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Statlab - An Interactive Learning Environment for Design of Experiments written in Java - Manual for Teachers. In order to get acquainted to Statlab, a manual for students has been written.

Statlab - An Interactive Learning Environment for Design of Experiments written in Java - Manual for Teachers

This manual describes how to install Statlab and how to use it: Statlab Student Manual (PDF) For teachers a separate document has been written that describes educational aspects of Statlab, extra (hidden) features of Statlab that are useful for teachers. It also contains detailed information about all assignments. Because we do not want this information to be publicly available, it is only available at request to teachers who can identify themselves as teachers (e.g. a link to their homepage).

Heinrich-Heine-Universität - Institut für experimentelle Psychologie. G*Power is a tool to compute statistical power analyses for many different t tests, F tests, χ2 tests, z tests and some exact tests.

Heinrich-Heine-Universität - Institut für experimentelle Psychologie

G*Power can also be used to compute effect sizes and to display graphically the results of power analyses. Whenever we find a problem with G*Power we provide an update as quickly as we can. We will inform you about updates if you click here and add your e-mail address to our mailing list. We will only use your e-mail address to inform you about updates. Interactive models for Analytical Chemistry Instruction. Tom O'Haver Professor Emeritus Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry The University of Maryland at College Park Last updated: March, 2014.

Interactive models for Analytical Chemistry Instruction

NeuroNetwork Analysis

Russ Lenth's power and sample-size page. Note: These require a web browser capable of running Java applets (version 1.3 or higher).

Russ Lenth's power and sample-size page

If you do not see a selection list above, chances are that you either have disabled Java, or you have an outdated implementation of Java. In the latter case, you need to download and install the JRE plug-in from Due to a compatibility bug, many plug-ins size the applet window before allowing for an additional strip with a security warning.; to compensate, drag the bottom of the window downward a bit. Please read this comment. 傅立葉分析. 2.8.傅立葉分析 2.8.1.簡介 傅立葉轉換(Fourier Transform)是一種目前十分重要而且廣泛應用於各行業的數位訊號分析技術,當儀器測量所得的數位訊號為時間-振幅的數據時,您可以使用傅立葉轉換將此一訊號轉換為頻率-振幅,從而進行此一訊號的頻率特性的分析,反之若您有頻率-振幅的數據,您可使用逆傅立葉轉換,將此一訊號數據轉換為時間-振幅的數據。


Excel 2000的增益集中有一分析工具箱,其中已附有傅立葉轉換的功能,對於資料點數小於4096點的數據,您可以使用此一增益集中的分析工具箱的傅立葉分析工具,雖然其功能没有專業軟體的功能強大,但對於簡易的數位訊號處理,他提供了一個親和介面的解決方案。 New to Wolfram|Alpha? Take the Tour: What Is Wolfram|Alpha? Wolfram|Alpha is an engine for computing answers and providing knowledge.

New to Wolfram|Alpha? Take the Tour: What Is Wolfram|Alpha?

It works by using its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to automatically answer questions, do analysis, and generate reports. Video Introduction: Wolfram|Alpha in a nutshell WOLFRAM|ALPHA uses built-in knowledge curated by human experts to compute on the fly a specific answer and analysis for every query. SEARCH ENGINES index web pages, then look for textual matches, then give you lists of links to follow. iThome online : : 技術專題. 數學軟體. Tutorials / Documentation / support & services / Home. Download / Scilab / products / Home. New functionalities in Scilab 5.3.1 Embedded Help. Downloads. Scicos 4.4.1 is distributed with the scientific software package ScicosLab 4.4.1.


ScicosLab is made available for Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000, various Linux distributions and MacOSX. Download scicoslab4.4.1-install.exe, the latest official release of ScicosLab for Windows. Linux and Mac versions are available from Old versions. Statistical Computing Matters | Suggestions and comments about obscure and useful software. Analysis tools for Networks Directed and undirected networks have been used to describe all sorts of phenomena.

Statistical Computing Matters | Suggestions and comments about obscure and useful software.

There are several approaches to modeling network graphs. 研究與教學. 非會員品管知識. ●2008年 ‧統計應該被矯枉過正嗎?


