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Blended learning et classe inversée. Making Learning Awesome! - Kahoot! eLearning: Developing a Learning Culture– Key to Business Performance. According to recent Gartner Research, each hour of information technology training increases an employee’s performance by 5.75 hours.

eLearning: Developing a Learning Culture– Key to Business Performance

It also states that: It takes an untrained employee twice as long to do it by themselves through experimentation.Every hour of training reduces help desk support time by a quarter of an hour.Every hour of training reduces review and fixing errors by one hour. From “The ROI on Learning” by Gary Boomer, CEO of Boomer Consulting, statistics show a direct relationship between training and performance. Similarly, for an organization to consistently perform at high levels of business performance, it has to understand and manage performance drivers.

Measurable indicators provide feedback about the business performance, but results are delivered by the key drivers. Benefits of Blended Learning. What comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘Blended Learning’?

Benefits of Blended Learning

It’s not a new term and yet has numerous connotations. Amidst the vast information available today on what it is and what it isn’t, the basic definition says: “Blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns at least in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path, or pace.” Today, the Internet has taken over as the information bank with tremendous resources available online in the form of books, videos, posts, etc.

With a simultaneously booming technology industry, the avenues for online learning are endless. Teaching With Video. Renaud Davies looks at practical ways of getting students more involved when using video in the classroom.

Teaching With Video

In an age of immense visual stimulation, language education has remained remarkably text-bound and can appear dull to students compared to their world outside the classroom. Video, in particular, is an invaluable educational tool that teachers often neglect to use or misuse. It is not uncommon for teachers to simply play a movie in class without challenging students or getting them involved. So, the question that concerns us today is, “How do we get our students actively involved when using video in the classroom?” To begin, the most important thing is that you make your video lessons meaningful, fun, and interesting for your students. So, what are the benefits of using video? Video helps to raise a learner’s pragmatic awareness, that is, the importance of context in deciding the speaker’s intention. Now, let’s take a look at the following three-step guide to creating a video lesson.

10 Creative Ways to Use Popular Movies in Fun ESL Lessons. Bored of book work?

10 Creative Ways to Use Popular Movies in Fun ESL Lessons

Tired of teacher-talking? Want something exciting for your students? Then watch a movie! Now, I know what some of you might be thinking: Isn’t watching a movie a cop-out? It’s tempting to think that putting on a movie is simply a great excuse for the teacher to sit at the back of the room, dim the lights and fall asleep clutching the remote. Harvard Classics: Download All 51 Volumes as Free eBooks. Every revolutionary age produces its own kind of nostalgia.

Harvard Classics: Download All 51 Volumes as Free eBooks

Faced with the enormous social and economic upheavals at the nineteenth century’s end, learned Victorians like Walter Pater, John Ruskin, and Matthew Arnold looked to High Church models and played the bishops of Western culture, with a monkish devotion to preserving and transmitting old texts and traditions and turning back to simpler ways of life. It was in 1909, the nadir of this milieu, before the advent of modernism and world war, that The Harvard Classics took shape. Compiled by Harvard’s president Charles W. Eliot and called at first Dr. Eliot’s Five Foot Shelf, the compendium of literature, philosophy, and the sciences, writes Adam Kirsch in Harvard Magazine, served as a “monument from a more humane and confident time” (or so its upper classes believed), and a “time capsule…. What does the massive collection preserve? Open Library. Iversity — Open Courses — Education. Online. Free.

Khan Academy. UoPeople - The world's first tuition-free Accredited Online University. 6 suggestions for teaching information literacy. Most college students have been exposed to more technology than students of previous generations.

6 suggestions for teaching information literacy

This does not make them technology experts. Students do a lot of searching online for information. This does not make them expert, or even good, searchers. Thanks to Google, students can always find information on any topic. This does not mean that they have found true, accurate, useful information and does not make them expert finders of information. Twelve Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking. 2342 486Share Synopsis Aspects of creative thinking that are not usually taught. 1.

Twelve Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking

You are creative. The artist is not a special person, each one of us is a special kind of artist. 2. 3. Learning. Teaching and Learning Resources / Learning Theories. Key Concepts Behaviorism is a theory of animal and human learning that only focuses on objectively observable behaviors and discounts mental activities.

Teaching and Learning Resources / Learning Theories

Social Cognitive Learning Theory and other Theories and Models. How To Cite Social Media: MLA & APA Formats. The Best Tools and Apps for Flipped Learning Classroom. July 25, 2014 Following the posting of "Managing iPad Videos in Schools" somebody emailed me asking about some suggestions for tools and apps to create instructional videos to use in a flipped learning setting.

The Best Tools and Apps for Flipped Learning Classroom

In fact, over the last couple of years I have reviewed several web tools and iPad apps that can be used in flipped classroom but the ones I am featuring below are among the best out there. 1- Educlipper Educlipper is a wonderful tool for creating video tutorials and guides to share with students. As a teacher you can create an Educlipper board for your class and share the link with them. Now that you have a shared space with your students, you can go about creating instructional videos using the iPap app of Educlipper. The Best Tools and Apps for Flipped Learning Classroom.

Khan and Beyond: The Many Faces of the Flipped Classroom - Education Community Blog. Flipping the Classroom - Simply Speaking. Teachers' Practical Guide to A FLipped Classroom. July, 2014 Unlike the numerous graphics I shared here on the topic of flipped learning which were substantially theoretically based, the one I have for you today provides a practical demonstration of how Dr.Russell flipped his classroom .

