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Why are content creators tossing out theatrical releases in favour of OTT platforms? Jamie was a brilliant filmmaker with many short films to his credit.

Why are content creators tossing out theatrical releases in favour of OTT platforms?

But he doesn’t do theatrical releases for any of his films. Instead he streams over his own branded OTT app. Here why! Movies have always been associated with movie theatres. Review of Brightcove Video Platform & Alternatives 2020. Brightcove vs Vplayed: The Ultimate Video Platform Comparison. Comparing Brightcove Competitors: Vplayed and Dacast. The global video streaming market size is expected to reach USD 184.3 billion by 2027, as per a report from Grand View Research, Inc.

Comparing Brightcove Competitors: Vplayed and Dacast

It comes as no surprise then that the competition is getting more exciting in the segment. With over 2 decades of experience in the streaming industry, Brightcove is a pioneer in its own right. The streaming services are primarily offered on ad-based monetization models. Even though the player has limited customization, smooth playback is enabled through adaptive bit-rate streaming. Despite its size, it has the disadvantage of rigidness. Of all the video streaming platforms we reviewed, Vplayed and Dacast stood out among the rest as the top competitors in terms of superiority of features, user experience, and cost-effectiveness. 5 Brightcove Alternatives You Should Switch To In 2020. Here we've reviewed the best brightcove alternatives & competitors which will be very helpful for video content owners to make the right decision.

5 Brightcove Alternatives You Should Switch To In 2020

As per Statista, the number of digital video viewers are likely to surpass 2.51 billion by 2020. In today’s digital world, video streaming has become a primary way to entertain and engage. With the user penetration expected to hit 16.9% by 2024, streaming platform providers are gearing to capitalize on an increased market share. But before you compare the various video streaming platforms on the market, narrow down what you want to achieve. In essence choose the platform that can provide the highest benefits for your business. Brightcove is a cloud-based platform that allows publishers and broadcasters to upload, manage and monetize video content in the SaaS model. OTT Trends and Predictions for 2020. “55.1 million people are expected to cut the cord by 2022.” – eMarketer OTT streaming services are attracting 71% of internet users which makes it almost urgent to invest in integrated video platforms for distributing and monetizing original and curated content.

OTT Trends and Predictions for 2020

With a ballooning content production, the organization of content both on the users’ end and back-end system should be the priority. “33% of people watch online videos on a Smart TV with video-enabled apps and 23% use a video game console.” – Statista But why are people moving to OTT? According to a study by Telaria and Adobe, people retain traditional screens to stream their favorite live sports, events, and news. The global trends are pointing the same way. The Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman while presenting the Budget for 2020 proposed to allocate Rs 6,000 crore for the BharatNet program which will be a shot in the arm for broadband connectivity, especially in the rural areas. 11 Must have Features to Consider when Building a VOD Platform. If you are not Martin Scorsese or Woody Allen or Steven Speilberg, chances are that your content is gathering dust while waiting for the right media to showcase it.

11 Must have Features to Consider when Building a VOD Platform

Instead of waiting for things to happen, why not shake things up by yourself? An estimated 40.2 million households are going to shift away from paid TV subscriptions as they explore fresh and quality content on VOD platforms. A Video-on-demand (VOD) platform is an internet-enabled distribution system without the constraints of a static broadcasting schedule of a pay-TV. Many technopreneurs are following the footsteps of pioneers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu by building their own VOD platforms. In this blog, you will grasp the must-have features to build an exciting new VOD streaming platform. 3 Best YouTube Live Streaming Alternatives to Stream Video Content. As per Neil Patel, leading online marketer and influencer, live streaming content is watched by 63% of people aged 18-34.

3 Best YouTube Live Streaming Alternatives to Stream Video Content

It is expected to account for 82% of all internet traffic by the year 2020. Needless to say, there are many players in the live video streaming sectors. Of these, YouTube is most obviously the biggest. YouTube is a great medium to upload, view and share videos. The live streaming feature was added by YouTube in 2008. Vimeo OTT (VHX) & On Demand Alternative. Start Your Own OTT Video Platform in 2020? In 2015, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple declared that “the future of TV is apps”.

Start Your Own OTT Video Platform in 2020?

He was referring to a future where the majority of TV viewership will be streamed over-the-top (OTT) via online apps. OTT 2020: The Trending Wave Driving the Entertainment Industry. Technology has always been the driving force of entertainment.

