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How to program realistic-sounding clave and timbale percussion parts. A pair of thick, short wooden batons, one cupped in the hand to maximise resonance and struck by the other, the claves are the most primal of instruments in any Latin band, tapping out a sort of complex click track that guides the whole ensemble.

How to program realistic-sounding clave and timbale percussion parts

In non-Latin music, they're ideal for creating a feel or as a spot effect. While Latin percussion doesn't get more simple than the claves, it doesn't get much more technically involved than the timbales - a pair (or sometimes more) of shallow, metal-shelled single-headed drums, one slightly smaller than the other. They're mostly played with sticks, but can also be played with palms and fingers, for dynamic and tonal variation. For electronic and dance music, these uniquely characterful drums are most effectively employed for fills and as a rhythmic counterpoint to the drum kit. Here, we'll show you how to program basic clave and timbale parts for use in your pop, rock and electronic productions. Euclidean rhythms. Trap Drum Basics: Super Neat Beat Cheat Sheet. Deep House Drum Basics: Super Neat Beat Cheat Sheet. Trip Hop Drums: Super Neat Beat Cheat Sheet. Liquid Drum n' Bass: Super Neat Beat Cheat Sheet. 6. Drum Pattern. 6.

6. Drum Pattern

Drum Pattern Drum and Percussion sequencing.My preference for producing Drum and Bass and Breakbeat over House probably originates from my love of solid Drums and contemporary rhythmic variety. The following drum patterns have been seperated into 3 categories, Breakbeat, Hip Hop and Drum and Bass. A) Breakbeat – 100 to 150 BMP Breakbeat drum sequencing can be categories into the following sub categories. Regular Snare, simple and effective. Drum Pattern 1 Stand Elec.mp3 Regular Snare, simple and conventional 1/8 sequencing for Kick and accented Snare (Only light Snare / Ghost Snare is sequenced at 1/16 only) Drum Pattern 2 Stand Break.mp3 Combination of Regular Kick with break ending Drum Pattern 3 Hybrid.mp3 Snare delayed or increased by 1/16th Drum Pattern 4 Irregular.mp3 Regular Snare, simple and effective.

Drum Pattern 5 Rollling.mp3 Intelligent and modern, Snare delayed or increased 1/8th. Make Your Studio Drum Tracks Come Alive, an article by Rich the TweakMeister. Page 1 2 How to make your Drum tracks Come Alive by the TweakMeister Roland TD20SX V-Pro Electronic Drum SetMore: Electronic Drum Sets Problems Its been long said that to get authentic sounding drum tracks in your midi compositions you have to "think like a drummer".

Make Your Studio Drum Tracks Come Alive, an article by Rich the TweakMeister

This is not as easy as it might seem. Cymbal chokes, flams inside of rolls, playing light "ghost hits", playing cymbals with soft mallets, rim shot in the middle of a roll, exploiting the timbral variety of a drum by going from soft to hard hits, tapping back and forth from the center of a cymbal to its periphery, playing the snare slightly ahead or slightly behind beats 2 and 4 often differently for each bar, playing with brushes on toms and cymbals, double hitting a drum with two sticks, one slightly behind providing a "snap".

Solutions Dynamics: The drum is an intensely dynamic instrument. Velocity editing: Most good modules and drum machines have velocity routed not only to volume, but to a low pass filter. Limit yourself: Effective Drum Programming, Part 1. Technique : Sequencing & MIDI Controllers PART 1: If you're after a great rhythm section, these days it's very easy to whip a fabulous loop off a CD or nick a great groove from a MIDI file disk.

Effective Drum Programming, Part 1

But an inside knowledge of how and why drum patterns work can help make you a better musician and get your rhythm sections really working. NICHOLAS ROWLAND - well, he got rhythm... This is the first article in a four-part series. Read Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. I was talking to a man the other day - not necessarily an interesting fact in itself, I grant you - except that this man made his living from selling commercial bite-sized MIDI files. This is a curious state of affairs. Yet I've still known grown men - and thoroughly competent musicians to boot - grow pale and weak-kneed at the thought of programming a drum track from scratch. How To Make Epic Electronic Beats. On the most part electronic beats are pretty straight forward.

How To Make Epic Electronic Beats

Most of the work lies in processing and programming variations. A lot of my students often ask how to make their beats sound more epic, so I thought I’d share a few useful mixing and editing tips with you.