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Patterning by Olympia Noise Co, Pre Release Beta Demo for iPad, User interface case study: Patterning. The folks at Olympia Noise Co recently came out with a new circular drum machine for iOS called Patterning, and it’s pretty fabulous. The app’s futuristic look jumps right out at you: flat-colored geometric shapes with zero adornment, in the spirit of Propellerhead Figure. There’s nothing on the screen that doesn’t function in some way. It’s a little dense at first glance, but a complex tool is bound to have a complex interface, and Patterning reveals itself easily through exploration. The sequencer is a series of concentric rhythm necklaces, one for each sound: kick, snare, hi-hat, and so on. Patterning has an exceptionally clever way of handling drum hit velocity.

Patterning handles polyrhythms in a similar manner to the equally futuristic Rhythm Necklace app. There are some features in Patterning that I haven’t seen in any other drum programming interface. My two complaints about Patterning are minor, but significant. My other main complaint is the lack of good preset beats. Patterning as Sequencer. Patterning 2 - Tonight We Dub. Patterning 2 - Creating Melodies With Quantization. A Patterning kit in 7 minutes. 29 100% FREE Kits for Patterning for iPad , And How To Easy Install.