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Tube-cutoff-saw - Hautau. Tube Cut Off Machines. Blog. Downloads - Rotary Cutoff Lathes. Hautau - Custom Tube Cutting Systems. Custom Solutions for your special application One of the keys to achieving a cost-effective tube and pipe cutting process is to reduce handling steps and minimize the labor required. Our experience in tube cutting and endfinishing, plus our knowledge of associated processes such as drawing, pilgering, extruding, swaging and bending allows us to provide the exact system you need for your application.

Automated Tube Off-Load Systems. With any high-production tube cutting process, the handling of the cut pieces can be the highest labor component.

Automated Tube Off-Load Systems

If you cut in small batches and tubes aren't too heavy, manual off-loading is probably best. Our basic runout table has automatic height adjustment and includes a 48" digital length gage. But if you have long production runs, an automated tube off-loading system can be justifiable. Operators can leave the machine to load material, move out finished product and even run a second machine. RC50-H 5" CutOff Lathe. Tube OD: 0.75 inch to 5.0 inch Wall Thickness: .02 inch to solid bar Cut Lengths: 0.75 inch min / 480 inches max • Multiple cut lengths per tube • Random lengths are automatically measured and optimized The 30HP cutoff lathe headstock has ample power for fast cutting, and includes constant surface speed (CSS) control to maintain optimum production rates.

RC50-H 5" CutOff Lathe

The dual hydraulic chucks hold the tube on both sides of the cut and adjust automatically. Tube Cutting Machine. Tube Cutting and Chamfering. The Hautau RC80 Tube Cutting and Chamfering Machine is the largest of the RC line, with a 9.1 diameter capacity.

Tube Cutting and Chamfering

If you cut and process steel tubes, the first step of your process is to load tube bundles and cut the tubes to precise lengths. The next step is chamfering the tube ends for safe handling and assembly. And you may need deep bevels for welding, radius cuts for press fits or even grooves for snap rings. All these operations add to your production costs, including setup time, labor and extra work-in-process. Find Out How Hautau Became the Industry Standard for Pipe and Tube Cutting.

In practically any aspect of manufacturing, quality control is the key to continued success.

Find Out How Hautau Became the Industry Standard for Pipe and Tube Cutting

In fact, just about every process handled by machines is likely to include markings, chamfers and burrs. What’s the big deal with chamfers, burrs and other rough surfaces? For starters, workers on down the line of production can easily experience severe injury by handling sharp surfaces. With a commitment to ensuring quality control in the pipe and tube cutting sector, Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems has been at the forefront of designing, inventing, patenting, and delivering new ways of problem-solving for manufacturers. To find out how our innovation can help you deliver a superior product, give us a call at (765) 647-1600 or get in touch with us online. Why are smooth edges so important? Which is Better: Abrasive or Lathe Cutting? There are a host of methods for tubing and pipe cutting.

Which is Better: Abrasive or Lathe Cutting?

Before making your decision, you should consider several factors, including wall thickness, the end-conditioning requirements, and any necessary secondary processes. Here, we’ll compare abrasive and lathe cutting. What are the advantages and disadvantages of abrasive cutting? This manual method does not cut with saw teeth. Rather, it utilizes grinding as a way to part the tube. Its ease of use is offset by its inability to provide you with a square cut, is not useful for materials with thick walls, is inefficient for high volume runs, and has a tendency to leave burrs, which will require a secondary process.

Rotary-head Lathe vs Rotating Tube Lathe. Before Hautau unveiled its innovative rotary head lathe, the conventional method of close-tolerance tube and pipe cutting centered upon lathes with a fixed, stationary tool that would cut one end as the workpiece rotated – the rotating tube lathe approach.

Rotary-head Lathe vs Rotating Tube Lathe

For many years these conventional lathes were the only game in town, but they had drawbacks. The workpiece could not be fully-chamfered on both ends. Discover How a Custom-Built Hautau Lathe Improved DOM Tube Production. A long-held Hautau hallmark is its ability to custom-design and build tube and pipe cutting solutions to suit individual needs of specific businesses.

Discover How a Custom-Built Hautau Lathe Improved DOM Tube Production

A perfect example is when PTC, a major Midwest producer of high-quality cold-drawn tubes needed to improve their tube cutting operations. How Hautau Pipe Cutting Solutions Can Completely Change the Way You Do Business. For many businesses, selecting a Hautau solution for their pipe cutting needs has meant an increase in efficiency and an equally impressive increase in their bottom line.

How Hautau Pipe Cutting Solutions Can Completely Change the Way You Do Business

Whether you choose from our complete line of Rotating-Head Tube Cutoff Machines or require a custom solution, Hautau engineers have established a reputation for satisfying their customers’ needs and providing ongoing expert technical support. The Industry-Changing Rotating-Head Tube Cutoff Machine With Hautau’s tube-cutting and chamfering machines, you no longer need extra steps for deburring or secondary chamfering – regardless of whether you’re doing small batches or long production runs. While saws and traditional lathes have a tendency to produce hanging burrs, Hautau solutions eliminate that problem. Tube cutting machine is ideal for short runs. A fabricator of hydraulic tube assemblies needed a more efficient way to cut and chamfer tubing for crimp fittings.

Tube cutting machine is ideal for short runs

Their tube saws left burrs and small shavings, and their lathe-type cutoff machines couldn’t chamfer all tube ends. As a result, tube chamfering and de-burring operations were needed. Production runs were often small, and they cut many different tube sizes, so long changeover time was also a problem. Unique Tube Cutting Solution Also Improves Product Tracking. A manufacturer of heavy truck driveshafts came to Hautau with a two-pronged problem.

