Childhood Education

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ACEI Bright Futures for Every Child, Every Nation ACEI News Apr02A day for education, activism, and awareness Mar31Letter from the Executive Director Mar28ACEI staff gives talk at George Mason University Mar26ECD expert gives talk at ACEI Headquarters Mar26How do play and learning relate? Mar1920 March 2014 Mar07Online hub for education diplomacy goes live Global News ACEI
The Future of Children The Future of Children Future of Children editor-in-chief Sara McLanahan's research with Daniel Notterman and others featured in Nature Magazine. This research is also featured by Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School News. The Future of Children congratulates Janet Currie, Greg Duncan, and Kathryn Edin, who were among seven eminent scholars inducted this week as 2014 Fellows of the American Academy of Political and Social Science for their contributions to improving society through research and influence over public policy. More information. "Military Children and Families" Veteran's Day panel. For an article about the event click here.
NAEYC News & Highlights From the NAEYC blog Caring for every child's mental health. April is National Poetry Month! NAEYC