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Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces New Technology for Fast-Charging, Noncombustible Batteries. Eigene Stromerzeugung lohnt sich! Die Zukunft der Wasserkraft Teil 2 von 5, Kleinwasserkraftwerke und große Speicherkraftwerke. Gratis Energie aus dem Wirbel - Wasserwirbelkraftwerk Schöftland.mp4. Insolight – Making solar energy affordable. Minikraftwerk auf dem Balkon.

Eigenbau Balkon Kleinstkraftwerk mit Solarenergie, Deutsch. Lumenaza creates regional electricity markets in Germany. Christian Chudoba A new software platform in Germany lets utilities buy and sell “regional electricity” by connecting up small producers with consumers.

Lumenaza creates regional electricity markets in Germany

Start-up Lumenaza, founded three years ago, meets a growing demand for transparency, explains CEO and founder Christian Chudoba in an exclusive interview with Energy Post. Unlike a typical virtual power plant, Lumenaza targets tiny producers such as owners of rooftop solar. Its goal is to connect up all of Germany’s 1.4 million small power producers. Lumenaza was inspired by a family party in southern Germany. Chudoba comes from the world of software telecommunications at Siemens.

We call it a marketplace or “utility-in-a-box” software. What would help their business case is if regulators opened the door to time- and location-dependent grid fees, Chudoba notes. Q: What is the idea behind your business and where did it come from? A: The idea is rather simple. The idea came to me at a small family party in a village in southern Germany. Why future belongs to renewables not hydrogen and nuclear.

IIASA building in Austria What the future of our energy system will look like continues to be a subject of heated debate.

Why future belongs to renewables not hydrogen and nuclear

According to one well-established tradition, writes Professor John Mathews of Macquarie University in Australia, the route to decarbonisation will run via massive nuclear power systems to the hydrogen economy. But China and to some extent India are emerging as the principal practitioners of an alternative vision of energy growth, underpinning their vast industrialisation efforts with conventional renewables that are the products of manufacturing. According to Mathews, the world is much more likely to follow the second route.

Renewables, he argues, are benign, provide energy security, create jobs and above all are the least expensive option. How we envision the future of our energy systems is important as this tends to drive our policies and decisions. Why sharing solar is the next big thing in energy. Brooklyn microgrid The disruption and the opportunities being offered by solar PV and battery storage are likely to be accelerated massively by the introduction of new software such as the “blockchain” system that has already taken root in financial systems, writes Giles Parkinson of the leading Australian energy website Reneweconomy.

Why sharing solar is the next big thing in energy

Courtesy: About CrowdfundRES - CrowdFundRES. We are currently seeing a deceleration of renewable energy growth in Europe.

About CrowdfundRES - CrowdFundRES

This is partly attributed to the challenges for financing renewable energy projects. Reduced access to conventional financing options over the past few years has triggered innovative financing schemes to emerge, with crowdfunding attracting a lot of attention. CrowdFundRES recognises the vast potential of crowdfunding for financing renewable energy projects and brings together the three following target groups: 1) Renewable energy project developers whose access to financing is getting more challenging 2) The part of the public that has an interest in investing even very small amounts of their savings in renewable energy projects 3) Crowdfunding platforms who act as intermediaries facilitating the financial transaction between the public and the project developers. Objectives. Small Wind Electric Systems. If you have enough wind resource in your area and the situation is right, small wind electric systems are one of the most cost-effective home-based renewable energy systems -- with zero emissions and pollution.

Small Wind Electric Systems

Small wind electric systems can: Lower your electricity bills by 50%–90%Help you avoid the high costs of having utility power lines extended to a remote locationHelp uninterruptible power supplies ride through extended utility outages. Small wind electric systems can also be used for a variety of other applications, including water pumping [10890] on farms and ranches. Our pages on planning for a small wind electric system, and on installing and maintaining a small wind electric system have more information. IEA: Solar costs heading to 4c/kWh, rooftop solar “unbeatable” - Photo Kevin Dooley The traditionally conservative International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts the cost of solar energy will fall to around 4c/kWh in coming decades as the sun becomes the largest source of power generation across the world.

IEA: Solar costs heading to 4c/kWh, rooftop solar “unbeatable” -

The latest “Solar Roadmap” published by the IEA on Monday shows that the speed with which solar is reaching “socket parity” has taken the world by surprise, writes Giles Parkinson of The Technology Roadmap: Solar PV 2014 shows that the IEA now expects solar to become the biggest single source of energy by 2050. The IEA has doubled its forecast capacity for solar PV compared to previous forecasts. Neuartiger Windgas-Elektrolyseur erzeugt erneuerbaren Wasserstoff für die Energiewende - Erste Tageszeitung für ERNEUERBARE ENERGIE und Nachhaltigkeit - Zeitung Medium Portal Fachblatt Zeitschrift tagesaktuell Erneuerbare Energien rss xml. Home - nanoFlowcell AG. Ubiquitous Energy, Inc. Ubiquitous Energy Ubiquitous Energy is a Silicon Valley technology company leading the development of transparent photovoltaics with its award-winning ClearView Power™ technology—the world’s first truly transparent solar technology.

Ubiquitous Energy, Inc.

