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Born Gay?

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Swedish twin study: Q & A with J. Michael Bailey. Humans inherited murder through evolution. A new study has looked back along our evolutionary tree, and shown that humans evolved the tendency to kill each other from our primate ancestors - violence didn't just arise from human nature, as has been suggested in the past.

Humans inherited murder through evolution

In fact, at the time of our species' origin, humans were killing each other six times more often than the average mammal today - which, it turns out, isn't anywhere near as bad as some of the species out there. In the latest study, a team of researchers from the Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas and University of Granada in Spain, compiled information on more than 4 million deaths across 1,024 mammal species. They used that data to calculate how many of those deaths were the result of violence from a member of the same species, and then figured out which mammals are the most murderous. Nope, the number one most murderous mammal species was actually... meerkats. You can see the full top-30 list below: How Gay Activists Will Respond to a Major Scientific Report That Refutes Their Talking Points. The internet has been abuzz with headlines declaring, “Almost Everything the Media Tell You About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Is Wrong,” and “Johns Hopkins Shrinks Warn Against Kids Going Transgender.”

How Gay Activists Will Respond to a Major Scientific Report That Refutes Their Talking Points

As reported by Ryan T. Anderson on Monday, “A major new report, published today in the journal The New Atlantis, challenges the leading narratives that the media has pushed regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.” How significant was this report? “Co-authored by two of the nation’s leading scholars on mental health and sexuality, the 143-page report discusses over 200 peer-reviewed studies in the biological, psychological, and social sciences, painstakingly documenting what scientific research shows and does not show about sexuality and gender.”

What were the conclusions of this study? How will gay activists respond? When Homosexuality Came Out (of the DSM) 41 years ago this month, homosexuality ceased to be a mental illness.

When Homosexuality Came Out (of the DSM)

Amid growing opposition from gay activists, and dissent within its own ranks, the American Psychiatric Association was begrudgingly forced to expunge homosexuality from the DSM-II. Paradigmatic of the social nature of psychiatric diagnosis, the purging of homosexuality from the psychiatric nomenclature highlights the instability of the psychiatric sign: once signifying disease and perversion, homosexuality came to be recognized by the establishment as a normal variant of human sexuality.

The slow demise of homosexuality as disease Although the removal of homosexuality from the DSM is often heralded as a radical and rapid sea-change in how sexual orientation was viewed, the reality is more sobering. Homosexuality was not actually removed from the diagnostic nomenclature of the revised DSM-II. Diagnosis making as a social act.

By Charlene - The Good Word. Want to be happy as a homosexual? Practice physical and mental continence: French ‘gay activist’ AUSTRALIA, February 5, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) -- A 26-year-old Australian mom has given birth to five healthy babies, all conceived naturally, after refusing the doctor’s advice that she must abort three of them in order to give the remaining two a better chance at life.

Want to be happy as a homosexual? Practice physical and mental continence: French ‘gay activist’

“After my initial ultrasound I was told I could consider the selection method to give 2 babies the best chance in life,” wrote mom Kim Tucci in a Facebook post last September. “I watched a YouTube video on the procedure and I cried. I could never do that! Was I selfish for not giving two the chance of 100% survival? All I knew is that I already love them and that every heart beat I heard I connect with them more. Last Thursday Kim and her husband Vaughn welcomed the five new members into their family — one boy and four girls —increasing the number of their children from 3 to 8. The quintuplets’ story began last March, after Kim and Vaughn had been trying for six months to conceive just one more child for their family.

Homosexuality may be caused by chemical modifications to DNA. “Baby, I was born this way,” Lady Gaga sang in a 2011 hit that quickly became a gay anthem.

Homosexuality may be caused by chemical modifications to DNA

Indeed, over the past 2 decades, researchers have turned up considerable evidence that homosexuality isn't a lifestyle choice, but is rooted in a person's biology and at least in part determined by genetics. Yet actual “gay genes” have been elusive. What Is Sexual Orientation? By Matt Slick What does it mean to have a sexual orientation, and what is a homosexual orientation?

What Is Sexual Orientation?

According to the American Psychological Association . . . "Sexual orientation refers to an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attractions to men, women, or both sexes. Sexual orientation also refers to a person’s sense of identity based on those attractions, related behaviors, and membership in a community of others who share those attractions . . . sexual orientation is closely tied to the intimate personal relationships that meet deeply felt needs for love, attachment, and intimacy.

In addition to sexual behaviors, these bonds include nonsexual physical affection between partners, shared goals and values, mutual support, and ongoing commitment. AskDrBrown - Concord (Caroline du Nord) - Organisation à but non lucratif. Are gays ‘born that way’? Most Americans now say yes, but science says no. May 20, 2015 ( -- In a recent interview with John Burger of Aleteia, Dr.

Are gays ‘born that way’? Most Americans now say yes, but science says no

Carolyn Woo, president of Catholic Relief Services, doubled down on CRS’s commitment to maintaining dues-paying memberships in contraception and abortion spreading organizations, providing funds to abortion and contraception distributing organizations, and retaining the employment of a vice president who is a homosexual activist in a same-sex “marriage.” People Are Not Born Gay, Affirms Royal College of Psychiatrists. A statement by the Royal College of Psychiatrists that people are not born gay has been welcomed as "a major admission" by a Christian charity that helps men and women change unwanted same-sex feelings.

People Are Not Born Gay, Affirms Royal College of Psychiatrists

Author Search. Even LGBT Historians Admit No One Is 'Born Gay' Whether it's Macklemore's "Same Love" or Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," our culture is pretty convinced that homosexuality is inherent from birth.

Even LGBT Historians Admit No One Is 'Born Gay'

But as it turns out, those within the LGBT movement aren't that convinced themselves. In an article in the Daily Caller, gay writer David Benkof presents the solid case of the historians—several of whom are also LGBT—who maintain that the sexual orientation of homosexuality didn't exist until about 150 years ago. While same-sex relationships and behavior have happened from time to time throughout history, LGBT scholarly studies show zero evidence of any culture with gay-oriented individuals at any point in history.

What About Ex-Ex-Gays? While speaking in Singapore at a seminar sponsored by Focus on the Family, I was asked the question: What about ex-ex-gays?

What About Ex-Ex-Gays?

Does their existence prove that it is really impossible for people to change their sexual orientation? This past July, Time magazine ran a story entitled, "9 Ex-Leaders of the Gay Conversion Therapy Movement Apologize. " The article stated that, "Former members of organizations that advocated therapy to 'cure' homosexuality have joined LGBT groups in rejecting the concept. " Last year, John Paulk, formerly a very prominent ex-gay married to his ex-gay wife, Anne, went back to his gay lifestyle after 15 years of marriage.

People Can Change. RICHARD COHEN coming out straight. If Your Child Told You 'I'm Gay,' What Would You Do? My Child Says "I'm Gay" - A Suggested Scriptural Strategy 1. "Pray Continually" (1 Thess. 5:17). From the moment of the initial confession throughout the entire journey, pray and fast in faith the same way you would engage with God for someone's salvation or healing. "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Matt.19:26). Reject all fatalism and leanings towards some predestination of your child to this lifestyle. Pure Intimacy - Are People Really 'born gay'?