OTT 2020: The Trending Wave Driving the Entertainment Industry

So the trending wave of OTT should come as no surprise to observers of the industry. As per research data, video streaming reaches roughly 332.2 million subscribers. Combined with an upsurge of regional streaming services and the launch of new platforms from media houses such as Disney, OTT streaming is the new Pay TV. “This is the biggest shift in the content business in the history of Hollywood,” producer Jason Blum said at a virtual huddle organized by the New York Times. Their message to the movie industry was clear: Adapt or die. 5 Reasons Why Online Learning is More Effective. Online or e-learning is becoming the new normal in the areas of education and professional upskilling.

5 Reasons Why Online Learning is More Effective

It is not only convenient but also cost-effective for schools, universities, and businesses. So let us delve deeper into why online classes are a popular trend. Online learning imparts skills without geographic or time barriers over the internet. Network-enabled knowledge transfer to a wide number of recipients is simpler with higher accessibility to the internet and interactive tools. Gamification of learning helps deeper understanding.

Top 8 Best OTT (Over the Top) Video Platforms for 2020. Why YouTubers Need Their Own Video Streaming Platform. Video focus and topic remain king for any web video to be truly effective.

Why YouTubers Need Their Own Video Streaming Platform

Only valuable and relevant content gets shared, receives more social likes and has a longer shelf live than other static content types. Whereas, low-quality content may have a negative impact, drop lower in the ranks and fade from popularity — this remains true no matter the size or the reputation of the social channel or account. How an Online Learning Platform Generated 400x More Revenue With Vplayed?

Learning Space Digital was set up by GV Rao, a former civil servant, to bridge the gap in employability skills and preparation for Indian competitive exams. It began with 250 students in Vijayawada in 2012. By 2015, the company grew into a reputed brand and launched their YouTube channel. About 400 videos were uploaded that year which earned them around 70,000 subscribers. Within a year of launching the channel, the company earned nearly $3,000 as ad revenues.

But the primary source of revenue continued to be the classroom session. How Learning Space Digital Generated Sustainable Revenue? But with a growing subscriber base, Mr. 5 Ways Live Streaming Will Make Your Events Successful. “Live events are getting more livelier than ever” It’s all just because of the terminology that has created a revolution “Live Streaming”. You gotta believe this fact, In a TEDx event that generally has 1,000 live attendees listening to a speech from 50+ speakers was live-streamed through YouTube Live. The live streamed event currently has over 13 million views. Literally, a million views denote “virtual” attendees. 9 Best Solutions to Create Radio Station Apps for Android and iOS. Here we've breakdown the list of top 9 radio station app development for android & ios to create your own radio apps in no time. Imagine you are on a beautiful road trip and you are listening to the radio anchor’s tattle. Have you ever wished to be out there and play all your favourite songs?

Maybe improvise some quirky jingles and spice up your radio talk? You could be the next big thing on your community radio channel. But wouldn't you rather build your own radio station app? 1. Vplayed is an enterprise-grade platform that provides software as a product. Check out the other features of Vplayed below: What is the best camera to use for live streaming? Streaming live events is a popular choice for branding and communication.

7 Best Church Live Streaming Solutions to Stream Your Worships. Best Streaming Solutions for Churches and Other Houses of Worship. Churches and other houses of worship constantly record their sermons and stream to followers all over the world. This helps them spread their thoughts and ideals to interested audiences in an easy fashion. How Vplayed Utilized Machine Learning In Video Recommendation Engines For Better Viewer Engagement. Ever started watching a World War II documentary on YouTube and ended up watching cat videos 6 hours later? List of best Video Platforms Like Vimeo. H.265 Codec enabled High-Efficiency Video Coding Player. Convert your Youtube Channel viewers into Business Customers. Ever since the inception of YouTube in 2005, video creators and aggregators have had a revolutionary shift in monetization options – from traditional to ad-based.

“YouTubers”, as everyone calls them, have gotten great opportunities to make money with YouTube through top-notch videos. List of Best Alternatives to JW Player. If you Google search a phrase, sometimes you get video suggestions that aren’t always on Youtube. Best ways to Monetize Video Content without the help of YouTube. Introduction: H.265/HEVC Video Codec: The Best Compression Standard for On Demand & Live Streaming. 6 VOD Softwares To Launch A Subscription Video On Demand Service. Best HTML5 Players for Live On Demand and Streaming. Top 5 OTT Strategies To Improve Your Video Business. HTTP Live Streaming Players: 5 Features You Need to Know.

The Future of Live Streaming: Top 7 Trends That Will Dominate the Businesses in 2019. The Future of Live Streaming: Top 7 Trends That Will Dominate the Businesses in 2019.