Unique Tube Cutting Solution Also Improves Product Tracking

The cutoff machines they were using were slow and took too much time to set up.Because there are three tubes of different lengths in a typical driveshaft, they needed a better way to track each tube group throughout the assembly process. Their previous practice of relying on paperwork and manual entry meant their production runs were often slowed to a snail’s pace. Here’s How Hautau Solved Their Problems While we carry a full line of standard rotating-head cut-off machines, we often design unique solutions for individual manufacturing problems.

For this client, we took the basics of our RC60 rotary-head cutoff machine – our most popular model – and added functions that would speed up the client’s turnaround time and make it easier for them to efficiently and accurately track the different tubes throughout their assembly processes. Here’s how we did it. Hautau Offers a Better Way for Conveyor Idler Rolls. Automated conveyors are essential for manufacturers, retailers and distribution centers throughout the world. It’s not unusual for the conveyors to literally have thousands of powered rollers and belt-driven idlers for smooth sorting and moving of products. With a traditional manufacturing method, the idlers require several steps for production. After the tube has been cut to its specific length, it’s then manually loaded onto a separate machine that will form the groves – which are crucial to advancing the product along the line.

A Better, Easier, and More Efficient Approach The Hautau method, though, is anything but traditional. Rotating Head Cut Off Machine from Hautau Article. This is why many businesses can greatly benefit from having a top-of-the-line automatic tube cut off machine. Hautau is amongst the top in the industry and sets the standard for tube cutoff systems. Our expertise in automatic tube cut off machinery comes from generations of hard work, so we understand the needs of your business. Other automatic tube cut off machines leave the tubes with ragged edges, requiring you to take an extra step to smooth down the edges in order to make them usable. Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems featured on Manufacturing Marvels® Benefits of an Automatic Tube Cut-off System. Hautau, a renowned manufacturer of tube cutting machines, has consistently delivered innovative technologies to reduce human resources and increase automation for the tube processing industry. Responding to a request from a customer, Hautau delivered a custom tube cut-off system that would transfer the cut-up tubes into special transport carts without requiring human intervention.

There are numerous benefits of this fully automatic tube cut-off system, as discussed below. Helps Reduce Labor Costs The automatic tube cut-off machine places the cut-up parts to carts, freeing the operator from this repetitive task. There are significant savings generated by integrating several processes that would otherwise have to be performed individually with labor assigned to each. Overview of Our Tube Sorting and Handling Systems: tubecuttingmach — LiveJournal. Are you familiar with tube sorting and handling systems? If you are, do you know what makes Hautau’s equipment different? On our website, we outline everything you need to know about our tube cutoff and end-finishing machines and how they can help your business.

Hautau featured on Manufacturing Marvels® Hautau Voted One of The Top Machine Tool Solution Providers in 2020. Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems was recently named one of the Top Ten Machine Tool Solution Providers in 2020 by Manufacturing Technology Insights. This publication is one of the top in our industry, and we’re honored to be included among other commendable companies who excel in the manufacturing business. There are many aspects of our business that have allowed Hautau to be recognized as one of the top machine tool solution providers in the country. C30 3" Tube Beveler machine. RC80-H CutOff Lathe. What are the benefits of combining tube cutting and chamfering into one operation? If you currently saw a lot of tubes, and those tubes need to be deburred or chamfered after cutoff, you know that the extra tube handling and equipment setup can take more effort than the cutting operation. And if your production runs are short with frequent changeovers, having to setup the tube chamfering machine for each size will reduce your productivity.

Rotary-head cutoff machine that cuts tube and chamfers in one operation. RC60-H Cut Off Lathe. Dual Blade Shear Cutting Machine. Tube-cutoff-saw. Tube Cutoff Lathes built by Hautau in the USA. RC30 Automatic Pipe Cutoff Lathe (3.0 inch) The Hautau RC30 Automatic Pipe Cutoff Lathe is the smallest of our rotary-head cutoff lathes to include full-range chucking, for high-speed cutting and chamfering of pipe or tubing up to 3 inches in diameter. If you are using a bandsaw or cold saw to cut tube or pipe, you know that the sharp edges have to be deburred, beveled or chamfered to produce high-quality workpieces. Rotating Head Cutoff Lathes. CC80 Double End Bore machine. C80 8.7" Tube Beveler Machine.

C50 5" Tube Beveler machine. C30 3" Tube Beveler machine. RC80-H CutOff Lathe. RC H-Series Automatic Tube Cutoff Machines. The Hautau length control system allows the operator to program up to ten cut lengths, and then choose the quantity and length combination with the shortest remnant. Additional material savings comes from the ability to face the leading tube end instead making a trim cut, and from the ability of the tube feeder to handle very short remnant short pieces. And the first cut piece is within tolerance without adjustments. Tube cutting and chamfering. High-Speed Automatic Cutoff Lathe. Tubes Chamfering System. Customized Tubes Sawing System. Hautau is our family name. It is on every machine we build. That’s why we’ll stand behind you on every one 24/7. After the sale, you get high-priority technical support including remote diagnostics for as long as you own your machine.

And we maintain a database of any service or trouble calls for each machine, so we can track your machine performance and spot any potential problems. We're proud of our reputation for the excellent support we provide, and we have many repeat customers who tell us that our after-the-sale support is why they invested in more Hautau machines. 24/7 Online Support All it takes is a phone call and we can connect remotely to your machine, and have real-time access to the touchscreen and the PLC. Pipe Cutting and Chamfering Machine. RC Rotating Head Tube Cutoffs. Tube cutting and chamfering.