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Wire IT Solutions. Tekwire. E Global Soft Solutions. Tireless IT Services. AOI Tech Solutions. Steps to Lock Your Facebook Profile on a Desktop. Facebook is one of the most sought-after social media platforms out there, which boasts more than a billion active users every month from around the world.

Steps to Lock Your Facebook Profile on a Desktop

Users who have accounts on Facebook can post photos, videos, stories, upload status, and connect with other people from across the globe. With the growing privacy concerns of people today, the social media giant is also taking significant measures to cater to their users’ need for better privacy on the platform. Back in 2017, the platform rolled out a feature that allows users to shield their current profile picture, and now last year in 2020, the company launched another feature, Facebook profile lock, which is kind of a successor to the profile guard feature. With the release of this profile lock feature, users can now add an extra security layer to their Facebook profile. A lock icon that shows up on a user’s profile indicates that the person has a locked profile. Ways Digital Marketing Strategy Can Help Boost Sales Even During a Crisis. Earlier businesses employed the brick and mortar model to become successful by giving customers a reason to visit their physical stores, such as compelling experiences coupled with live events and unique exclusive in-store services.

Ways Digital Marketing Strategy Can Help Boost Sales Even During a Crisis

This approach proved effective in driving more visitors to their shop and boosting the conversions. It typically made clients stay longer, purchase more products, and thus spend more with them. Then as if the market competitors weren’t enough that the pandemic arrived out of nowhere, becoming the real competitor for brick and mortar business establishments. Companies responded to this crisis with all their power, and while some emerged as winners, some unfortunately failed. YouTube Offers 3 Keyword Research Tips and Answers Questions About Its Algorithm. The popular video-sharing platform, YouTube, has shared three valuable tips for competitive keyword research for videos and simultaneously answered a series of questions regarding its search and discovery algorithm.

YouTube Offers 3 Keyword Research Tips and Answers Questions About Its Algorithm

In what has turned into a regular series on the “Creator Insider” YouTube channel, a search and discovery team’s member deals with several questions from the audience in their first video uploaded this year. Among those questions was one query focusing on keyword research for videos and the ways to determine which topics will resonate with the target users. In this blog, we will look at those questions starting with the competitive keyword research tips. 3 Tactics for YouTube Keyword Research.

Importance of Python for Cybersecurity Professionals. Python is one of the most popularly used programming languages today.

Importance of Python for Cybersecurity Professionals

This simple object-oriented language can be quickly learned and understood by beginners and skilled developers. It is currently being used across different areas ranging from data science to cybersecurity. In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of using Python language for cybersecurity and why it is crucial for the career growth of cybersecurity professionals. Facebook Redesign: No More “Like” Button on Public Pages. With the aim of streamlining and making its design simpler for the users, the social media giant Facebook has opted for a significant redesign.

Facebook Redesign: No More “Like” Button on Public Pages

And as a part of it, the platform has removed the “Like” button from all the public pages, which was in general used by public figures, brands, artists, and so on. Commenting on this massive change, the company said it will now be focusing more on the newsfeed for conversations instead of spotlighting the public pages’ likes. From now onwards, users will only see the total number of followers and a dedicated news feed on all Facebook public pages where they can participate in conversations, interact with others, and engage with the brand.

This is a brave move towards facilitating platform users to easily connect with companies, artists, and other public figures. Social media researchers saw the platform testing out a new design for pages last year in July, which consisted removal of the “like” button. Google My Business Rolls Out New Performance Reporting. Google My Business is now introducing new performance reports that users can access within GMB under the “Insights” section.

Google My Business Rolls Out New Performance Reporting

There have been numerous hints about the launch of these reports, once in August and then last month again. However, now the platform has officially rolled it out to the public. Users can now access it from their GMB profile and try it out themselves. What Do the New Performance Reports Look Like? Everything You Need to Know About the Instagram “Copyright Infringement” Scam. During the last couple of weeks, many people (which includes celebrities) have fallen prey to a scam called “Instagram Copyright Infringement.”

