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Macro Economics Syllabus

Fundamentals. Scarcity. Episode 2: Scarcity and Choice. Opportunity Cost. Episode 8: Opportunity Cost. Production Possibilities Curve or Frontier (same thing) Production Possibilities Curve- Econ 1.1. Resources. Episode 3: Resources. Normative vs Positive Economics. Episode 5: Positive vs Normative. Law of Demand. Episode 11 - Demand. Determinants of Demand. Law of Supply. Episode 13: Supply. Determinants of Supply. AP Economics Shifting Supply and Demand. Market Equilibrium. Episode 14: Market Equilibrium. Government and prices. Price Ceilings and Floors- Economics 2.6. Elasticity. Goals of every single macro economy on earth. Business Cycle. (Macro) Episode 23: Business Cycles. Gross Domestic Product GDP. (Macro) Episode 20: GDP. Determining GDP. Real vs Nominal GDP. (Macro) Episode 21: Real GDP.