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Top Ten Highest Paid Athletes - The Listicles. 10 Worst College Football Uniforms of the BCS Era. 11 of the best football social media campaigns. Premier League football clubs have acquired more than 200 million Facebook likes and 30 million Twitter followers, and eight of last year’s top ten tweeted moments in the UK were football related. The sport’s position as the world leader in online conversation offers brands the ideal playing field to engage with fans to build customer relationships, generate exposure, loyalty and trust across multiple markets. Here, Matt House, founder and chief executive of sports marketing agency SportQuake, takes a look at some of the best football-led digital campaigns and content. 1. The Joy of Six: goals from the halfway line and beyond.

1) John Bailey, Everton v Luton Town (1982) Before the summer of 1996, anyone who attempted to score from the halfway line was entering forbidden territory that every player dreamt of discovering but few dared to dread.

The Joy of Six: goals from the halfway line and beyond

When Pelé went for glory against Czechoslovakia at the 1970 World Cup, people reacted like he had unveiled the first ever jetpack or introduced the world to the concept of the selfie. Predicting The Next 10 WWE PPV Main Events. Not just armchair booking: attempting to anticipate the WWE’s main event storylines into next summer.

Predicting The Next 10 WWE PPV Main Events

There’s a science to issuing predictions of pro wrestling storylines. Well, it’s certainly not an art: if it was, it would probably make more sense and be prettier to look at. Making long term predictions about how wrestling booking is likely to go isn’t about what makes sense, though – and it’s certainly not pretty.

11 Things For A Football/Soccer Fan's Bucket List - Listicles. The Best Logos of the New England Patriots - Listicles. Join / Sign In Join / Sign In with Facebook Join using email Sign In using email Forgot password?

The Best Logos of the New England Patriots - Listicles

Feature coming soon! Ok, cool! 7 Athletes Who Overcame Physical Limitations To Become Legends Of Their Sport - Listicles. Foals' Top 10 Best Live Tracks. Since day one, Foals have carved out a reputation as masters of the feral, sweaty, hedonistic live show.

Foals' Top 10 Best Live Tracks

Whether it's playing to heaving house parties or headlining festivals, the Oxford quintet know exactly how to play it. Now, the band have announced the biggest tour of their careers, culminating in a mammoth show at London's 12,500-capacity Wembley Arena. Here are the 10 biggest live tracks that they'd be mad to miss off the setlist.

Taken from 2010 second LP 'Total Life Forever', 'Miami' has got some serious swagger. The Simpsons – The 10 Greatest Characters To Have Only Appeared In One Episode. Noel Gallagher's 10 Best Songs. With Oasis and as a solo artist, Noel Gallagher has written enough beer-swilling classics to soundtrack the hazy memories of an entire generation.

Noel Gallagher's 10 Best Songs

While most of Liam's Oasis greats came thanks to Noel's chops, we've zoned in on his ten best tunes as both singer and songwriter to grasp his unique legacy. A straight rip-off of ‘Golden Brown’, sure, but this boisterous ‘Don’t Believe the Truth’ track squeezes in enough side-winding melodies, clattering beats and trapdoor-turns to keep your toes tapping. Opening with his loveliest riff post-Oasis, ‘The Death of You and Me’ takes a lackadaisical stroll down route one, admires the view and dips its toes into an idle chorus, before encountering a sprightly brass band in the middle eight. 9 Of The Fiercest Rivalries In Sports - Listicles. 5 White NBA Players Who Would Give Any Great Team A Run For Their Money - Listicles.

10 Biggest Career Transformations In WWE History. Who’d have thought these guys would change so much?

10 Biggest Career Transformations In WWE History

Some wrestlers change very little over the course of their careers, while others undergo radical transformations. Those who change are usually the smartest, as they know how to gauge changing fan reactions and adapt their presentation accordingly; while those who stay the same tend to be either too blind to see fans getting bored with repetition, or in too comfortable a position to consider doing something else. Then, there are unexpected changes; transformations that, when you look back on a wrestler’s debut, it amazes you just how much said wrestler changed from their debut. Sometimes a wrestler starts out incredibly popular but fans get bored of them quickly, and so they change their gimmick to something radically different.

In other cases, a wrestler starts their career doing very little actual wrestling, and by the end of their career they’re stealing the show. 15 Most Memorable Moments Of The 2014 World Cup - Listicles. 5 Things to Know About NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. 10 Ex-WWE Superstars With Unfinished Business. WWE needs to revive some bad apples!

10 Ex-WWE Superstars With Unfinished Business

If there’s one thing Vince McMahon has proved over the years, it’s that, short of a Chris Benoit-sized horror story or, as it seems, a spot of awful racism, no one is truly ever Gone For Good when it comes to WWE. History has shown that pretty much anyone that’s rubbed the Boss up the wrong way can make amends and be back on Raw one day, whether it’s Steve Austin bringing his ball back in 2003, the Ultimate Warrior building bridges to finally make it into the WWE Hall Of Fame last year shortly before his untimely passing, or Bret Hart putting the most infamous wrestling bust-up in history to rest when he returned to WWE’s flagship programme after over 12 years away in 2010. What Happened: After an amazing early push that saw him win the Royal Rumble, bag a Money In The Bank contract and win his first World Title courtesy of a cash-in on a white-hot CM Punk (yeah, it didn’t really benefit anyone in hindsight, did it?)

9 Of The Best Strikers In World Football - Listicles. 7 Of The Tallest Athletes In Every Major Sport - Listicles. 16 Most Terrible Football Accidents.