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Low-light photography fixes: how to reduce noise but preserve image quality. Short days and long nights make winter a perfect time for experimenting with low-light photography, but the high ISOs required will often produce noisy, gritty pictures.

Low-light photography fixes: how to reduce noise but preserve image quality

By using a tripod you can reduce the ISO setting, which will help with some noise issues, but in areas of even tone and shadow the noise may still sneak in. When it comes to enhancing the image with Photoshop effects – altering levels, increasing saturation and adding sharpness – that noise will become even more prevalent. There are two basic types of noise you need to tackle in your low-light photography.

Flash photography tips: external flash techniques anyone can understand. Lighting can be one of the most challenging aspects of photography, and yet it is so key.

Flash photography tips: external flash techniques anyone can understand

An external flash unit is one of the most effective ways of ensuring a correct exposure, but setting them up and usage them correctly is again a major challenge. In our latest batch of flash photography tips we’ve really tried to go in-depth and leave no stone unturned. In this post we run through some of the most effective techniques for using your external flash unit, the most useful accessories, set-ups and more. Specifically, we’ll cover: Off-camera flash; How to replicate studio lighting with two flashguns: Bounce flash techniques; White bounce cards; Using flash diffusers; and Wireless flash. Double exposure portraits: a simple tutorial for making surrealist images. In this quick double exposure portrait tutorial we’ll show you how to combine images with easy Blend mode effects to create striking, dream-like pictures.

Multiple exposure effects are a great way to creatively combine two or more images. Traditionally, double exposure portraits were made by exposing the same frame of film more than once. Photoshop’s Screen Blend mode works in much the same way by multiplying the light values on one layer with those on the layers below.

So the scene can only get brighter, never darker, and white areas stay white. Image and text by James Paterson This makes a striking effect when you combine textures with strong shapes, like the model here, because the texture is confined by the background. 9 creative photo ideas to try in March. Creative photo ideas for March: 04 Shoot a creative abstract You don’t usually need to travel far to find some fascinating shapes, textures and patterns in both natural and man-made objects.

9 creative photo ideas to try in March

Mark Mason specialises in shooting what he calls “temporary things, threatened things, and hopelessly out-of-the-way things”. As he explains it, a subject’s shapes, colours, and textures are only vessels, like words in a poem, to help explain what he feels. “To this end, I work with my subjects spontaneously, as I find them, and do all of my creative manipulation with traditional optics in the field.” Such a sensibility opens his eyes to new possibilities, such as the image below, taken at an ‘auto graveyard’ near Route 66. 7 things you didn't know about raw. Portrait Awards 2015. INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL PROJECTIONS • INDUSTRY INSIDER EXPOSURE • $22,000 in Awards 8 days, 20:29:03 hours remaining Seeking the New Photographic Portrait The LensCulture Portrait Awards is the 2nd annual call for international portrait photography.

Portrait Awards 2015

Britain's best stargazing locations. Below I've picked out a stargazer's First XI, along with cosy nooks to retreat to after the celestial show.

Britain's best stargazing locations

Some tips: take hot drinks and extra layers plus a deckchair if you can. Binoculars are good for stargazing, but use the naked eye to scan for meteors. Try to use red lights for reading as they affect night vision much less than white light. Understanding ISO - A Beginner's Guide. It is challenging to take good pictures without a good understanding of how ISO works and what it does. Camera ISO is one of the three pillars of photography (the other two being Aperture and Shutter Speed) and every photographer should thoroughly understand it, to get the most out of their equipment. Since this article is for beginners in photography, I will try to explain ISO as simple as I can. Before we go any further, you should first understand how DSLR cameras work. 1) What is ISO? In very basic terms, ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light.

2014 winners : Astronomy Photographer of the Year : Exhibitions : What's on. This year the Royal Observatory’s annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition received a record 1700 entries.

2014 winners : Astronomy Photographer of the Year : Exhibitions : What's on

We had images from astrophotographers in over 50 countries from as far afield as Colombia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the Philippines. For the first time we even received a photograph taken from the edge of space! The photographs show a beautiful and diverse array of astronomical highlights from the last two years. With the help of our friends at BBC Sky at Night Magazine and Flickr, we asked you to submit photographs in the categories of Earth and Space, Our Solar System, Deep Space and Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year.

How to photograph a reflection in an eye. Discover how to photograph a reflection in an eye ball with this simple step-by-step tutorial!

How to photograph a reflection in an eye

This is a quick and easy photo project that only takes minutes to shoot, but produces amazing results. If you’ve ever taken macro shots of eyes before you’ll know how much fun it is, but you can take things a step further by including a reflection of a local landmark. Not only will this result in a more visually striking image, but if you choose a landmark that’s got some personal significance to your subject, you’ll end up with something that is also much more personal and intimate, not to mention more interesting. The trick is to choose a landmark with a very distinctive shape, and ideally to set it against a brighter sky, as this will make for clearer, more recognisable reflections.

If the sky is blue, so much the better. Philippe Halsman. Below the poverty line: slum Britain in the 1960s – in pictures. 11 lens hacks you wouldn't believe possible. Let’s face it; most of us don’t have the luxury of being able to buy a whole armada of lenses and accessories for our cameras, as much as we may like to.

11 lens hacks you wouldn't believe possible

New glass, in particular, can cost more than the cameras themselves, leading to frustrating situations where your slow aperture or kit lenses aren’t able to achieve the shots you really want to capture. Today's Tomorrow. My bag choice for mirror-less cameras, or small DSLR kit (24-70mm and 50mm) has been the Think Tank Retrospective 5 since 2011.

Today's Tomorrow

Small bag, really comfortable to wear, a big fan. Think Tank recently announced the new Urban Approach series and it got my attention… Will this replace my beloved Retro 5? For my shooting style here’s my take on the two… DX format vs FX format: what you need to know about Nikon's sensor sizes. Discover which Nikon lenses work with which sensor formats in our DX format vs FX format comparison.

DX format vs FX format: what you need to know about Nikon's sensor sizes

Nikon makes DSLRs with two different sensor sizes: FX and DX. FX sensors are the same size as 35mm film, but they are more expensive to make. This is why most enthusiasts use the smaller DX-format models. Photography Ideas & Photo Management. 11 easy ways to get creative with landscapes. Flash photography: The stunning array of images capturing the split-second moment lightning bolts hit the ground. By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 01:08 GMT, 20 September 2012 | Updated: 16:15 GMT, 20 September 2012 Capturing bolts of lighting as they streak across the night sky is a difficult process that requires a lot of patience. But photographer Mike Olbinski obviously has the patience of a saint as these array of stunning pictures showing the split-second moment a lightning bolt hits the ground prove.

Mr Olbinski used a long exposure using a DSLR to capture these amazing patterns of electrostatic sparks across the sky. Bolt out of the blue: Photographer Mike Olbinski captured this incredible picture of a lightning bolt striking south Tucson during thunder storms earlier this month. Photography Tutorial: A Quick Guide to Understanding Your DSLR Camera. Hi guys! With Labor Day weekend coming up, I know a lot of us are going to be out there taking pictures! :) Since we have a long weekend to practice, I wanted to share with you this basic intro to SLR photography. If you have an SLR camera and are nervous to take it out of auto mode, this is the tutorial for you. You may have heard words like aperture, exposure, and shutter speed and wondered just how on earth they come together to give you a better photo.

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