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John Craven

Former Medical Director and Chief of Anesthesiology at Texan Surgery Center | Former Clinical Practice Counsel at Capitol Anesthesiology Association

3 Things Every Anesthesiologist Must Possess! There are many ways an anesthesiologist can improve their skill.

3 Things Every Anesthesiologist Must Possess!

This enhancement is not necessarily gained through professional training. This could just mean improving their current skills, but this may have a great effect on the treatment the patient may receive and their recovery. Good communication The anesthesiologist needs to be an active listener; they should pay close attention to what the patient tells them before the surgery.

This can have a major effect on the medication that will be provided by the anesthesiologist to the patient. Quick decision-making skills An anesthesiologist is supposed to know how to make in the right decision in the nick of time. Monitoring and assessing situations An anesthesiologist is to assess themselves; they are to identify and work on their weak points. About the Author John Craven John Craven is an experienced physician, and on numerous occasions, patients have scheduled their surgery based on his availability to provide their anesthesia. 3 Duties of An Anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologists do not only “put patients to sleep”.

3 Duties of An Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiologist is someone who provides a patient with certain medications so that they do not experience pain when they go through surgery. But that is not the only role performed by an anesthesiologist: Eradicating pain during surgery. 5 Tips for New Medical Students. Congratulations, you made it to the med school!

5 Tips for New Medical Students

It is thrilling to do what you love the most, and becoming a doctor is one of the best decisions you can make in life! And this is just the start, you have a lot more journey ahead. To begin, the medical schools are quite different from general colleges, their criteria, way of studying and grading is entirely different, in short, it is a wholly separate system. To survive in a medical school is a big challenge, especially for new students. This article is a helpful tip for newly admitted medical students.

Study Well The best habit a medical student should develop since the start of med school is to study well. You have to find different ways to study that suit you well. Interact with instructors and staff To fit in a med school, try to come out of your comfort zone and interact with instructors and staff. Sometimes they help you figure out things easily. Make Senior friends Research Personal Life About the Author John Craven. Stay Healthy this Holiday Season! Holiday Season calls for festivity and happiness.

Stay Healthy this Holiday Season!

But it also calls for a lot of eating, mainly sweets. No one can indeed resist a cake in the fridge or a pie on the table. But health is also important, especially for the middle-aged and old aged people. Other than celebrating the season, celebrating health is also important. There are so many instances when people get sick right after the holidays finish, and then they have to take an extra day just to recover. Sleep Early Holidays are usually the time when everyone’s schedule becomes messed up, always make sure to stick to your sleeping hours. Away from Technology When doing your job, or going to school, there is excessive use of technology because it is the digital age. Fewer Sweets, More Water The holiday season is all about cakes, chocolates, and pies that you can never resist wherever you go. Furthermore, drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Flu Vaccine Be Active About the Author John Craven. Steps To Follow When Becoming a Medical Professional. How to Manage Your Routine as a Physician.

When you are working as a physician, you will have to focus on every single detail that will help you manage your routine life.

How to Manage Your Routine as a Physician

If you are not focusing on the basics, then you will end up facing a lot of problems. It is the perfect way to proceed so you can avoid all the problems that you are facing. If you are not sure how you can manage your lifestyle in a proper way, then you are in good hands. There are various important things that you will have to keep in mind so you can achieve the best results. By going through every single detail that matters the most, you will be able to achieve the best results. Avoid unhealthy food options The first thing that you will have to do is to avoid unhealthy food options. Focus on your social life As a doctor, it is extremely important to focus on your social life as well. Exercise daily.