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Contact PureHydro.Ik. Due to the rise of water pollution, there is a dire need to purify water before consumption or using it for other purposes.

Contact PureHydro.Ik

Waterways are polluted by industrial or agricultural activities and household wastes. This makes the water contaminated with harmful chemical and biological wastes. Unfortunately, a larger population of the world struggles daily to find clean water. The meagre water they get is barely enough for their basic needs. However, most of the time, the water they collect could be contaminated and not in any way suitable for consumption and other purposes.

PureHydro.Ik Testimonials. Causes of water pollution. Water is one of the primary needs for survival and having access to pure water is vital to lead a healthy life.

Causes of water pollution

On a daily basis, millions of people struggle to find water. Water pollution happens when a river, stream, lake or ocean is contaminated. It could be organic or inorganic pollution. Organic pollution occurs due to the microbes like bacteria and viruses in water caused by the generation of excrement, animal and vegetable wastes. Inorganic pollution is caused by the generation of harmful chemicals like nitrates, phosphates released from pesticides, human and animal medical products, and heavy metals and acids used in industries. Want to know the Impact of PureHydro? Clean water is a limited resource in the world.

Want to know the Impact of PureHydro?

People all around the world face hardships on a daily basis to find clean water. Due to water pollution, we can no more utilize water without purifying. Waterways are being polluted with solid wastes from households and industrial wastes. Due to the consumption of unclean water, people are prone to several water-borne diseases. It is the duty of every human being to take steps to conserve the environment and water resources in order to create a sustainable environment for all living beings.

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electronic safe locker

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