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Voxopop - a voice based eLearning tool. Online voice recorder. - Got a picture? Blabberize it! Welcome to Fotobabble - Talking Photos. Sound Effects Download.

Clarisketch. Voice Recorder & Podcast Playlist. Record Skype Video and Audio Calls with Evaer video call recorder. SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds. Journeys in Podcasting. Find all our episodes in one place We are continuously designing casts for new topics and invite you to take part, either by interviewing with us on a theme, or through comments on our Facebook Page, Twitter (@elemprojects / @chrisdaviscng / @techy__boy / @MsNatiLeon) or Google Community.

Journeys in Podcasting

We can't wait to hear from you! Get in touch with us today and let's push education forward. In our first Podcast of the year, Teachers and Coaches at CNG Elementary research within their school walls and then extend the inquiry beyond after a one month pilot of #steelcase equipment from #EZGO. Six Styles of Classroom Video Projects - A Handout. Multitrack Recording Techniques. Call Recorder for Skype - The Skype Audio/Video HD Call Recording Solution for Mac. Multitrack Recording Techniques. How to record a Skype interview on separate tracks using Adobe Audition (For Macs only) Share, Embed & Upload Audio with Clyp. Talk the talk Learner generated podcasts as catalysts for knowledge creation.pdf. Uses a process of time shifting to allow for flexible viewing at a time convenient to the user.

Talk the talk Learner generated podcasts as catalysts for knowledge creation.pdf

Once downloaded, audio podcasts can be transferred to a variety of portable devices, Talk the talk Learner generated podcasts as catalysts for knowledge creation.pdf. Chirbit - Record, Upload and Share Audio Easily - Social Audio. Online voice recorder. Free internet audio mp3 player for personal websites. Create Audio for your site with a Free mp3 player. Create an Audio Message for your Website in 3 Easy Steps.

Create Audio for your site with a Free mp3 player

No audio software or player downloads needed! You're 3 easy steps away from adding audio to your website. AudioPal makes it simple to create your message and embed your free audio player in any personal website or blog. VoiceThread - MyVoice. Read The Words - Member Login. Here Are 5 Resources For Royalty Free Music. A while back, we received a question on MakeUseOf Answers asking where in the world one can get royalty free music.

Here Are 5 Resources For Royalty Free Music

Naturally, as someone who is constantly searching for this Holy Grail, I jumped on it. So, dear MakeUseOf readers, I felt that this is a question worthy enough to expand upon. I’m quite sure that some of you out there are wondering where to find royalty free music whether you’re a videomaker, a game developer, or one of those neo-artist stage performance poets that uses a combination of visual imagery, weird music, and the occasional bit of innocent nudity.

So with that being said, I’m here to bring you some quality royalty free music. Vimeo Music Store. The 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library (Cambridge Music Technology) Compressor control principles. A short compendium on digital audio compression techniques.

Compressor control principles

Basic compressor configurations Compression vs. limiting Technically speaking the same principles are used in audio signal limiting and compression processors but just the transfer curves and envelope follower settings are different. Ultra fast attack rates and high ratio amounts are used for limiting purposes which causes just very few peaks to pass on a certain threshold. 5 Common Myths About Loudness Metering Debunked. Myth #1: Loudness is Measured Using a Standard Called LKFS, LUFS and R128.

5 Common Myths About Loudness Metering Debunked

Fact #1: LUFS and LKFS are reference units: R128 is a standard. As of this writing, the current loudness standards are based on a document called the ITU-R BS.1770-4 which is a recommendation by the International Telecommunications Union on the implementation of a series of algorithms that measure perceived loudness and true peak levels. Vocaroo - Note. TwistedWave. TwistedWave is a browser-based audio editor.


You only need a web browser to access it, and you can use it to record or edit any audio file. All the audio is stored and processed on the server, so you don't need to download anything, or save your work when you are done. Voki - Note. Royalty-free Sounds - Richard Byrne. The Free Music Archive provides free, high-quality, music in a wide range of genres.

Royalty-free Sounds - Richard Byrne

The content on Free Music Archive is used under various creative commons licenses. The New York State Music Fund provided initial funding for FMA. FMA seeks to maintain a high-quality resource through the use of selected curators who approve or deny all submissions to the collection. Anyone can download music from FMA for use in podcasts, videos, and other digital presentation formats. - Download Free Sound Effects.

Audacity Team. Visit Spreaker and Create a Podcast. Top 25 High Tech Productive Tips for Bloggers. Being a blogger, I know it is not an easy job.

Top 25 High Tech Productive Tips for Bloggers

There is not only we have to write articles, but there are so many other things around the blog to deal. Updating blog with new articles, replying users’ comments, emails, social media profiles management, planning and targeting the new audience, marketing, and other promotional things for the blog and so many other things that each blogger passes through to make his/her blog attractive. But still doing stuff is fun and more exciting.

Because the excitement about doing these things is to learn and explore new things, implement them on your regular schedule and the primary and vital part of it is you can make money out of it. Few times handling this type of work is juggle just because it takes too long. Top 25 High Tech Productive Tips for Bloggers.