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Entscheidungshilfe Mammographie-Screening. Specificity of restriction endonucleases and methylases. What We Can Learn From the Epic Failure of Google Flu Trends. Every day, millions of people use Google to dig up information that drives their daily lives, from how long their commute will be to how to treat their child’s illness.

What We Can Learn From the Epic Failure of Google Flu Trends

This search data reveals a lot about the searchers: their wants, their needs, their concerns—extraordinarily valuable information. Flu Trends. Skip to content.

Flu Trends

Data. Google Flu Trends - Germany Copyright 2015 Google Inc.


Exported data may be used for any purpose, subject to the Google Terms of Service ( If you choose to use the data, please attribute it to Google as follows: "Data Source: Google Flu Trends ( Each week begins on the Sunday (Pacific Time) indicated for the row. Data for the current week will be updated each day until Saturday (Pacific Time). Note: To open these files in a spreadsheet application, we recommend you save each text file as a CSV spreadsheet.


Spatial decision forests for MS lesion segmentation in multi-channel magnetic resonance images. A Asclepios Research Project, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, Franceb Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT, USAc Machine Learning and Perception Group, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK Received 19 November 2010, Revised 24 March 2011, Accepted 29 March 2011, Available online 8 April 2011 Choose an option to locate/access this article: Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution Check access doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2011.03.080.

Spatial decision forests for MS lesion segmentation in multi-channel magnetic resonance images

Patent DE102013101639A1 - Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Bestimmung eines Fahrbahnzustands - Google Patente. [0001] Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren und eine Vorrichtung zur Bestimmung eines Fahrbahnzustands mittels einer Fahrzeugkamera. . [0002] Der technologische Fortschritt im Bereich der optischen Bilderfassung erlaubt den Einsatz von kamerabasierten Fahrerassistenzsystemen, die hinter der Windschutzscheibe platziert der visuellen Wahrnehmung des Fahrers entsprechend das Vorfeld des Fahrzeugs erfassen. Die funktionalen Umfänge dieser Assistenzsysteme erstrecken sich dabei von der Fernlichtautomatik über Erkennung und Anzeige von Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzungen bis hin zur Warnung bei Spurhaltefehlern oder drohender Kollision. Rodner12:LWB.

Login. Login. Art%253A10.1007%252Fs13244 015 0454 5. Branchial cleft anomalies. Dgmsr. Lou Gehrig's Disease: Promising New Drug Therapy Extends Lifespan By Nearly 2 Years. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal and debilitating disease diagnosis, with an average life expectancy of two to five years.

Lou Gehrig's Disease: Promising New Drug Therapy Extends Lifespan By Nearly 2 Years

But an international team of researchers has figured out a treatment that extends lifespan by nearly two years — the longest and most successful drug therapy to date. Their study, published in the journal Neurology, gives hope to the 20,000 Americans reportedly living with ALS today. "We are shocked at how well this treatment can stop the progression of ALS," said the study's lead author Joseph Beckman, a professor of biochemistry and biophysics at the College of Science at Oregon State University, in a press release.

Beckman and his team of researchers respectively from Oregon State University, University of Melbourne, University of Texas Southwestern, University of Central Florida, and the Pasteur Institute of Montevideo worked to extend lifespan longer than any other treatment currently available on the market. MR imaging of ovarian masses: classification and differential diagnosis. The optimal assessment of an adnexal mass requires a multidisciplinary approach, based on physical examination, laboratory tests and imaging techniques.

MR imaging of ovarian masses: classification and differential diagnosis

An important issue to consider in the management of ovarian masses is that they are very common, but most of them are benign and only a small part is borderline or malignant. Preoperative biopsy should not be performed in ovarian masses, particularly if the mass appears to be surgically resectable at the moment, as this invasive procedure raises the risk of spreading cancer cells and potentially leads to iatrogenic upstaging worsening the prognosis. Diagnostic imaging Diagnostic imaging plays a crucial role in detection, characterization and staging of adnexal masses. Ultrasound (US) is often the first imaging study performed in the evaluation of a suspected ovarian lesion because it’s widely available, well accepted by patients, non-invasive and of low cost.


Diktiermikrofon von Grundig - jetzt online im Shop kaufen. iWebKit! Pediaphon Wikipedia-Artikel: neurolinguistik. Ein Plädoyer für Pluralismus in der Medizin. Ein Plädoyer für Pluralismus in der Medizin.

Ein Plädoyer für Pluralismus in der Medizin

Der aufgeklärte Patient und das Recht auf wissenschaftliche Medizin. Unter den Befürwortern der sogenannten "Alternativmedizin" finden sich neben den Herstellern und Anbietern entsprechender Produkte Prominente aus Unterhaltungsindustrie und Politik.

Der aufgeklärte Patient und das Recht auf wissenschaftliche Medizin

Und leider bekommt sie auch immer wieder Unterstützung aus einer unerwarteten Richtung, der Philosophie. Diese Unterstützung reicht von scheinbar plausiblen Argumenten für mehr Patientenrechte bis zu mystischen Verklärungen. Als Geisteswissenschaftler ist mir diese Unterstützung peinlich, und als aufgeklärter, sich aber der Grenzen seines medizinischen Fachwissens bewusster Mensch und Patient halte ich sie für gefährlich. HIV Used to Fight Cancer. One deadly scourge may lead to cures for another.

HIV Used to Fight Cancer

A genetically modified form of the HIV virus was used by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania to re-program cancer patients' own immune systems to attack cancer cells. BLOG: Phosphorescent Felines Fight AIDS The treatment seems to have knocked out cancer in two patients and weakened it in a third. All three suffered from chronic lymphocytic leukemia, but researchers believe the technique could be adapted to take down other forms of cancer. The technique was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. 1. 2. The modified HIV virus carries what Carl June, one of the doctors involved, called a "Rube Goldberg-like solution," in an interview with the New York Times. The modified T-cells then carry chimeric antigen receptors, proteins which allow them to recognize and kill multiple cancer cells. 3.

App-Kritik: Eine große Karte aus Husten und Schnupfen. Panische Angst vor einer Erkältung?

App-Kritik: Eine große Karte aus Husten und Schnupfen

Schlaflose Nächte wegen der nahenden Pollenzeit? Die App Sickweather soll helfen, Epidemien jeglicher Art unbeschadet zu überstehen. Wilhelm Reich. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Plaque sur la maison de W. Reich à Berlin.