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Webinar on Migrate2Selenium. Resilience is critical. How can Security Testing build it? What is ‘Pegasus’?

Resilience is critical. How can Security Testing build it?

August 25, 2016 Apple rushed across to all iPhone users with a security update to prevent their handsets from getting infected by the ‘Pegasus’ spyware. ‘Pegasus’ has been considered by experts by far the ‘most sophisticated’ software created to infect and spy into smartphones. The software has been created by an Israeli company, the NSO Group to target Ahmed Mansoor, a prominent dissident in the United Arab Emirates. This news and discovery is an absolute shocker for not just the iPhone users, but also for smartphone users around the globe and the overall cyber security world.

It has raised eyebrows and questioned the secure interface available for our mobile devices. Let’s take the larger picture into perspective. Selenium Test Automation Success Reasons & Best Practices. It is a natural tendency globally that all development groups test their build before deploying and employ testers to identify all the bugs ahead of the release.

Selenium Test Automation Success Reasons & Best Practices

Manual testing was proving to be the least effective owing to the manual errors and also due to the limitations in testing everything manually. As a solution to this situation, certain repeated tests were automated to increase the testing efficiency. Automation testing has become critical as it improves accuracy, provides test coverage in short time, and at a low cost. The Challenges of Testing in a Cloud Computing Environment. Cloud Services, as the experts say, are here to take enterprises from the Industrial era to the era of Information Accessibility.

The Challenges of Testing in a Cloud Computing Environment

What could be the most apparent instances of operating in a Cloud-based environment? Updating your Mobile Applications on the goMailing / accessing some work documents outside your office premisesUpdating your Facebook & WhatsApp status while commutingAccessing your bank accounts and making transactions while you travel These and many more benefits are today enabling small, medium, and large enterprises to solve small as well as big challenges to reach their highest potential. Free webinar: Sneak Peek into Selenium 3.0. We at Gallop Solutions, Silver Sponsors of Selenium project, bring you the highlights of the announcement and provide insights into roadmap of Selenium project in our upcoming webinar.

Free webinar: Sneak Peek into Selenium 3.0

In this webinar we will cover: Big changes regarding old Selenium core libraries and focus on Webdriver API Impact or changes to WebDriver API of Selenium 2.0 Changes in the Selenium Java APIs Advantages of having W3C WebDriver specifications Increasing importance of browser vendors Roadmap of Selenium This webinar is based on things we have known from our direct references and information obtained in SeleniumHQ webinars.

Folks attending the webinar would gain insights on Selenium 3.0 & what changes are needed to be done to the existing Selenium suites to make them 3.0 ready. We will also cover a peek view into the Selenium roadmap beyond 3.0, that is, 4.0 and 5.0. Empower your business with effective Salesforce Testing. Today, we are witnessing a phenomenal surge in E-commerce sites and start-up ventures with some vibrant and offbeat ideas.

Empower your business with effective Salesforce Testing

What is everyone trying to achieve? Is it only commercial success? Guess not, the definition of success for enterprises today is no more confined to monetary gains. The secret spell for long-term success is ‘sustained customer satisfaction’. In a market spending survey by Gartner Research, 89% of the enterprises stated that by 2016 all the business ventures would compete primarily on the basis of customer experience. A strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool / platform is today the need of the hour. As per industry and Analyst reports, Salesforce is currently leading the bandwagon of preferred CRM software vendors.

Gallop TestBytes - Changing Software Testing Industry - Kalyana Rao Konda. Gallop Free eBook - 10 Emerging Software Testing Trends. Stress Testing ERP systems for Operational Excellence. Organizations, or enterprises, are like ‘brick-and-mortar’ on wheels.

Stress Testing ERP systems for Operational Excellence

They are in a constant state of work-in-progress. This requires various elements and functions of an enterprise to work seamlessly on a day-to-day basis, which ensures consistent growth with continuous enhancement. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), a business-management software helps bridge the gap between all the functions to set the organization into motion as an integrated system. Today the relevance of ERP has gone beyond the manufacturing industry, from where it began. It is instrumental in integrating and automating various back office functions, namely IT, human resources, operations & various administrative services. Shift-right for ‘Performance Engineering’, a potent approach? Whether it is a device, hi-end software or a simple application for the end user, flawless performance and seamless experience is at the core of every business venture.

Shift-right for ‘Performance Engineering’, a potent approach?

The market place is bursting with tremendous competition. In this challenging scenario, a strong testing framework and test strategy can indisputably get your application market ready. ‘Performance Engineering’ comprises a gamut of skills, tools, practices and activities at various stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It ensures that the application’s Non-functional requirements are met. Webinar on Accelerating Digital Transformation Journey with Digital Assurance QA.

When: 20th July, 2016, 11AM EST Enterprises are undergoing a rapid Digital transformation journey as digitization has become a mandate today as opposed to just being an innovative trend.

Webinar on Accelerating Digital Transformation Journey with Digital Assurance QA

Based on Industry estimates, spending on “Digital transformation” initiatives will increase to 40% to 50% of the overall IT budget by 2020. CXOs need to deliver on these initiatives in a high speed, iterative, and continuous manner while delivering quality @ speed. Delivering with high quality @ speed in digital transformation initiatives requires a completely new way of approaching testing because of the trending development approaches (Agile, DevOps), Technologies (Social, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics & IoT) & Tools (Significant open source seamlessly coupled with commercial). How Digital Assurance is Different from Traditional QA. Today’s digital economy is transforming the way in which businesses are run.

