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Wymetro. All you need to know about your provisional driving licence. Not only do all unqualified drivers need a provisional licence before they take to the roads - whether they’re being supervised by a fraught relative or registered instructor - they’ll also need one before they take their driving theory test.

All you need to know about your provisional driving licence

This is a two-part test – one multiple choice, one hazard perception – that learners must pass before booking a practical driving test or a motorcycle practical test. However, once you have your provisional licence this doesn't mean you can drive wherever you want to in whatever vehicle you choose, as the licence comes with certain restrictions in place until you pass your test and can apply for your full driving licence. So, before you don the driving goggles, leather gloves and silk scarf, let’s find out what this provisional licence is all about… When you can start driving One exception to this is if you’re getting the higher rate of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA), in which case you can drive at 16.

Logo Design. PAC Codes - Get your PAC code now to keep your mobile phone number. Cheap SIM only deals from five pounds. SIM Only. Keep the phone you love with a Vodafone SIM only deal. Smart Phone - Mobile Phone. Samsung. Contact us. How To Enable Offline Maps in the Google Maps App. Guess what!

How To Enable Offline Maps in the Google Maps App

Google Maps has a hidden offline feature that can be used anywhere. It may be 2015 but Zuckerberg’s mission to get the whole world on the Internet has yet to be fulfilled. Thankfully, Google Maps has a dark horse ready to ride us out of the Internetless-danger zones — OK Maps. This rarely talked about feature allows smartphone users to access Google Maps even when there is no Wi-Fi or data services available, for both the Android and iOS version of Google Maps. The only catch? I wanted to give the tool a try to see how well it would serve as a guide when the Internet has betrayed me.

Some point before an excursion, you’ll need to find a location where you have either Internet data or Wi-Fi available. Zoom in or out to focus in on the area that you know you will need for offline access. The OK Maps feature can only download areas as large as 50 km (31.7 miles) x 50 km (31.7 miles). To use the alternative method, open up Google Maps and again search for your place. Flying Blue user guide. Air France best offers from the UK. Baggage problems: your Air France contacts. Was your baggage late, damaged or lost?

Baggage problems: your Air France contacts

Did you leave an item or hand baggage on board an Air France aircraft, waiting room or check-in counter? Here you will find the contact information you need. Missing baggage Did you not receive your baggage upon arrival? Please contact:Air France – EuropeBaggage Claim CenterAir France – EuropeCustomer Care CenterTSA 21235 75564Paris Cedex 12 FRANCE. QuickTop-Up Call the world Less..

36 MCard & MetroCard ~ Transdev. MCard cuts the costs of regular travel for public transport users in West Yorkshire, and can be purchased weekly, monthly or yearly.

36 MCard & MetroCard ~ Transdev

MCards - the smart way to travel Paper MetroCards are gradually being replaced by smart MCards which can be topped up electronically. Weekly and Monthly MetroCards will no longer be issued with a PhotoCard. Instead the new Weekly or Monthly smart MCard will be issued without a PhotoCard - this means you can share your MCard with another family member of friend when you don't need it.

There are a number of MCards available; each one is different, and each offers travel options. As well as bus station travel centres you can also top up MCards at over 700 Payzone outlets in West Yorkshire. For more details, visit the MCard website. 16-25 MCard. How to get a 16-25 MCard The 16-25 MCard provides unlimited* bus and train travel throughout West Yorkshire if you are under 26 whether you are a student or worker.

16-25 MCard

Simply apply for your first FREE 16-25 PhotoCard here by using a passport or driving licence to verify your age and uploading your photo. Cybercrime Documentary Exposes Scams & Threats by Norton. There are a multitude of software vulnerabilities out there, but there is another type of vulnerability that hackers look to exploit, and that is the human being.

Cybercrime Documentary Exposes Scams & Threats by Norton

Human’s vulnerabilities are their emotions. When people are presented with scenarios that require immediate action, their first impulse is to act first and think later. This is the exact “vulnerability” that cybercriminals depend on for a successful attack. Types of Social Engineering Attacks Criminals use human-to-human interactions in order get the target to disclose personally identifiable information. Baiting The cybercriminal will leave a device such as a USB stick, CD or DVD or even a hard drive that is infected with malware out in the open in a public place. Phishing. Url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCEQFjAAahUKEwig4tDApprHAhVDBtsKHc1DCtc&url=

Suits for Weddings (Groom & Best Man available) How to apply. Last modified: 18 December 2014 What's new?

How to apply

We have deleted references to special processes in Cuba, and 'print and send' applications. If your dependants are currently outside the UK Your dependants must apply for 'entry clearance' from the British authorities in their home country before they travel to the UK. Each dependant must complete a separate application form, and pay a fee which is the equivalent of £310 in local currency.