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Recording Techniques

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- Recording the Flute. A flute walks into your studio.

- Recording the Flute

Are you ready? Recording a flutist, either as a soloist or as part of an ensemble, presents unique and perhaps unfamiliar challenges. Here I’ll describe some methods I’ve used to record myself and other flutists in a home recording setting. I’ll also briefly describe some of the characteristics of the instrument itself that may help you achieve the type of flute sound you are looking for in your own recordings. Recording Audio For A Short Film. Even with the simplest of setups, audio recording for film is no easy task — especially when the whole picture has to be shot in a day.

Recording Audio For A Short Film

Tom Flint I was recently approached by aspiring director Sam Heydon to record the sound for a short film he had written. Pop Shields: Why You Need Them. Technique : Miking Techniques Pop shields are essential for most modern studio productions, but what are they, and why are they so important?

Pop Shields: Why You Need Them

SOS Guide To Choosing & Using Studio Microphones. Knowing the right microphone for the job, from the huge variety of types and models available, is an essential skill for anyone who records regularly, and can make the difference between sub-standard and spectacular results.

SOS Guide To Choosing & Using Studio Microphones

Follow our essential guidelines to ensure you always make the optimum choice. Paul White Here at Sound On Sound, we're constantly being asked which mic is the best in any given price range, but in reality it's very difficult to choose just one, especially when it comes to vocal recording, as different mics suit different singers. Recording Latin Percussion. Latin music is popular all over the world, but it has its own unique assortment of quirks and exotic instruments.

Recording Latin Percussion

Using Microphone Polar Patterns Effectively. Knowing your cardioid from your omni can help you to achieve better recordings.

Using Microphone Polar Patterns Effectively

If you're confused about what it all means, our guide to mic polarity should be a step in the right direction. Paul White Every music technology textbook includes a description of the different microphone pickup patterns, but what most users really want to know is what benefits the different patterns have to offer, and in what situation you might choose them. In this article I'll be concentrating on 'single microphone' applications rather than stereo, which we'll look at in a future article. Basics. Bigger, Badder Electric Guitar: Audio Files. These audio files complement the article 'Bigger, Badder Electric Guitars' by Jack Ruston in SOS January 09.

Bigger, Badder Electric Guitar: Audio Files

The audio file titles should be self-explanatory. Jack Ruston All Mics Blend allmicsblend.mp3 allmicsblend.wav. Bigger, Badder Electric Guitar. It's easy enough to make a guitar and amp sound loud and gutsy in the live room, but how do you capture the same sense of volume and distortion on your recording?

Bigger, Badder Electric Guitar

Recording Upright Piano: Audio Files. Recording Techniques For Upright Piano. Recording A Light Orchestra. Just how do you mic up and multitrack a large ensemble in a less‑than‑ideal recording space, and then produce an effective mix of the resulting recording?

Recording A Light Orchestra

Paul White, Hugh Robjohns While most of my studio time is spent working on pop music or small acoustic ensembles, I couldn't resist the challenge when David Etheridge (a regular contributor to our sister publication Performing Musician, and a moderator on the SOS on‑line forums) asked if I'd like to record the West Midlands Light Orchestra, of which he is conductor and musical arranger, with the intention of producing a promotional CD.

Recording Room The recording session took place at a Kidderminster hotel's banqueting suite, where the band rehearse twice a month. Audio Files. Hear for yourself how each mic sounded on the different vocalists.

Audio Files

Matt Houghton. Vocal Mics. No two human voices are the same, and no mic will be the perfect fit for every voice — so just how do you go about finding the best match for a vocalist? Matt Houghton We've published countless reviews of microphones of all shapes, sizes and prices in the pages of SOS over the years, but how often do you see us write something along the lines of "but every voice is different, so do your best to try before you buy”? Why is it, you might wonder, that we can't simply tell you what's the best vocal mic you can get within your budget? A review can tell you plenty about the sonic characteristics and build qualities of a microphone, and while it's easy enough to find information about the frequency response of most mics (via the handy and comprehensive www.microphone‑ web site), the characteristics of all mics are complex — and those of each voice even more unique.

Jazz/Pop/Rock Classical. Microphone Types: Good Vibrations. What are the pros and cons of the different types of microphone, and when would you want to use them? Chris Korff We’re often asked at SOS what the ‘best’ of something is, and microphones are no exception. Crafting Perfect Pop Backing Vocals. Great backing vocals can be essential if you want to turn a promising track into a superb one — so find out how to get them right every time.

Ingmar Kiang A strong lead vocal is the star attraction on most hit records, but it's unusual for it not to be aided and abetted by a supporting cast of double-tracks, harmony lines and other backing vocals (BVs). Far from being minor details to be thrown into the mix at the last minute, great BVs contribute hugely to the effectiveness of a tune, by adding emotion, sustaining interest, and delivering that vital punch to choruses and hooks. BASSIC INSTINCT. Technique : Recording / Mixing Paul White provides some practical tips for achieving better recorded bass guitar and bass synth sounds. In the context of pop music, bass instruments tend either to be synthesizers or bass guitars, and in both cases choosing an appropriate sound at source is just as important as the recording technique itself. Indeed, in the case of the synthesizer, recording may comprise little more than playing the part into a MIDI sequencer, though, as we shall see later in the article, some post-processing may be necessary in order to get the best results.

Speaker, DI Or Both? Today, bass guitars can be DI'd very successfully, either via a DI box, often followed by a compressor, or by using one of the new breed of modelling preamplifiers that cater for basses, such as the Line 6 Bass Pod or the Johnson J Station. Te sound and setting a suitable record level. Recording Bass Guitar. Technique : Recording / Mixing Although most modern synths come with good bass guitar patches, there's still nothing quite like the real thing played well -- provided you know how to record it.

Paul White examines a few alternative approaches. There used to be a common joke among musicians aimed at bass guitar players, which ran "What's the similarity between playing a really good bass line and wetting yourself? Kick & Snare Recording Techniques. We pass on the hard-won wisdom of fifty top producers in the essential Sound On Sound guide to recording kick and snare drums, the backbone of modern music. Mike Senior When it comes to describing in interview how they record drums, top producers seem to spend more time discussing techniques for snare drum and bass drum than anything else. Guitar Amp Recording. In our quest for the ultimate electric guitar sound, SOS tested favourite recording techniques from over 40 top-flight producers and engineers. Hear for yourself the results that amazed us.