How Digital Assurance is Different from Traditional QA

This is also causing a major shift in the way quality assurance (QA) service is provided. Businesses depend mainly on reliability, quality, and digital quality assurance for fulfilling the market demands before their competitors do so, without compromising on the Customer experience in order to achieve a successful digital transformation. Moving from Descriptive Metrics to Predictive & Prescriptive Metrics. With the deluge of data being churned every day in businesses, organisations are turning to analytics solutions to understand what these huge volumes of data mean, and how can they help improve decision making.

Moving from Descriptive Metrics to Predictive & Prescriptive Metrics

Detecting Software Security issues before Hackers Strike. In today’s connected IT world, the damage caused due to online security breach is well known. The brand and reputation of the enterprise is damaged if hackers gain access to corporate systems, and it also costs a lot of dollars in order to repair the damage caused. The consequences are similar for businesses dealing in creating embedded and mobile systems when their software are hacked. The IT network is the path travelled by hackers to gain access to critical systems. Because of this, the general tendency being followed is deploying the security methods to detect and prevent breaches at the network level. 5 Approaches for Automating Microservices Testing. Microservices is not a new concept.

It has been in use for more than a decade now by giants such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook. When you search for something on Google, to retrieve the relevant results, Google calls out to almost 70 microservices. Need for Innovation in Digital Quality Assurance. Going Digital is no more a new word in the technology arena as most of the IT organizations have assimilated themselves to the new trend. The wheels of digital revolution have pulled every organization towards it, as it leads to continuous, consistence interaction with customers across the multiple channels leading to consumerization of services.

Digital transformation involves mobile, customer experience, social media and big data. Most of the organizations unraveled the ‘apps race’ as a part of their digital transformation strategy focusing on delivering high quality, secure user experiences, with assured business outcomes. This led to growth in IT spend allocation to QA and Testing to 35% till 2015 and might increase to 40% by 2018 according to World Quality Report 2015-16. Demand for greater agility, shorter lifecycles of device and services, and integration of services across platforms increased the importance on quality assurance testing. SaaS Testing: Challenges and How to overcome them. SaaS or Software as a service is gaining a lot of momentum and wider adoption by organizations as they are realizing the real benefits by using SaaS over On-premise installed applications.

In SaaS model, the organization need not pay for the software or hardware itself, it’s more of a rental scheme where they pay as they use. 10 Emerging Trends in Software Testing: Predictions for the next decade. Testing Machine to Machine interactions in IOT World. Network Penetration Testing. Application Security Testing. Software Testing Specialists. Selenium Testing Services.

#1 Independent Software Testing Services Company in North America. Mobile Device testing. Mobile applications are critical for the growth of every organization in this digital era. In the highly competitive world of mobiles, getting high-quality to market quickly can make or break the success of a product or a company.

Enterprises are looking to release their mobile apps faster to the market and with ever increasing number of mobile devices, platforms, and OS, it is a specialist job to test these applications. With customers not taking more than few seconds to uninstall a poor performing app, it is important that all the functional, performance and device compatibility issues are fixed before an app reaches the customers. Some of the challenges with mobile apps include handling diverse screen resolutions, increased voice, video and data capabilities, gesture based applications, etc.

Gallop offers mobile testing methodologies and solutions to ensure that the intended business value is delivered. Software Testing Services. Accelerating Time to Market through Next Generation Test Automation. Accelerating time to market has become the standard requirement for the organizations across all verticals and domains. Reduce Feedback Latency using Continuous Integration Testing?

Before we get into the main topic, let us first understand the basics. What is Latency? Latency, in common terms, is the delay/time lapse between input and output (stimulation and response), or, cause and effect. Testing Banking & Financial Applications: Challenges, Trends, & Best Practices. Test Automation & Agile Test Quadrants. This blog briefly discusses the relationship between Test automation and Agile Test Quadrants.

Applying Emotional Intelligence to Testing. “IQ gets you hired, but EQ gets you promoted.” Anonymous. A Practical Approach to Establishing a Testing Center of Excellence(TCoE) Every organisation across the globe wishes to have a team that nurtures an environment of innovation, thereby helping it to thrive in the market and beat the competition. However, while earlier managing business processes and QA used to be on a per project basis, today, these have become a process of continuous planning, integration, and management. Cross-Platform Mobile Test Automation Using Appium. What should be your Strategy for the Performance Testing in Cloud. Mobile Testing with Simulators, Emulators, & Physical Devices: Understanding the Difference.

Trading Application Testing. 8 Things to Define for Successful Large Scale Test Automation Implementation. Banking & Financial Application Testing. Why is it Critical to Ensure Optimum Quality in the Era of IoT & Wearables? 10 Critical Activities to Test Security of Mobile Applications. Software Testing. 4 Top Challenges of Mobile Application Testing & How to Overcome Them. 10 Parameters To Measure The Success Of Your Agile Efforts.

Usability Testing for Mobile & Web – 7 Lessons Learned. Software Testing Specialists. Whitepaper: Reasons to Migrate to LeanFT - QuickLean. 6 Compelling Business Benefits Of DevOps. 4 Steps for a Rapid Test Automation Assessment. 6 Benefits of Test Automation with Respect to ERP Upgrades. Software Testing. Software Testing. Testing Trading Systems the Right Way.