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Medication Management

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Emergency Response Systems / Wander & Fall Prevention - LeadingAge Buyer's Guide. CADEX 12 ALARM Medication Reminder Timer and Medical ALERT ID. Must-Have Gadgets for Seniors. Safety and security are the two most important things that should be looked upon when taking care of an elderly. But when the elderly is living alone, these two become even more crucial. From being prompt on taking medication to summoning for help, today’s technology offers a wide array of easy-to-use gadgets designed for seniors. These innovations keep families at ease and the elderly feeling independent. Here are some basic must-have devices to keeping your elderly loved ones safe and secured. Blood Glucose Monitoring System Diabetes is a common disease among seniors. Medication Reminder For most people, maintaining too many tablets every day could be a taxing task. Personal Alarm Peace of mind among family and guardians and independence to user can be achieved with the help of personal and panic alarms.

Cellphones Just as much as most people cannot seem to live without any a mobile phone, communication is essential to the elderly, especially when they are living alone. Video Game Console. AdhereTech | Home. Ministry Good Samaritan installs ATM-style prescription drug dispenser. Automatic Travel Pill Dispenser Now Available From Automated Security Alert Inc.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) May 13, 2013 When an individual is facing a complicated medication schedule, it can be a daunting challenge. There is no room for error when it comes to prescription drugs because the consequences can be catastrophic – including death. Automated Security Alert has a solution to help people deal with this problem: The MedPro Lite travel pill dispenser. Jason Seyler, Automated Security Alert’s Director of Life Safety is excited about the product. Seyler commented, “The MedPro Lite is great for people who need an entry level medication management solution . Although some people can be helped by the basic flip lid pill trays that are available at any drug store, they aren’t right for everyone. The MedPro Lite is a non monitored medication dispenser that is great for patients who want a medication dispenser but who are not dependent on a monitored system.

MedVault Pill Dispenser Helps Prevent Prescription Drug Misuse. Automated Medication Dispensers | Automated Security Alert's Medical Alert Systems. Automated Medication Dispensers Medication management can be difficult with age and complex medication schedules. Automated medication dispensers help simplify complex schedules by only giving a patient access to the correct medication at the prescribed time. When the medication is ready, an audible and visual alarm is produced to remind the patient to take their medication. If the patient does not take their medication within a pre-determined period of time the dispenser calls Life Safety Monitoring to alert us of non compliance. Automated Security Alert then calls the patient or caregivers depending on the procedures set up by the patient. Monitoring the medication dispenser is key to achieving a high compliance rate.

Ready to order? Comparing Automated Medication Dispenser Click here to order a medication dispenser. Features of Medication Dispensers - Correct Medication at the Prescribed Time - Secure Medications - Audible Reminder - Visual Reminder - Simplified Medication Schedules. ## MedCenter System 31 Day Medication Management System - MedCenter 7026-5. Pill Dispenser. MyPillSense™ Did you ever question whether you were taking the right medicine at the right time? Have you ever asked yourself, "Did I take two pills or just one? " or "I wish someone could verify for me I am doing the right thing with my medicines? " If you care for a child or elderly parent, have you ever worried whether they received the right medicines when they were separated from you? Irody's MyPillSense™ eliminates these concerns.

Here’s how it works: The person dispensing the medicines scans the pills with a smartphone camera. MyPillSense stores the image and labels it with the time and location. MyPillSense enables patients to take better care of themselves, and parents/caregivers know in real time what, when and where a medication is taken. TabSafe. Monitor My Meds | Why Use Monitor My Meds?

Ccording to AARP over 57% of those 65 and over admit forgetting to take their medications. While it is almost impossible for caregivers to be constantly present at their patient’s home we know that medication adherence promotes both good health and independence. For many a simple way to be able to remind and monitor their healthcare routines can make a difference in their needed care. Monitor My Meds was created to bring your voice to your loved ones when you cannot be there. Requires no programming just internet access.Requires no equipment (microphone built into most devices).All you need is your loved one’s telephone number.Record your messages quickly, listen, accept or re-record. No limit.Schedule the time for their phone to ring. JNL Technologies 5000-2001 RxTender Automatic Pill Dispenser (with X10)