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Smashing Magazine. : A one-stop resource for webmasters, programmers, and graphic designers. Abduzeedo. Since the very first time I saw the trailer of Tron Legacy I decided that I would have to try to do something inspired on that, all those light effects were exactly what I always love to do in Photoshop.


Then I saw the James White design inspired by Tron and I was damn it, James nailed it. So I postponed my little experiment, however this week I decided that the time had come and so, I decided to recreate the logo effect we see in the trailer. For this tutorial I used Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Cinema 4D. Pretty much all the light effects and composition are done in Photoshop, the other apps were used just to create some shapes and elements, so if you want to do just the Photoshop part, in the of the tutorial there is a ZIP file with all the resource files used for this image. Step 1.