Teachers' Practical Guide to A FLipped Classroom

The graphic also features some of the activities and procedures he drew in his flipped instruction. Another section of this graphic highlights some of the bearings of this flipped methodology on students performance particularly in terms of the enhanced test scores. The purpose behind sharing this visual is to provide you with a concrete example of how you can go about integrating a flipped learning methodology in your instruction. This is only a paradigmatic example which you can adapt with due modifications to your own teaching situation. Here are the three easy steps Dr. 1- Record 25 lectures were recorded with Echo 360, each just 35 minutes long. Two Great Resources for Flipped Classrooms.

The Flipped Classroom Model. Evernote, OneNote, and Beyond: The 12 Best Note-Taking Apps. Ever feel like you’re struggling to remember everything? You're not the only one—and that's why it's so important to take notes. As author Tim Ferriss says, “I trust the weakest pen more than the strongest memory.” Write something down, and you're certain to remember it.

10 of The Best Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers. January 25, 2016 We have curated for you below a collection of some of the most popular Google Docs tools we reviewed last year. Popularity is gauged through your interaction with these add-ons both here (in terms of pageviews) and in our PLNs in social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. TTS Online : Free Text to Speech Voices : Read The Words.

Graphics and Fonts. Interesting Search Engines. Digital Storytelling Tools. How the Brain Learns—A Super Simple Explanation for eLearning Professionals. How the Brain Learns—A Super Simple Explanation for eLearning Professionals In his book, The Art of Changing the Brain, Dr. James Zull , notably suggested how David Kolb's famous four-phase model of the learning cycle can be mapped into four major brain processes. He believed that better understanding the learning processes that occurs in the brain encourages a more flexible approach to learning. It does, by extension, help us become better eLearning developers and learners. After all, it's what's going on in the learners' brains that matters the most. How to Use The Apple iPad. How to Use the iPad - Learn the iPad With Easy Video Tutorials in This App. Ipad 101 (A Course for Beginners) Organize your brain. Content. Be Happier. Digital Differentiation ~ Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners.

Learning Theories & Philosophies. 7 Must-Have Tools For The Flipped Classroom. 7 Must-Have Tools For The Flipped Classroom by first appeared on The flipped classroom uses technology to allow students more time to apply knowledge and teachers more time for hands-on education. It’s a continually changing strategy that evolves with technology. Innovative educators are usually on the lookout for the latest technology breakthroughs that will help them better organize and conduct flipped classrooms. Free Research & Education Books & Resources. Msgreene. How to Pack an Emergency Kit Like a Spy Plane Pilot. Fun. Aplicacions autoaprenentatge. The Key To Learning: Knowing How Learning Works.

Effective Online Teaching. As I venture through my online teaching and course development I have been drawn to the question, what does an effective online teacher look like? Blended Learning Toolkit. How to Learn (Almost) Anything. Education Technology, Teacher Tools, Apps and More. Lessons Worth Sharing. Learn to code. Synonyms Dictionary at Visual dictionary. Hot Potatoes Home Page. 10 Simple Ways to Raise Your Level of Conscious Awareness.

January 31, 2013 by @dieselpokers. The Secret To Happiness Is Control. 21 Habits of Happy People. Five ‘Get Out of Your Own Way’ Leadership Skills from Aikido. Change A Habit In Three Steps With This Flowchart. Why I've Decided To Stop Comparing Myself To Others. Many people I know slave to the comparison game. How to Let Go of Anger and Embrace Forgiveness. 19EmailShare. How to Study Less by Learning Things Once. You read over your notes. The Secret to Learning Anything: Albert Einstein's Advice to His 11-Year-Old Son. Cone_of_Learning.jpg (JPEG Image, 417 × 317 pixels) Where do you find your (free) images? Designing for Participant Engagement with Blackboard Collaborate. Designing for Participant Engagement with Blackboard Collaborate. Ridiculously Efficient - 5 Monday Must-Reads on a Collaborative Work Environment.

Presentations and Documents tagged culturecode. Today's Briefing: Brands and Social, e-Learning: Challenges and Solutions, Emotions That Drive Video Sharing, and more... - johnkdavey - Gmail. Free Image Links. 3 Strategies that Build Long-Term Memory in Corporate Learners. Learning. 9 Top Tips To Engage Your Learners in eLearning. 11 Ultra, Ultimate or Suite ??? Opinions. Today's Briefing: Organizing Your Content, Igniting Your Content With Social Media, Avoiding Analytics Pitfalls, and more... - johnkdavey - Gmail. Resources for Science Learning. Scriblink - Your Online Whiteboard.

eMINTS Conference 2014 - Connected Educator. Educational Hash Tags. 7 seconds is all it can take - Safety Recruitment Australia: WHS Recruitment & OHS Recruitment specialists. The Social Enterprise: Tips for Helping Enterprises Collaborate Securely. Designing Engaging e-Learning. Blended learning. Storytelling. Every Educator Has a Story . . . Just Tell It. Story Boards. Mit elearning design workshop day. Top tips for engaging elearning. 5 Ways to Blow the Top Off of Rubrics. Reducing Bullet Points and On-screen Text. Visual Feedback Gauge for Quiz Results. Programming Your Brain: The Art of Learning in Three Steps. Personal Development. Scriblink - Your Online Whiteboard.

Collaborative Tools. Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) Tom's Tantrums - Food for Thought …… Las Locuras Bilingűes de Tom. Tools for Teachers.