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Ben Rennie: This will make you smile. What The Fuck Is My Social Media Strategy? "It's like twitter. Except we charge people to use it." From: Simon EdhouseDate: Monday 16 November 2009 2.19pmTo: David ThorneSubject: Logo Design Hello David, I would like to catch up as I am working on a really exciting project at the moment and need a logo designed.

"It's like twitter. Except we charge people to use it."

Basically something representing peer to peer networking. 8-Bit Imagery Invades Music Videos. Like a relentless swarm of Space Invaders, retro videogame graphics have marched into music videos over the past decade.

8-Bit Imagery Invades Music Videos

Directors, never immune to the nostalgic allure of the pixel, have injected bold, blocky 8-bit imagery into the videos of all kinds of songs. The videogame-inspired visuals seem an especially appropriate accompaniment for chiptune music, itself spawned from an aural fascination with retro games. With more and more filmmakers adopting the visual vibe of old-school videogames, it’s time to pay tribute to some of the most creative 8-bit videos.