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How to fix the popup flash on your camera

21 november 2022

How to fix the popup flash on your camera

How to fix the popup flash on your camera 

You're attempting to capture a picture with your Canon Camera. The lighting is a little dim, so the flash ought to activate. However, you just hear a clicking sound until your camera issues an error (Err 05), despite the fact that the flash should activate. Unable to be increased was the built-in flash. Switching on and off the camera.

Canon camera flash error - Err 05

Sometimes the camera flash won't activate while taking a picture in low light. Instead, you hear a clicking sound and your camera displays the message "Err 05." There was no way to turn up the built-in flash. Restart the camera after turning it off. Many Canon DSLRs, including the Canon EOS 600D, 80D, and Rebel T5, have the flash not working issue.

The error indicates that the flash on your camera is dust-stuck and needs to be cleaned.


To fix flash error 'Err 05' in Canon camera:

  • After a few minutes, turn off your DSLR and then turn it back on.
  • If the flash fault persists, speak with a Canon camera service centre that is approved.


  • Avoid trying to clean the flash yourself by unscrewing it.
  • Because they might be abrasive, avoid using pen or pencil erasers to clean the DSLR flash contacts.

Canon Error 'Movie recording has been stopped automatically' error

The "Movie recording has been terminated automatically" error message on Canon cameras is typically due to a memory card issue. The inability of your camera's SD card to record videos could be caused by a lack of free space on the card or by its slow write/read speed.

Additionally, depending on your camera model, it's conceivable that you've exceeded the maximum recording time or file size restriction. You may verify the maximum recording duration and file size permitted for your camera model in various recording modes and SD card capacities at the Canon support page.

Additionally, if you notice that the camera is heating up at the time the mistake occurs, it may be because the sensors are being continuously used while recording. Automatic recording halt occurs on the camera to cool down.

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