─2008.11月-品質月刊 ‧他山之石,可以攻錯-Toyata Way─2008.08.10-工商時報 ‧如何讓人資&研發部門都『準備好了』─2008.05.04-工商時報 ●2007年各月主題 ‧任務繁重近期內不在供稿,敬祈見諒─2007.08 ‧都是標竿法闖的禍─2007.02 ‧美妙的TRIZ世界─2007.01 ●2006年各月主題 ‧10,11及12月停稿致歉─2006.12 (暫停供稿函) ‧塑造6 Sigma活動得以成功的環境─2006.09 (6 Sigma特稿.2) ‧達成6 Sigma品質水準的奧秘─2006.08 (6 Sigma特稿.1) ‧5,6 及7月因業務繁重從缺(僅此致歉) ‧專業,重新定義(轉載)?

─2006.04 ‧為什麼Six Sigma可望而不及? ─2006.03 ‧2月非會員公告事宜─2006.02 ‧續9月份新產品開發[完成設計最佳化類]細項說明─2006.01. Analytica - Risk & Decision Analysis Software - Created by Lumina. 鼎茂統計諮詢中心. Excel 中 Analysis ToolPak ANOVA 工具的數值改良說明. 本文將分別告訴您三種 Analysis ToolPak ANOVA 工具中的數值改良,並說明在極端的情況中,Microsoft Excel 2002 (含) 以前版本中的不正確結果。

Excel 中 Analysis ToolPak ANOVA 工具的數值改良說明

許多函數都需要計算平均數的差平方和。 為了精確執行這項操作,Microsoft OfficeExcel 2003 (含) 以後版本 會使用二段式程序,在第一階段找出平均數,然後在第二階段計算平均數的差平方。 Calculator for Bending Moment and Shear Force. This free online Bending Moment calculator is developed to provide a software tool for calculation of bending moment and shear force at any section of simply supported beam (without overhangs) subjected to point load, uniformly distributed load, varying load and applied moments on the span or supports. It also calculates maximum value of bending moment and the point of maximum bending moment which are based on bending moment equation for the loading case. I nstructions for using Bending Moment Calculator (i). Sign convention The loads acting upward are considered as positive while the downward loads are taken as negative. Sagging bending moment is taken as positive and hogging as negative. Bending moment calculator metric. Software Downloads.

Activating Anova DB Analysis Function - Excel 2007. Lean Six Sigma Toolbox. Taguchi Method : Excel Spreadsheets by P. R. Apte. Taguchi Excel Templates Excel Spreadsheets (version_1) Orthogonal Arrays L9, L12, L18, L36 Ready for your use. Define Phase Lean Six Sigma Template. About Steven Bonacorsi, Vice President (20+ years experience) Expertise: Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB), Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Masters in Computer Information Systems (MS-CIS) and Business Administration (MBA), GE Crotonville Leadership Program (PM), and GE Certified Workout and Change Acceleration Process Instructor (CAP) Summary: Experienced Engagement Director/Principal with 16 years of process improvement experience in the areas of information technology, human resources, federal defense, asset management, finance, retail, and medical services industries. Global experience in leading enterprise-wide deployments both Federal and Commercial. Proven skills in business development, deployment design, Lean Six Sigma implementation, curriculum and tool development, financial/operational due diligence, balanced scorecards, and new product and process designs.

Untitled. Statistical Software and the e-Handbook of Statistical Methods. What is Six Sigma Quality Function Deployment (QFD)? Download Free Excel QFD Template | SixSigmaTutorial. In Six Sigma DMAIC, Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a methodology and tool used in the Define stage. QFD is used to: Collect customer’s requirements/desires as specified by the customers in their own wordsPrioritize these desiresTranslate them into engineering/process requirementsEstablish targets to meet the requirements. QFD is also termed as: Free Quality/Lean Six Sigma Tools hosted by Adaptive BMS. Software Informer. Decision Analysis and System Dynamics Resources. [meeting1201] Ackoff如何使要被關的廠,不久之後生產力成為世界第一. 95-150.pdf (application/pdf 物件) Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work. Sheena Iyengar on the art of choosing.

Noreena Hertz: How to use experts -- and when not to. Problem Solving and Decision Making (Solving Problems and Making Decisions)