awareness. So when globally known brand like Hindustan Unilever (HUL) was battling the issues of brand awareness in some markets, one of india’s best creative agencies came to its rescue.

And what it created was named the top marketing campaign in the world, according to the annual Warc 100 ranking. The campaign called ‘Kan Khajura Tesan’, reached electricity starved rural areas of Bihar with an always-on mobile media channel offering music, jokes and Bollywood content, interspersed with ads. The channel gained 12 million subscribers in less than 10 months from launch, including one million unique callers per month. Here’s what a creative agency brings to the table: Predictions for animated marketing videos | Explainers. Five industries that should use online videos | Explainers. Explainer videos became a rage when tech startups and SaaS companies started making them as a marketing strategy. And now online videos are slated to grow bigger over time. According to Visualtising, 90% of website traffic in the future will come from online video – in fact, they predict that online video will be more popular than social networking in just 3 years. Which means that every industry will eventually need to use video in their marketing strategy.

Some of them have already exploited the power of online videos to stay ahead of the game. Let’s take a look at a few different industries who are beginning to tap into the power of online video marketing creatively and potently. Real Estate The online real estate has undergone a drastic change. With so many video possibilities available, it has become easier to inform your potential customers about the real estate market and enhance their home buying experience. Finance Non-profits Medical Manufacturing/Industrial. The rise of long-format ads | Pixelsutra. A new wave of advertisements seem to have taken over the digital world. These are ads with engaging, interesting and compelling stories. And they have a perfect interplay of emotions, relationships and brand awareness. So whether it’s ‘Google Reunion‘, ‘Fortune Oil’s grandma‘ or the most recent one ‘Omron’s Tumhari Amma‘ ad, these are stories that go beyond the idea of selling.

We are talking about long-format ads, which have successfully invaded the social media. So, what has led to this shift in storytelling? Also, when they opt for the digital platform, the cost per second (as applicable for media buying on television) is not applicable. So after the most popular ‘Google Reunion’ ad in 2013, we have seen an influx of many long ad films with powerful stories. One of the ads that created a stir on social media platforms is the Fortune Oil ad. Today, more and more brands have realised that a brand is not just the product but more about the stories and legends you weave around it.

Mistakes you make with YouTube advertising | PixelSutra. As the user engagement metrics continue to skyrocket, YouTube has become one of the preferred medium for advertising. We have seen YouTube transforming itself from a site where users go to watch one-off videos into a site where users stick around for nearly an hour. But when it comes to advertising, grabbing one’s attention becomes all the more difficult. After all, the aim is to interrupt a viewer and engage him into something else. So you set up your own in-stream ads, and nothing happens. Wrongly targeting ad insertions While targeting an ad on youtube, an important question to ask yourself is, “Who will view the ad?”.

Your message isn’t clear The important thing is not just to target the right people—you have to hit them with the right message as well if you want to earn their attention. When your budget is too low You’re not exploring display options well While in-stream ads are the most common choice for advertisers. Blended learning | LearnStudio. When we learn through a combination of offline (face-to- face, traditional learning) and online learning methods, we call it blended learning. For example, a student might attend classes in a real-world classroom setting, and then supplement the lesson plan by completing online multimedia coursework. Also called hybrid learning, it can take on a variety of forms in online education environments.

While some organisations may only use blended learning techniques on rare occasions, others might utilise it as a primary teaching method within their curriculum. This kind of learning approach helps educational institutions reduce in-class seat time, complete faculty teaching loads, and improve cost effectiveness. However, offering blended learning requires more than just setting up a learning management system (LMS) and telling the faculty to integrate it into their curriculum. Let’s see what advantages does blended learning offers: Helps in improving efficiency It’s cost-effective. Explainers | Should you go for an App video? Vertical video formats as a trend in the future? - PixelSutra. A new trend of watching videos is generating a lot of buzz amongst the digital advertisers. These are skinny and tall videos, rather than the widescreen format normalized by movies and television. We are talking about vertical videos that are bound to change the way we view videos on our smartphones!

A large part of this shift can be attributed to changing consumption habits that are making mobile the norm rather than the exception. That said, it’s clear that mobile video advertising has huge potential for success. However, when the idea of introducing vertical video formats was introduced, it was met by criticism by the experts in the digital industry.

That’s because vertical video delivers better results than standard video in environments where people tend to hold their devices upright.The reasons are myriad. The first one to defy the traditional video watching norms was Snapchat. Audi is another brand that has embraced vertical video recently. Car free day - Hyderabad | Avakai Media. ‘Every day is a great day to take a few cars off the road, and think about it.’ This was the theme of the first World Car Free Days collaborative project that took place in Spain in October 1994. Today, drivers in more than 300 cities around the world are encouraged to use any other mode of transport on car free days. The idea is, for at least one day, to wean drivers off their vehicles and bring a significant change in travelling habits, reducing pollution and traffic jams. In India too, the car free day trend has successfully taken off across its major cities.

And Hyderabad breathes fresh air on Thursdays! Thanks to the ‘Car-Free-Thursday’ initiative taken by Hyderabad Software Exports Association (HYSEA). Launched in August 2015, it encourages IT/ITeS sector employees to use public transport, carpools, cycles and walk to work, in the IT corridor from Hi-tech city to Gachibowli. Not only have they welcomed the initiative with open arms, there are also IT employees and volunteers. Evolution of learning | Learnstudio. Human evolution owes its existence to the evolution of Learning. Without Learning there wouldn’t have been a distinction between human beings and other organisms. It is what gives human beings the ability to understand life, the ability to survive. Human beings have always found themselves discovering better ways of Learning at each stage of evolution. It all started with the pictorial language, which dates back to the stone age. Human beings would convey their stories through figures drawn in the caves.History has it that human beings have had the need to constantly improve means of communication.

It is a well known fact that human beings quickly get bored of one system and explore new possibilities. The invention of Radio and later Cinema, further popularized the audio-visual communication for Learning. Now the world wide web was on board but people could only see flat images. This isn’t the end. Phew! Blog. ‘Every day is a great day to take a few cars off the road, and think about it.’ This was the theme of the first World Car Free Days collaborative project that took place in Spain in October 1994. Today, drivers in more than 300 cities around the world are encouraged to use any other mode of transport […] Read more... Hyderabad gears up for International Children’s Film Festival This children’s day, Hyderabad is playing host to a week long International Children’s Film Festival India (ICFFI). The festival promises to deliver some enriching cinema experience to children film lovers.

ICFFI also popularly known as The Golden Elephant will be taking place in the city from November […] Read more... What a proud moment was it to see the tricolour splashed across Mark Zuckerberg’s profile pic. Animation Comic Strips & Cartoons | Media Production India - AvakaiMedia. Videos & Interactive Learning Solutions for Education | LearnStudio. Videos & Interactive Learning Solutions for Education | LearnStudio. Contact | Get in Touch for an Amazing Explainer Video. Project Queries, Press, Vendors, etc Write to us at or call us on +91-40-40025757 Applying for a job? Write to us at with your recent resume and online portfolio. Our Locations INDIA (Head Office) PixelSutra Design Services Pvt. Level 5, Diyasree Plot #97, Gafoor Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad, India - 500081 Phone: +91 40-40025757 USA (Sales Office) PixelSutra INC. 2500 Wrangle Hill Road, Suite 129, Bear, Delaware(DE), USA - 19701 Phone: +1 (219)-386-0065 Worldwide (Sales Contacts) Australia +61 8500 369616 How can we help?

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