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Photoshop Tutorials Search Engine. Photoshop Tutorials is a custom search of the following sites:

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Brushes Search Engine. Photoshop Brushs. 12 Free Repeating Pixel Patterns for Photoshop. Repeating patterns are a great resource to add detail and texture to any website or interface design.

12 Free Repeating Pixel Patterns for Photoshop

Download this free pack of 12 pixel based patterns, including diagonal lines, dots and tessellating shapes for use in your future design projects. All the patterns are contained within a Photoshop .pat file. Select the Fill tool then change the drop down box from Foreground to Pattern. In the pattern selection box click the small options arrow and select Load Patterns. Once the pixel patterns have been imported, they can then be used with the Fill tool, or along with layer style effects such as Pattern Overlay. Download the Photoshop pattern file. Create a Still Life Candle in Photoshop. Still life compositions are like photographs in that they portray the details of objects as moments frozen in time.

Create a Still Life Candle in Photoshop

Still life images don’t tell a story, they simply depict the objects themselves. In today’s tutorial we will explore this style of art by creating a still life candle in Photoshop. Resources Used The following resources were used during the production of this tutorial: Wood Texture Step 1 First, create a new file, 900x768 px and with a resolution of 300 ppi. Tips » Build Animated GIFs in Photoshop. If you’ve ever wondered how to create animated GIFs in Photoshop, we’ve created a simple tutorial with some example files you can download and try out.

Tips » Build Animated GIFs in Photoshop.

We use a lot of animated GIF files in our weekly tips. They are fun to build, and better for our email subscribers because Flash animations are not supported in most email readers. A Simple Example For a quick hands-on tutorial on creating animated GIFs in Adobe Photoshop, we’ll walk you through creating the following animation: This simple animation combines the two most common animation techniques in Photoshop: Turning layers off and on, and using the Tween command to animate the movement of an object on a layer.

Step 1: Set up your layers. The first step in creating any animation in Photoshop is to build a layered Photoshop file with all the elements you plan to animate. You can download our example Photoshop file here: ExampleAnimation.psd Step 2: Create Animation Frames with Layer Visibility. Step 3: Create Animation Frames using Tween.