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3PProtection Ltd

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3P Protection Ltd is renowned as a leading security solutions provider company that offer customize packages
to all level of clients in order to meet and exceed their expectations.

CCTV Cameras & burglar alarm systems
are the best way to provide safe & secure premises to your family members & that's what 3P Protection Ltd offers to you.
We offer wide security solutions like CCTV cameras installation and maintenance, burglar alarm systems & much more.
3P Protection Ltd is one stop solution for all your security needs.

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3PProtection Ltd
Suite 128, Courthill House
60 Water Lane, Wilmslow
Cheshire, Manchester
United Kingdom
Postal Code: SK9 5AJ
Telephone : 07808 840646
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Buy Your CCTV Smartly. Create Your Own Top Five List and Get Paid, It's Free, It's Fun. List My Five is a platform where people can earn money by creating, publishing and sharing their own Top Five List online. We provide a Free and Fun way for people to earn residual income by sharing information, opinions, knowledge, humour, interests, and input in the form of a Top Five List. Create Your Account. Start your absolutely free account today, takes only seconds to create. Create Your Own Top Five List. Must knows of a burglar alarm - 3pprotection | Vingle | Education, Technology, Science. To give your spaces and loved ones the best of safety and security get a burglar alarm installation along with the CCTV installation.

It is like giving them the double shield of security against any kind of mis-happening situations. Wherein a CCTV helps in keeping round the clock surveillance of your spaces to monitor and record the ongoing happenings, a burglar alarm is generally used to detect any mischievous thing that might not happen in general. Depending upon the sensitivity, a burglar alarm can detect any kind of unusual noice, fire, smoke, heat, shock or vibration.

But just like everything else, when you decide to make purchase for a burglar alarm, make sure that you check the following points: • Take an overview of the functionality of the product Don’t go on the looks and brand names rather check the functionality of the alarm. . • Opt for the one that has wireless transmission • Should feature remote control and monitoring • Need to have a backup power support system. Buy Your CCTV Smartly. CCTV Camera Installer, Maitenenace & Repair Company in Manchester. Expensive CCTV systems are typically seen in shops, pubs, parking areas and other public places but with the advancement in technology and a surge in home owner demand, CCTV equipment has become more affordable. UK burglary statistics show that the average loss per household is rising fast and is now above £800 per burglary.

Jewellery, cash and technology feature high on items stolen, but rising fast is the number of cars keys and cars taken from driveways, roads and streets. Catching criminals is never easy, but the Police have a far better chance of prosecution when CCTV footage identifies the criminal. Nuisance neighbour investigations, protecting children and the elderly feature high on the reasons to choose CCTV.

Using SMART PHONE APPs, live and recorded video can be viewed anywhere at anytime! More of our customersare requesting CCTV installation to protect and keep their childrensafe. In recent years CCTV equipment has become popular and more affordable. Monitored Intruder & Burglar Alarm Systems Fitters, Installation. When it comes to safety for our family, we are ready to do everything in our power to protect them, keep them away from any harm and make sure they are always safe and secure.

To all of us, family is our greatest asset and one that we would cherish forever, no matter what. Most households consider burglar alarm systems to be an important part of their home’s security measures. Being in the home security business, over the years, we have understood that when it comes to protecting one’s home and family, one doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned. An intruder alarm systemconsists of control equipment and sensors that activate an audible siren in case of a break in.The alarm system can be configured to contact you by phone, text or smart phone App.

It can be connected to our 24/7/365 alarm monitoring facility, where a person will call key holders or the Police Service, in the event of an alarm activation. Our high standards have allowed us to be regulated by the SSAIB.