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Mental Health. How Green Tea Made Me Superhuman : getdisciplined. Benjamin Franklin did this: Ask yourself every morning "What good shall I do today?" Ask yourself at night "What good have I done today?" When you're cringing with humiliation at something you did years ago, stop and think of one of the people who saw it: can you think of something humiliating that happened to them? Probably not. Well, nobody remembers your moment, either. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, or how I'm taming my wild ADHD mind : ADHD. [LPT request] How can I practice Mindfulness ? : LifeProTips. You Need Help: You’re Not A Loser, Baby. Welcome to You Need Help!

You Need Help: You’re Not A Loser, Baby

Where you’ve got a problem and yo, we solve it. Or we at least try. I feel very shitty, Riese :/ I’m almost thirty and haven’t achieved huge success in my professional life as some of my friends of college, recently I found out that what I make monthly in my job is pretty much nothing compared to these friends I’m telling you and honestly I’m feeling really down… everyone seems to have it all sorted out and my babe and I are still struggling to make it until the end of the month without crying. It’s been a sad week, I feel like a loser. So there are two things going on here and first I’m gonna talk about why you shouldn’t, objectively, feel like a loser, and then I’m gonna talk about what to do about how you feel.

Helping You Help Yourself. Turn your phone off for at least ten minutes today, like just completely powered off.

Helping You Help Yourself

Every time you see a headline that makes you want to scream get up and pour yourself a glass of water. Drink the whole thing and see if you still want to click on that link. Mute or unfollow that person that you follow on Twitter even though you hate them. Buy some candy and hide it somewhere that you feel confident you’ll forget about so that you come across it in a few weeks and it’s a total surprise.

Pick up some paper towels on your way home, you’ll probably be glad you have them. Look at all these puli dogs! Have you cleaned your coffee maker recently? Find an old email, text or message where someone you respect said something nice to you and read it again. Don’t read the comments, especially not on Youtube. Everyone_shut_the_fuck_up_by_creamtroll-d3gd8rt.png 400×426 pixels. You can increase your intelligence: 5 ways to maximize your cognitive potential.

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You can increase your intelligence: 5 ways to maximize your cognitive potential

"One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one’s greatest efforts. " —Albert Einstein While Einstein was not a neuroscientist, he sure knew what he was talking about in regards to the human capacity to achieve. He knew intuitively what we can now show with data—what it takes to function at your cognitive best. Not so many years ago, I was told by a professor of mine that you didn’t have much control over your intelligence.

Well, I disagreed. You see, before that point in my studies, I had begun working as a Behavior Therapist, training young children on the autism spectrum. Quick Memory Exercises and Techniques. Memorization techniques and exercises increase brain power by improving your ability to recall imprtant information.

Quick Memory Exercises and Techniques

In your conscious mind you can only work with what you can remember. Intelligence without memory is like a builder without tools. What could he build? The simplest memory exercise is to start telling yourself to remember. If you just learned a person's name, for example, tell yourself, "remember that". Hints for Remembering Better.

Critical Thinking. Speed Read. Visualization. This is an article by guest writer Albert Foong of UrbanMonk.Net. Think about this: everything we do begin as a thought. Every action, every word, every human creation exists first in our imagination.

The ability to see things before they actually happen is what enables us to pursue our dreams and ultimately achieve them. In fact, the better we visualize the future we want, the better our chances to make it happen. Training the Mind is Training the Body Your brain cannot differentiate well between real action and mental action. To see this for yourself: hold a piece of string and let it dangle. And that’s the good news: mental training can improve almost all our skills and fast-track us towards our goals. For instance, many psychologists and life coaches recommend mental rehearsal for all sorts of things. 5 Applied Visualization Techniques How do we develop and apply the powerful skill of visualization?

Here I present five basic exercises in order of difficulty. 1st Exercise 2nd Exercise. IWTL how to improve my sense of smell. : IWantToLearn. CAeTA.jpg 960×741 pixels. Marconi Union - Weightless (Radox) HighQuality Audio (most relaxing tune)