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Unroll. Most Brutal Metal Scream 2012.


New Orleans. Maps. IAfLuWl.gif 311×211 pixels. The simple image sharer. Albums ×Imgur needs your help to win the Webby Award for best social entertainment site!

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Browse your computer drag and drop here Ctrl + V paste from your clipboard By uploading, you agree to our terms of service That file type is not supported! Supported formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, APNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XCF Imgur is home to the web's most popular image content, curated in real time by a dedicated community through commenting, voting and sharing. This album is empty! © 2014 Imgur, LLC. we're hiring! Hey human you want this here--- WELL TOO FUCKING BAD! By · 5 months ago 44,955 views · stats Embed · Download · Switch layout · Fullscreen Advertisement: pro users don't see ads Embed this album Copy and paste the HTML below into your website: Download this album This album is really big! No way! I'm sure Uploaded Points ups downs Views Bandwidth usage Comments Favorites waiting for image data Loading views...

Get your image out there on the internet! Upload. 5 Questions You Need to Ask (To Avoid Ruining Your Life) Somewhere, right now, some guy is sleeping under a bridge, or laying next to a dead hooker, or sitting in jail, wondering, "How the fuck did it come to this?

5 Questions You Need to Ask (To Avoid Ruining Your Life)

" The short answer is that when things are bad, you don't know they're bad. Humans are magical creatures who can completely disregard a raging fire, and then act confused at the sight of ashes. Trust me, I know. So, if you are stopping to ask yourself one of the below questions -- all of which people have asked me at one point or another -- that's great. You've gotten further than a lot of people, just by asking. . #5. This may be the single biggest "forest for the trees" question you'll ever encounter in life. Photos.comIt's the "how to" murder articles you have to watch out for.

Fortunately, as one of America's foremost relationship experts, I've developed a sure-fire way to find out. The Method: It's very simple: Take a close look at the person you're in a relationship with. #4. I can hear it now: "A 'shitty' job? #3. The Worst Ads of 2010. It seems advertisers are hell-bent on making the commercial breaks that separate fans from Mad Men and Jersey Shore the longest, most excruciating minutes of our lives. In the last year, we've suffered through Progressive's painful spokeswoman Flo squawking about insurance and awkward State Farm ads that remind us in depressing terms just how bankrupt we all are from the recession ("Our real national past-time? Saving money! "). Thankfully, The Consumerist has been keeping track. Out today are their nominations for the Worst Ads of 2010, a list of some of the most mind-blowingly stupid commercials plaguing America's airwaves.

We've pulled a collection of some of the worst--head here to vote for your favorites, er, least favorites rather. Staples: "Wow! Why: Wow! Progressive: "Flo Dishes Out Discounts" Why: ... Honda - Mr. Why: The hack-y cartoon character that looks like he stepped out of the funny papers in 1970 wouldn't be so bad if he was just the embodiment of a good pun.