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Videotelling : Vidéo Explicative, Storytelling en vidéo. Movenote : créer des leçons sous forme de vidéo - Padagogie. Interactive Video Learning. Ordre du jour. The 5 Best Explainer Videos & How to Make Your Own. Today we'll be covering everything there is to know about explainer videos.

The 5 Best Explainer Videos & How to Make Your Own

They're fun to make, will jumpstart conversion rates, and are overall great to have for any startup business. Let's get started! What is an Explainer Video? Nearpod - Upgrade to enhance learning in your classroom. Pourquoi utiliser la vidéo en formation? - Service de soutien à la formation. De prestigieuses universités filment leurs professeurs et donnent gratuitement accès à leurs leçons sur le Web.

Pourquoi utiliser la vidéo en formation? - Service de soutien à la formation

Make animated online videos free. Explainer Video Software. Explanatory Video Done Right. I’m a fan of explanatory videos for several reasons: High engagement (for at least the first 20 – 60 seconds).

Explanatory Video Done Right

In a TL;DR world a well placed video will hold a visitor’s full attention for at least 20 seconds.Multi-media. You’ve got moving pictures, words, music, and sound effects all working to convey information and create emotion.Emotion & Impact. Nothing beats video when it comes to high-impact demos and/or conveying passion, enthusiasm and sincerity. Unfortunately, very few explanatory videos take full advantage of these strengths. Many waste their high-engagement window with too much unadorned exposition and preamble.Most over-use the “say-it, show it” technique and under-use visual storytelling techniques to point where they become nothing more than poorly illustrated radio ads.And more than a few tend to overplay the cartoon-y animation in ways that undermine effective emotional impact But Salesforce knocked their video on Cloud Computing out of the park. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software. EDpuzzle. The Ultimate Toolkit for Creating an Animated Marketing Video For $100 or Less. In today's super visual world, every company knows that it needs awesome marketing videos.

The Ultimate Toolkit for Creating an Animated Marketing Video For $100 or Less

Because of this, most companies are willing to drop tens of thousands of dollars for a two-minute professional animated video. But if you don't have that kind of budget to drop on a video, good news: we created this product video below for under $100. (And people really seem to like it!) : So we wanted to share our secrets with you. While we're working on an in-depth guide to walk you through the process step-by-step, we've put together this blog post of great tools and resources to get you enterprising folks started right away. Your Awesome Design Resources The building blocks of a compelling video are the right design elements that, when put together, accurately reflect your company's product and culture. Here are some great resources for finding each: The best place to start is by thinking of a photo, website, video, etc. that you recently thought did a fantastic job with color. La plateforme de classe TIC open source et gratuite. Articulate - Logiciel et outils auteur e-learning.

PresentationTube: Screen & Presentation Recorder. Find out if your ISP sucks at streaming YouTube videos with Google Video Quality Report. Many people are enjoying 4K videos on YouTube nowadays.

Find out if your ISP sucks at streaming YouTube videos with Google Video Quality Report

Believe it or not, there is already content on Google's video site which is shot in that ultra-high resolution. I myself have enjoyed videos of nature and playful puppies in 4K, and it is exquisite. Sadly, not everyone has a fast enough connection to stream 4K video. Hell, apparently, people are even struggling to play 720p and 1080p without excessive buffering. Well, Google does not like this and it wants you to know that the problem is not YouTube, but your ISP.

EduCanon. Design, Edit, Share Paste video URLs from YouTube, TeacherTube, SchoolTube, Shmoop, and elsewhere. Add rich, dynamic questions during the video, making a 'bulb'. Share with colleagues, classes, and students through embed codes or links. Find, Collaborate, Tweak Search tens of thousands of pre-made lessons or master units.* Download a copy.

Video Editing, Presentation and Headphones. Make a beautiful visual story. In minutes. LearningApps - interactive and multimedia learning blocks. Vidéo - Des outils pour le Prof. How to Record Your Online Course Slides (No Fancy Equipment Needed) Yikes!

How to Record Your Online Course Slides (No Fancy Equipment Needed)

How do I start recording my course slides? I’m a firm believer in content before technology. Learners are taking your course because of the substance of your information, not to view the technology extravaganza. So, before jumping into recording, make sure that your content is solid and delivering on its promises. That’s what will keep peeps coming back for more. How to Use Vimeo to Keep Your Videos Top Secret. Get FREE content sent right to your inbox.

How to Use Vimeo to Keep Your Videos Top Secret

Click here. You work so hard getting your videos completed and ready for your course. So, it would be devastating to have someone steal all of your hard work. Comment utiliser Youtube pour diffuser vos propres vidéos. EduCanon. Créer facilement des vidéos interactives pour ses étudiants. EduCanon est un outil tice qui permet de créer facilement des vidéos intégrant des questions, quizzs et compléments multimédias.