Everything You Need to Know About the Instagram “Copyright Infringement” Scam

The fraudsters have been impersonating Instagram Help Centre officials and getting their hands on personal user information. The most recent celebrity who has fallen prey to this scam and thus lost access to her account is actor Amisha Patel. How Does this Instagram Copyright Infringement Scam Work? Apart from the recent victim Amisha Patel, numerous other celebrities, including Urmila Matondkar and Asha Bhosle, got a message on their Instagram account from a verified profile generally named “Help Center” claiming that he/she is linked to the Instagram Copyright Infringement Center. The message received said that they (posing as Help Center) had received a lot of complaints regarding their (the receiver’s) Instagram account for a long time now, and thus they wanted to inform the user about this issue. WhatsApp Rolls Out New Privacy Policy: Here’s What It Means for You.

Social media giant Facebook acquired WhatsApp back in 2014, and it slowly changed the way the platform accessed user data.

WhatsApp Rolls Out New Privacy Policy: Here’s What It Means for You

And now Facebook is displaying a “take it or leave it” stance to the WhatsApp users with the newly updated privacy policy. Earlier this week, users from around the world started seeing a popup notification regarding privacy policy and terms of service update on their WhatsApp, and most users had no idea what this was all about. With this latest update, the social networking company has expanded the way WhatsApp will share its user data with other Facebook-owned platforms and third-party apps as well. And that’s not all. This update also arrived with the condition that if a person denies sharing their data with the company, i.e., Facebook, they need to leave the messaging platform. These new terms of service will come into effect next month, on 8th February.

Twitter Acquires Breaker Podcast App to Build Twitter Spaces. Social podcasting app Breaker recently announced that its team is joining Twitter to implement its expertise in audio experiences to this microblogging platform.

Twitter Acquires Breaker Podcast App to Build Twitter Spaces

However, the financial details of the deal to acquire the expert team behind the San Francisco based podcasting platform Breaker hasn’t been revealed yet. Leah Culver, a co-founder of Breaker, announced via a tweet that she is joining Twitter to help build Twitter Spaces. Further, she said that even though she’ll miss Breaker a lot, at the same time, she is very excited to be able to contribute towards building the future of audio conversations.

Erik Berlin, a co-founder of the Breaker app, declared about this acquisition via a blog post, stating how he and the team will help build new experiences for Twitter users. Instagram Desktop Version Is Testing Out a New Layout for “Stories” In 2020, the Facebook-owned social networking site Instagram introduced some significant changes to its platform.

Instagram Desktop Version Is Testing Out a New Layout for “Stories”

From the release of Vanish Mode, Reels to enhancements in Instagram Live, and the integration of Instagram DMs with Facebook Messenger, these modifications and additions have indeed contributed towards improving the user experience and app usage. Once again, this popular photo-sharing platform seems to be testing a new interface on its desktop version for viewing Instagram Stories. According to the reports, with the launch of this new layout, Stories will be displayed in a carousel in place of the single tile (like it does currently, consuming the entire space). Nevertheless, the navigation process will remain as it is; users will still be required to either click through the Stories or allow them to play automatically. Why Is Consistency Important in Blogging? One of the most popularly used phrases for blogging success is – be consistent that we keep on hearing almost every day! But even then, in most cases, when you ask a business if they have an active blog or not, usually you’ll get a response somewhere between ‘yeah, kind of’ and ‘not really.’

With so many things going on around them, businesses often tend to forget about one of the most potent tools they have available at their disposal – their own blog! Why? Simply put, blogging is an incredible way of making yourself heard in the online world. And the more you are heard, the more are your chances for traffic and lead generation. 6 Surefire Strategies to Help You Build More Backlinks to Your Website. Whether you have been around for long or are just getting started with SEO, you must have spent some time researching it and discovered how much links matter to rank organically in the search results. Google sees links as a lot more than just a ‘sweet gesture.’ To Google, it acts as a vote of trust that your site is reliable and credible. Over the years, marketers and SEOs have tried and tested numerous different approaches to increase their site’s backlinks and expand their overall backlink profile.

