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Your Having a Baby Unit. Google Summit Oct. 2015. Google Summit Oct. 2015. Gamification. Five-Minute Film Festival: Freedom to Fail Forward. Failure is an inevitable part of life, but it's often accompanied by shame -- most people do everything in their power to avoid it.

Five-Minute Film Festival: Freedom to Fail Forward

But to paraphrase educational philosopher John Dewey, a true thinker learns as much from failures as from successes. What if educators worked to take some of the sting (and the stigma) out of failing, and encouraged reflection and revision to build upon the lessons learned? Perhaps there's a goldmine of opportunities if we can re-frame failure as a valuable learning experience, an essential step along the path to discovery and innovation. Check out this list of videos to help start the conversation about embracing failure. Video Playlist: Freedom to Fail Forward Watch the player below to see the whole playlist, or view it on YouTube. More Resources on Embracing Failure The ability to grow and keep trying when you don't succeed -- resilience and grit -- are key to cultivating a growth mindset, in academics and in life.

Create a Random Name Selector in Google Sheets. publishes a number of useful Google Sheets templates.

Create a Random Name Selector in Google Sheets

The latest template released on Flippty can be used to create a random name picker in Google Sheets. To create a random name picker from a Google Sheet simply use the template provided by Flippity and modify the spreadsheet to include the names of your students instead of the placeholder names in the template sheet. After modifying the template publish your new spreadsheet to the web, grab the Sheet’s URL, and place that URL into the Flippity name picker. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to use Flippity’s random name picker template. This week I wrapped up the last session of my online course Blogs & Social Media for Teachers & School Leaders. Would you like to have me speak at your school or conference? How to Save Time When Replying to Email. 6 Updates to Google Classroom for Fall 2015. Note: These features are rolling out over the next several weeks.

6 Updates to Google Classroom for Fall 2015

You may not see all of them right away. For Fall 2015, Google Classroom has 6 new updates Move a Post: Use the 3 dots on the assignment or announcement to move the post back up to the top of the stream.Reuse Post: You can now edit and reuse a previous assignment or announcement. Posts can be from the current class, other classes or archived classes.Post a Question: A 3rd option has been added to Google Classroom as to what you can post to the stream.

You can now post a question, see how many students have answered the question and assign points for students completing the question.Calendar Integration: A Google Calendar for each class will be created. Rockcastle science teacher sharing how student engagement has worked in her classroom. By Mike Stephanie Harmon works with seniors Calan Cromer and Jacob Witten as they research volcanoes during earth science class at Rockcastle County High School.

Rockcastle science teacher sharing how student engagement has worked in her classroom

Student engagement is a key component in Harmon’s classes, and she frequently shares her classroom experiences with other teachers in her role as a consultant. Stephanie Harmon isn’t just going to stand there. The Rockcastle County High School teacher wants her students to participate rather than simply listen during her science classes. She also works to share her strategies with other teachers. Harmon tells her fellow educators that student engagement is essential. “They (students) have an increased understanding,” Harmon said. Harmon is facilitating the learning experience for her fellow educators as well.

“I really enjoy working with other teachers because I walk away learning as much as I hope they have learned,” she said. “It has really made me reflect on my classes. Quickly Make Bulletin Board Words. Marc Seigel is always doing great things in his classroom and he tweeted out a great picture of a bulletin board that now lives at the front of his room.

Quickly Make Bulletin Board Words

I’m working on making my Word Wall (more on that some other time) and my biggest beef is how long it takes to go through and make each word look nice. Selecting each term, changing the font, changing the style…way too long. So, here’s a script that will do the same thing. The script has an array of the most readable fonts in the Google Font library. If you want to add others, just add it’s name in single quotes on line 20. Words go on their own line in the Google Document. Quickly Make Bulletin Board Words.


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