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Virtual Learning Environments

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Competency-Based Learning features in Moodle 3.1. And Top WordPress LMSs Comparison. And Moodle Comparison [Updated] When people start looking for LMS, the price question becomes a primary criterion to consider.

and Moodle Comparison [Updated]

A wide functionality, considerate support and even the simplicity of usage pass into the background. So it is not surprising that we are constantly asked how JoomlaLMS is different from other free Learning Management Systems, particularly Moodle. “There are Moodle LMS and other free open source LMSs. What is the difference or benefit of taking your LMS?” , “Please make us a list of compare the benefits to read, I really do not care about the open source because Moodle cost me $0 while JoomlaLMS over $800”. 3 years ago we published an article JoomlaLMS vs Moodle for ELearning where the difference was explained, however a lot has changed since then and the article needs to be updated. JoomlaLMS and Moodle Features Comparison Both Learning Management Systems are characterized by a wide range of functionality.

6 LMS Metrics eLearning Professionals Should Look For - eLearning Industry. One of the biggest advantages of using a Learning Management System is being able to gain insight into learning behaviors.

6 LMS Metrics eLearning Professionals Should Look For - eLearning Industry

It also allows you to evaluate your eLearning course design and overall eLearning strategy so that you can pinpoint areas for improvement. However, different LMS platforms offer different reporting features. JoomlaLMS Launches Mobile App by News Editor. “When developing the JoomlaLMS mobile app, the team aimed to deliver the best possible mobile experience: an app that is easy to use and work with, including an intuitive interface and clear navigation.”

JoomlaLMS Launches Mobile App by News Editor

JoomlaLMS, a leading provider of a learning management system for Joomla! CMS, this week announced the release of a mobile application for Android and iOS. “We cannot neglect the fact that mobile learning is the new reality. The pace of life has significantly changed the way we learn and absorb information. 6 Essential Features In An Online Corporate Training Platform – And Why You Can’t Afford To Compromise - eLearning Industry. Successfully Moving Moodle to the Cloud. White Paper Four Deadly Traps of LMS Selection. 11 Tips To Create a Winning LMS RFI. Have you been invited to review 11 Tips To Create a Winning LMS RFI?

11 Tips To Create a Winning LMS RFI

That's great! Login with your email and password to proceed, or click here if you do not have an account yet. In many respects, an LMS Request for Information (RFI) is the first step in the LMS research process, and it can give you the opportunity to formulate an eLearning plan and budget before you even begin assessing potential LMS vendors. In this article, I'll share 11 tips to create a winning LMS RFI. How To Create an LMS RFI Based On Your Company’s Needs While creating an Learning Management System Request for Information can be a tedious task, it will often allow you to get a clear sense of which LMS vendors should be included on your list of potential LMS providers and which you can cross off.

Always provide a general overview of your company or organization. Giving Moodle a Makeover. First some background.

Giving Moodle a Makeover

We use Moodle as our LMS, but we use it to manage the product training content we sell to our clients. It is therefore very important that the clients get the best impression from the start, so here’s what we did. 1. With the help of our Moodle administrators, we changed the traditional worded library to an interactive menu, in the form of a bookstand, that echo’s the e-Learning experience from their first interaction with the system. I also hid any unnecessary navigation blocks. Winning Features of an LMS: Diary of an Instructional Designer. 5inShare “The sky is falling!”

Winning Features of an LMS: Diary of an Instructional Designer

“It hit me on my head!” No, this isn’t the famous fable. It’s the first page from a diary of an instructional designer! If it isn’t the sky in literal sense, it’s the overwhelming choices with differentiated specifications, all for one task: instruction design. Each time we settle into a course authoring software, we are required to jump to something else, for a better solution. Winning Features of an LMS: Diary of an Instructional Designer. Learning Management Systems. Is there a future for the learning management system.

The VLE/LMS is dead. (but we'll probably take five years to realise it).

The VLE/LMS is dead

Scott Leslie has coined the term Loosely coupled teaching, for the assembly of a number of different, third party apps to do your teaching with. This differs from a PLE in that it is still the educator who provides the tools, they just bypass the institutional systems. Scott's post set me thinking and I had something of an epiphany (okay, I know I'm slow) - whereas I have been using the odd application you could completely set up your course outside of the institution. What might you want to use? For my course I could use the following: For content and discussion - wetpaint or wikispaces, upload the content, each page has its own forum, and students get to control the content. Apart from that I would use any tool as and when you needed it.

Firstly, what are the issues in doing it this way: Authentication - this is quite a big one. That might seem like a big enough list to make you stick with your VLE, but wait, here come the benefits: VLEs: Are they dead or not? In our first week of our Trends in E-Learning module, we’ve been looking at the VLE is dead debate.

VLEs: Are they dead or not?

The seed for discussion was Martin Weller’s blog post (now over two years old) which makes the valid point that there are several independent third party (free) applications out there that address most if not all of the needs a VLE does, and do it a lot better because each individual application is that company’s core business. I’ve been thinking about my own relationship with VLEs as a practising lecturer, and a student, and as someone who has, if I may say, above average capability in PC and web literacy than your typical academic (as well as boosting my own ego, this is important as I’ll mention later). We’ve had a useful discussion over the week (in our closed VLE discussion board) which has given me the opportunity to hone my thoughts. Fota House Garden, Cork (M Seery) It is dead.

I like Martin Weller. It isn’t dead.