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Orange Thread Store. Live Event Tools: Datapath X4 - TripleWide Media. Over the next few weeks we are going to feature some of the best tools in the industry of live events that are designed to be great additions to any tool kit or workbox.

Live Event Tools: Datapath X4 - TripleWide Media

We’re calling it the Live Events Toolbox! Today we focus on the: In short, this is a magical box that will take a single video card output from your Mac or PC and divide the image into four unique outputs (you can actually have less than four if you want). This is similar to the TripleHead2Go that we’ve featured in the past, but it takes it one step further. With the Datapath X4, you have the ability to control which pixels go to which output. Live Event Toolbox Archives - TripleWide Media.

Tag Live Event Toolbox Archives - TripleWide Media Free Journal from TripleWide Media December 15, 2014 By Tim Southwick | Seasonal & Holidays, Transform Christmas, Updates & News | No Comments.

Live Event Toolbox Archives - TripleWide Media

TripleHead2Go: The Quick Setup Guide - TripleWide Media. Well, I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and were able to celebrate with family and friends.

TripleHead2Go: The Quick Setup Guide - TripleWide Media

We know that a ton of churches, productions, and event centers love multiscreen and environmental projection. With that, comes the use of a multiscreen video processor. Today, we’re going to walk you through the full setup of a TripleHead2Go and show you just how simple it is to use. Top 6 VJ Software Options. It’on the age of multiscreen media and stock footage.

Top 6 VJ Software Options

Creative set designs are everywhere and almost every touring artist, corporate event and entertainment gathering seems to be incorporating video. The encouraging part is that more and more of these types of events are incorporating multiscreen. It may be an ultra-wide edge blended video wall, a multiscreen TV display or a triple-wide video wall. Service Information PCCABLES.COM. Return and RMA InformationInternet Order (No Minimum) 1-954-418-0817 (Phone Min $50) Fax Orders 1-954-418-0835CAGE CODE: 1XWS4 SIC 5063 NAICS 423610 PSC 5995 PSC 7520 Wire Products (US Census Bureau) Export - Harmonized Code 854449 Export - Harmonized Code 8544.49 Export - Harmonized Code 8544491500 Export - Harmonized Code 8544.49.1500 DUNS: 028858558Click Here for W9 Form SALES EMAIL CONTACTS:sales@pccables.comTop of Page This Web Site has been up since Early 1996.

Service Information PCCABLES.COM

The software used for our site was custom written and designed to run very fast on our dedicated servers. Most of our cables and accessories are custom made to our specifications. ProVideoPlayer 2 (PVP 2) Feature Details. What is ProVideoPlayer™?

ProVideoPlayer 2 (PVP 2) Feature Details

Order PVP2 Now! Since its original release 8 years ago, PVP has been used by organizations around the world to create video walls, digital signage, dynamic staging and much more. Multi-moniteurs pour ordinateurs portables. Téléchargements - AV Stumpfl. Akzeptieren Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies.

Téléchargements - AV Stumpfl

Wenn Sie diese Webseite nutzen, akzeptieren Sie die Verwendung von Cookies. Walk Through - Show and Presentation Control Software. Effects make any show look more professional and make it more interesting.

Walk Through - Show and Presentation Control Software

Probably the most useful and widely used effect is a fade effect where the screen fades between on clip to another. To add a fade effect to an existing clip bring up the popup menu by right clicking on the clip and then select effects. This will bring up the effects dialog where you can choose from a number of effects. We want a fade effect so click on “Fade”. You will also need to set a speed for the effect as the default is 0 sec which means the effect will happen so quickly you will not see it. Screen Monkey - Show and Presentation Control Software. Home - Show Cue Systems. What Lighting Console Should I Buy? - Your First Lighting Console - Learn Stage Lighting .com. Perhaps this is your dilemma – you run lights for a band/school/church/small company, and you can’t figure out which console to buy.

What Lighting Console Should I Buy? - Your First Lighting Console - Learn Stage Lighting .com

Got your attention? It’s not a shocking headline or anything, but, I know that this is a struggle that many of you have. Figure 53. Cue Player Lighting. © 2015 Baxel Data Systems Run your Show lighting with precision!

Cue Player Lighting

You don't have to spend thousands of $$ on a dedicated board to get a similar level of control! Free Cue Player software for sound. © 2015 Baxel Data Systems Cue Player The original! This is a front end to Media Player with an emphasis on playing sound bytes or music on a cue by cue basis. You have easy access to Start, Stop, Fade, and Volume. Show Control Downloads. Spikemark Spikemark is the brains behind our automation systems. It’s a free download and with the new Simulator, you can cue your show and watch it run in Spikemark.

Click here for all the details. Spikemark Installer 3.6.2 – Spikemark is a free download so you can experiment, design, cue, and run all the automation you want in your show. MultiPlay » da-Share. Please note that MultiPlay is not under active development at present. Unfortunately this means bug fixes and feature requests will not be acted upon at this time. MultiPlay is a Windows based program designed to play audio cues for theatre or corporate use. It is free to use in both amateur and commercial environments.