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DIY Canoe/kayak

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Ganymede_Offsets. Making a Plywood Kayak. Spira International Inc - Huntington Harbor Kayak. Sea kayaking is one of the fastest growing sports -- and why not?

Spira International Inc - Huntington Harbor Kayak

It is a lot of fun. Modern sea kayaks are derived from seaworthy Eskimo boats, and are very safe and capable when used prudently. In my frequent crossings of the San Pedro Channel, 26 miles of open ocean, I often see groups of kayakers paddling across the channel to visit Catalina Island, a beautiful, rugged island with wide open spaces, small towns, trails, and campgrounds, in stark contrast to the high rises, factories, condos, power lines and freeways that occupy so much of the mainland coast.

They cross 26 miles of open ocean that's over 3000 feet deep with a major shipping channel running right through the center of it. Whales, dolphins and Mako sharks up to 1000 lb are on constant patrol all over the channel. Sea kayaks are different from whitewater kayaks in that they are longer, easier to paddle and glide farther for each stroke of the paddle. Kayak Shop20- Making composite kayak hatches. DIY Kayak Hatch. M-D Building Products 2311 High Density Foam Tape, 1/2-by-3/4-Inch by 10 feet, Gray: Home Improvement. Expanded Polystyrene Foam Sheets, 1/2" x 24" x 48", qty 8 - -

12', 14' Can-Yak - Canoe-Kayak-boatdesign. 14' 5" Rob Roy - S&G canoe-boatdesign. Our ROB ROY is truly a unique step forward in canoe design and construction, made possible by our Fast-G Stitch-N-Glue boatbuilding system coupled with advanced plywood development techniques.

14' 5" Rob Roy - S&G canoe-boatdesign

The result is a hull form shaped at the ends like the swift, agile, and quiet running round bottom canoes, with the stability and load carrying ability of a vee-bottom chined hull amidship. The graceful styling of our symmetrically ended ROB ROY belies its ease and speed of construction. In fact, it's so easy to build, that if you can't build this boat, you probably can't build any boat.

Full size patterns are provided for all parts, no lofting!   Free Kayak Plans. Spira International Inc - Bolsa Chica Stand-Up Paddleboard - SUP Plans. My take on the stand-up paddleboard is rather different than the commercially available boards you see out there everywhere.

Spira International Inc - Bolsa Chica Stand-Up Paddleboard - SUP Plans

Whereas the commercial boards are larger sized surfboards that can be used in calm water if needed, mine is designed more like a boat than a surfboard. I wanted to design one that had lots of glide and was easier to paddle than the commercial models. They're designed to be optimally stable and maneuverable when coming down a wave at high speed, while mine is designed to optimally slip through flatter water while maintaining the ability to maneuver when needed. Like all of my boats, the Bolsa Chica is designed for the first time boatbuilder, working with construction grade materials available from any lumber yard or warehouse type home center. Just a few weekends work and not so many dollars, and this could be you - having stand-up paddleboard fun on any pond, lake, stream, bay or bayou.

Free Study Plans for the Bolsa Chica Stand-Up Paddleboard. Plywood Boat Plans. We received many requests for a very stable hull that has the safety attributes of a Sit On Top, is easier to build, and can easily be customized.

Plywood Boat Plans

We took advantage of the growing popularity of Stand Up Paddle Boards and developed a set of plans that are easy to build: The Paddle Board 14-32. The hull bottom is flat for stability and minimal draft. The hull has minimal rocker to improve straight tracking. The assembly instructions detail how to add runners to improve tracking if desired. We don't label this design a "Stand Up" hull because the ability to stand while paddling has as much to do with the boat as it does the paddler.

With the flat deck and easy construction, a builder could add a seat, hatches, cooler, fishing rod mounts, etc. to suite their desires. Building a Wooden Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Free Plans for Download - Michael Storer Boat Design. Free Paddle Plans to Download - Were $45 Classic single bladed paddleClassic double bladed paddleBent single bladed paddle Step by Step Instructions Clear Diagrams Simple assembly Correctly proportioned for Touring Use Match them to your body dimensions These PlansI just received some feedback that there were some dimensions missing from the single blade part of the paddle plan - this has been corrected - October 07 The paddle plans demonstrate Michael Storer Boat Design's clear instructions and layout - just like our boat plans.

Free Plans for Download - Michael Storer Boat Design

The paddles themselves are excellent performers with easy construction. The only difference between these and the rest of our plans is that some of the drawings have been shrunk down, so some detail is lost. The download link is at the bottom of this page.What Free Plans Cost YOU. A good design should EXCEED your expectations. To get some idea of the work that an experienced designer has to go through to produce a plan see the Rowboat page.