Among these also emerged some unethical practices that made room for link schemes and other black hat SEO practices. As more and more websites started adopting SEO practices, the link building realm became overly populous – making it all the more so challenging to stick out and earn links from the vastly popular domains. Simply put, the conventional backlinks outreach is simply no longer as effective as it used to be once. UX vs. UI Design – Everything You Need to Know. Oftentimes, people use the terms UX and UI interchangeably, but in reality, these two have very different meanings. At one point in time or another, we all must have overheard discussions regarding the excellent UX of a product and the lousy UI of a site. But what exactly are these two terms? What are their actual meanings? A Layman’s Guide to Choosing Website Color Schemes. Colors play a crucial role when it comes to branding and web design. Wondering why? According to research, the majority of snap buying decisions are virtually powered by color perception.

As far as websites are concerned, the first impression matters a great deal. Therefore, picking the right color scheme for your site is crucial to make it catchy, appealing, reliable, and rewarding. What Would Success for New Search Engines Look Like? Since the early 2000s, Google has been the most popularly used search engine across the world. Over this period, from being just another typical Silicon Valley startup and longshot to becoming the protector of the internet, controlling algorithms with enormous business implications and building a reputation for spreading its business into various areas in the name of offering an improved user experience.

In recent times, the increased inspection over its business practices has resulted in government regulators getting tough on anticipated wrongdoings, and a fraction of users have also demonstrated a little inclination towards a more privacy-oriented search experience. Understanding the Evolving Role of Data Analytics in Digital Marketing. From Digital Marketing’s rise to evolution, data analytics has played a paramount role.

If you look into it carefully, you can actually feel it fueling the digital marketing’s engine. YouTube Will Allow Users to Sync Downloads With the Same Accounts on Multiple Devices. One of the most distinctive features that YouTube offered its premium users was the ability to download video from the platform to play it offline later. However, with the video-sharing platform continually introducing new exciting updates in the app, a recent report suggests that it is currently testing another great feature. Understanding Subdomain vs. Subdirectory: Which Is Best for SEO? In the SEO world, one of the biggest controversies is Subdomain vs. Best Practices for Creating Google My Business Posts That Gets Results.

Creating a Google My Business profile is undoubtedly one of the best ways to attract your target audience’s attention towards your brand and boost your local business’ rankings. YouTube May Introduce Autoplay Controls Inside the Video Player for Desktop Users. A couple of months ago, YouTube had revamped the video streaming experience for Android and IOS users, and it is now back with another exciting update. Google’s most popular video streaming service, YouTube, has begun displaying the autoplay toggle inside the video player on desktop devices. Presently, YouTube’s autoplay toggle lies in the right-hand sidebar as part of the “Up Next” section that shows the upcoming videos. Back in October, the company had introduced the same feature for Android users, but it seems like they are introducing the same for desktop users. Instagram’s New Terms & Conditions: Everything You Need to Know About the Privacy Policy & Camera Access.

Instagram is back once again with another set of changes. Crowd Marketing: A Rarely Used Link Building Method for Higher Google Rankings. Crowd marketing is one of the most overlooked link building tactics that give you a competitive advantage in Google search rankings. Content Expansion Strategy: 4 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Diving in. The content expansion process has made the search marketers today become overwhelmingly obsessed with fresh new content. SEOs have been working, assuming that creating new content is the only way to make a website successful.

However, in this rapidly changing environment, these upsurges’ downfall includes a lot of professionals producing content hand-over-fist even before realizing its primary purpose. 4 Main Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Instagram Ads. Today, Instagram ads are a crucial component of your overall digital marketing strategy. The reason is that Instagram is one of the top social networking sites powered by Facebook, one of the largest internet companies in the world.

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