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Get to Know Game-based Learning Infographic. Gamification Infographics Get to Know Game-based Learning Infographic Get to Know Game-based Learning Infographic There’s a lot of great information out there about game-based learning, and it can be hard to boil it down to the essential facts.

Get to Know Game-based Learning Infographic

So, Filament Games created this handy infographic for you! Take a look at the Get to Know Game-based Learning Infographic for information on how learning games can be used in the classroom, what educators think about using games, and the impact these tools have on student learning. Research for this infographic was collected from SRI, the Journal of Educational Psychology, the University of Michigan, and the American Psychological Association. Via: Serious Games For Business: 5 Things eLearning Professionals Need To Know - eLearning Industry. Infographic: The Future of eLearning in a Gaming World. Guildresearch gamification infographic2016.

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Guildresearch dragons2016. 10 Surprising Benefits Of Gamification - eLearning Industry. Even though gamification at work is becoming more and more well known in the world of business, there are still those that perceive it as a simple tool, leveraging competitiveness to motivate employees (it actually doesn't, but rather promotes intrinsic drives, but that is a different story). As I've written in numerous articles over the past few months, this is both an erroneous perception of gamification and of digital motivation. The new and exciting field of enterprise gamification takes a different approach to employee motivation. This approach believes that it is not enough to offer employees points, badges, and leaderboards in order to create a lasting impact in the organization.

The reason for this is that these mechanics, though useful and effective in their own right, are based on extrinsic motivation within employees, and this type of motivation is not as sustainable and efficient as other types of motivation, such as intrinsic motivation. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 10 Surprising Benefits Of Gamification - eLearning Industry. Free eBook - How Gamification Reshapes Learning. By B.

Free eBook - How Gamification Reshapes Learning

Santhosh Kumar We, human beings, are natural ‘gamers’! In our childhood, we freely exhibit and experience our liking for games. However, when we grow up, while some of us are lucky enough to carry this interest forward, others let go of it due to various reasons. However, the fact is that most of us still have a liking to play games if and when given an opportunity. Those of us who think we’re not for games, are actually (unknowingly) engaging with interesting elements of gamification while interacting with social networking sites and others (in the form of Progress Bars, Likes, Ratings, etc.).

Gamification is evolving to become one of the most powerful driving forces for learner engagement. Gamification is the future of workplace learning. To conclude, it is exciting to see how gamification is all set to reshape learning. B. Position: Vice President Company: Learnnovators Short Bio. Gamification Facts Infographic. Gamification Infographics Gamification Facts Infographic Gamification Facts Infographic Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to eLearning courses.

Gamification Facts Infographic

It improves learner engagement and motivates them to achieve their goals. Images. The rise of social gaming. I’ve written a bit over the past year or so on the rise of games that are aimed not just to provide fun for the players, but also to help deliver some kind of social good to society too.

The rise of social gaming

Indeed, only last week I covered a game called Elegy for a Dead World which aims to help players absorb themselves in the creative world of Byron or Keats. Of course, there are some games that take on loftier goals entirely. For instance, Reverse the Odds is a game created by Cancer Research UK to help with the fight against the disease.

That’s one of a growing number of science related games. For instance, Eyewire is a game that aims to improve our understanding of neuroscience. Suffice to say, those games all take a heavy, science based view of things. The game places players in a world that is navigated via the mouse and is accompanied by poetry and prose. Games as a means of understanding community issues It’s on this broad theme that a game called Never Alone has been launched. Dl14 113 sanchez. Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world.