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Jodi Calvert

The Ultimate Uses of Custom Gift Boxes by Amber Sara. How to Make Your Own Custom-Sized Boxes. Sisoo. Ring cones! Because, admit it, you too have had that panicky feeling when you realize you haven’t seen that ring in awhile….where the heck did it go? You can say goodbye to that lousy feeling with this simple DIY. I love scattering these ring cones in the bathroom, by the sink, and on my nightstand so no matter where I am, I can set my rings in a specific place.

-wood ring cone (buy a single cone here, or a pack of 5 here) -specialty paper (love this hand drawn floral pink paper) –mod podge glue –paint brush for glue -scissors -ruler -pencil Make a cone pattern on the back side of your speciality paper. Test the paper around your cone to see what fits best. You probably are aware of how much I love to decoupage by now. Almost makes perfect. Diy as you can tell from the photos, i have a lot of rings. so making myself some ring cones seemed like the courteous thing to do for my husband who shares a bathroom with me. after doing the faux speckled candles, i knew i wanted to use that painting technique again soon — and well, here we are. these are so easy to make and i like them looking a little wonky – therefore more handmade. 01. condition your clay in your hands, roll into a ball. 02. roll out the clay to length-wise — and then roll it harder on one side to thin out one end. 03. once you’ve got your cone shape, fashion it into the shape you’re happy with. 04. bake according to your package directions. let cool. 05. paint with the acrylic paint (i painted all three cones totally differently than you see them here, but i kept repainting over and over). i went with a pale peach, white and a blue-ish grey combo. let dry. 06. using the same technique as the candles, slowly paint varying splatters around the cones. let dry.

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