EduCanon. Créer facilement des vidéos interactives pour ses étudiants

Un outil idéal pour la classe inversée qui permet de proposer des leçons en vidéo intégrant des moments de contrôle de la compréhension par l’apprenant. EduCanon est une alternative a EdPuzzle ou Zaption dont j’ai déjà parlé sur les Outils Tice. L’application Twicer pour commenter vos vidéos., online video sharing, Home. Web design : 11 outils en ligne pratiques et gratuits. Où trouver des images gratuites ?

Web design : 11 outils en ligne pratiques et gratuits

Comment créer un logo facilement ? Quelles couleurs choisir pour son site web ? Toutes ces questions tourmentent au quotidien les créateurs de sites n’ayant pas de connaissance approfondie en design. Bien heureusement, de nombreuses ressources en ligne gratuites (ou proposant une formule gratuite) sont disponibles et permettent à chacun d’entre nous de trouver des outils pratiques pour mener à bien ses projets Web. Nous avons dressé une liste de sites qui vont seront d’une aide précieuse, depuis la création de votre logo, jusqu’à la composition de vos palettes en passant par l’édition et le choix de vos visuels. Logo. Producing High Quality eLearning Videos: The Ultimate Guide. Videos in eLearning stimulate brainstorming, heighten motivation and appeal to a variety of learning needs.

Producing High Quality eLearning Videos: The Ultimate Guide

But how easy is it for eLearning professionals to create their own eLearning videos? In this article, I'll share all the tips and tricks you need to know from each stage of eLearning video production, in order to successfully deliver one of the most powerful communication media to your audience. One of the most significant benefits of using eLearning videos is that they cater to a wide variety of learning needs.

Not to mention that it can be used to convey virtually any type of subject matter, as they transfer knowledge in an appealing and engaging way, they can reduce eLearning seat time and they can be really fun. However, in order to provide your learners with all of the advantages eLearning videos can offer, a few key elements need to be in place. Articulate - Logiciel et outils auteur e-learning. Learning Graphic Facilitation - Tools by Bigger Picture. VideoScribe- Create Animated Videos with Handwritten Drawings. May 6, 2015 VideoScribe is a powerful whiteboard animation tool that enables you to add a variety of items to a whiteboard canvas. 'You can move around the items, add voice-overs and soundtracks and create videos that use different animations and drawing effects to take your audience through your story or topic in a visually engaging way.' The way VideoScribe works is pretty simple.

You add your multimedia items to the whiteboard canvas and VideoScribe will do the rest and turn them into beautiful animated videos. Some of the features provided by this tool include: thousands of professional images to add to your animations, a library of royalty-free original soundtracks, voice recording, adjust drawing times and sequences, export videos to camera roll and many more. Video Scribe is available both as a web tool and iPad app. Nearpod: Create, Engage, Assess through Mobile Devices. BEST APPS. Moovly. Créer une vidéo enrichie avec Mozilla Popcorn Maker, outil libre en ligne.

La fondation Mozilla a lancé Popcorn Maker un outil gratuit et libre en ligne qui permet de réaliser et partager aisément des vidéos interactives avec de l’audio pour ensuite les publier sur différentes plateformes. Teachem. Creer des lecons a partir de videos. Créer une vidéo Archives. Construire des bandes-annonces pour votre cours. PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative.

Making Better Help Videos. Support videos are just about the most efficient tools under the sun! By placing valuable knowledge in your customers' hands Support videos are just about the most efficient tools under the sun! By placing valuable knowledge in your customers' hands, you can spend way less time repeating explanations, and more time delving into deeper issues. Here at Wistia, we make lots of tutorial videos that live in our support documentation. Wistia Library. Wistia Course Creation Compilation. Wistia provides video hosting for businesses and personal users.

The Wistia application includes detailed analytics (such as viewer heatmaps) and integrations with external stats tools like Google Analytics. The Wistia interface allows for complete customization of the video player, post and pre-roll behavior of the video, and an API which allows users to make customizations to their videos, accounts, and statistics programmatically on the back end. Along with features like the SuperEmbed Builder, which is the tool that assists with the generation of embed codes as well as the customization of the video's behavior and the player's look, Wistia has also integrated closed captioning, transcripts, and other tools that are growing increasingly important in the video marketing world.

How to Create Your Udemy Course. TouchCast. Ressources modules V2. Téléchargeur YouTube en ligne gratuit : télécharger des vidéos YouTube, Facebook et bien d'autres ! Jing, Free Screenshot and Screencast Software. Créez votre plate-forme de capsules vidéos, audios, textes pour classe inversée ou pour un usage d’apprentissage mixte.