With a mission to eliminate the battery life limitations of mobile devices and power smart glass for buildings, Ubiquitous Energy is implementing its ClearView Power technology into a wide range of products as an invisible, onboard source of electricity. ClearView Power technology is a thin film that covers the display area of electronic products—including wearables, tablets, internet-of-things devices, and digital signage—generating electricity to power these devices. True transparency is achieved by selectively transmitting light visible to the human eye, while converting invisible ultraviolet and near-infrared light into electricity. Aquion Energy Introduces 24-Volt Version of Industry-Leading Aspen Battery System.

Posted Categories: Energy Aquion’s Aspen batteries are simple to configure and install and require no maintenance.

Aquion Energy Introduces 24-Volt Version of Industry-Leading Aspen Battery System

The batteries are abuse tolerant and can handle wide temperature ranges and being left at partial states of charge without degradation. Brosch%C3%BCreKleinwind online. $6 Per Month Brings Solar Light To Those Off-grid. Posted Categories: Energy People talk about a flash of inspiration.

$6 Per Month Brings Solar Light To Those Off-grid

But Xavier Helgesen's eureka moment came in the dark. A few years ago, the American entrepreneur was traveling through Malawi to meet with clients for his book-selling company, Better World Books. He stopped in Monkey Bay, a town of about 30,000 people, to spend the night. Renewable Electricity: Falling Costs, Variability, and Scaling Challenges. Ed. note: This is Chapter 3 of Richard Heinberg's and David Fridley's new book, Our Renewable Future, now available from Island Press.

Renewable Electricity: Falling Costs, Variability, and Scaling Challenges

Post Carbon Institute's companion website, has also just been launched and contains additional content not in the book. The universal availability and use of electricity has come to define modern life, at least for the vast majority of North Americans and western Europeans. Electricity is accessible in nearly every home and commercial building. We rely on power from wall sockets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for a myriad of uses that range from toasting a bagel to powering an MRI machine. Electricity is remarkably versatile, and we have built a massive infrastructure to generate, distribute, and consume it. Electricity constitutes only a portion of the energy the world uses daily. Figure 3.1. MBS NATURSPEICHER - Naturstromspeicher. How To Build DIY Solar Panels Out of Pop Cans for $0.1/W. I was inspired to build efficient, cheap, and fully home-made diy solar panels by studying ingenious solar thermal system that was made using pop cans, as shown on the cansolair website.

What this incredibly simple solar system does, is that it basically heats the indoor air directly which makes it perfect for supplemental home heating. Transparent solar cells. Media Requests For help finding a researcher or other requests, please contact: Emily DahlCommunications Director(617) 253-3411 Secondary contact: 7 Facts That Prove the Renewable Energy Revolution Has Arrived. The global transition to clean, renewable energy and away from nuclear and fossil fuels is well under way with remarkable developments happening every day.

The Great Transition by Lester Brown, Janet Larsen, Matt Roney and Emily Adams of Earth Policy Institute lays out a tremendous range of these developments. Here are seven that may surprise you: 1. Solar is now so cheap that global adoption appears unstoppable. The price of solar photovoltaic panels has declined 99 percent over the last four decades, from $74 a watt in 1972 to less than 70 cents a watt in 2014. 2. Over the past decade, world wind power capacity grew more than 20 percent a year, its increase driven by its many attractive features, public policies supporting its expansion and falling costs. Energy storage products. Clean and simple. Home battery storage to 'revolutionise' solar industry in Australia: Climate Council report. Posted Categories: Energy For custom Web design needs, call Tech Distress (Click Here)!

When trying to choose the best energy solution for your off grid home, it is important to look at what is available in the market and weigh all the options, we need to take on account many factors before buying any kind of unit or energy system, whether it will be solar or other. Here is something that is being done in Australia that might be of interest to you. Coupling solar panels with home battery storage could be the cheapest way to get electricity within three years, according to a report by the Climate Council in Australia.

The environmental not-for-profit found battery storage would "revolutionise" the way Australians accessed electricity, allowing homes to become more independent of the traditional grid. With battery storage capacity expected to grow 50-fold within a decade, the report found going off-grid could be cost-competitive with staying connected as early as 2018. Uruguay makes dramatic shift to nearly 95% electricity from clean energy. As the world gathers in Paris for the daunting task of switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy, one small country on the other side of the Atlantic is making that transition look childishly simple and affordable. In less than 10 years, Uruguay has slashed its carbon footprint without government subsidies or higher consumer costs, according to the country’s head of climate change policy, Ramón Méndez.

In fact, he says that now that renewables provide 94.5% of the country’s electricity, prices are lower than in the past relative to inflation. There are also fewer power cuts because a diverse energy mix means greater resilience to droughts. It was a very different story just 15 years ago. Back at the turn of the century oil accounted for 27% of Uruguay’s imports and a new pipeline was just about to begin supplying gas from Argentina. Why 2015 may be remembered as a transformative year for how we get energy. Could this be the world's most efficient solar electricity system?

This Striking Chart Shows Why Solar Power Is Taking Over The World. Mass-produced, printable solar cells enter market and could change everything. Australian solar power experts making up the Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium have developed and begun to market solar cells that are created with a 3D printer. The group, consisting of scientists from the CSIRO, the University of Melbourne and Monash University have been working on the technology for over seven years and have figured out a way to cheaply print the panels onto plastic, including smart-phones and laptops, enabling self charging electronics.

MIT's Tiny Kinetic Generator Produces 100 Times More Power from Small Vibrations. The labs at MIT are shaking things up – literally – as they just unveiled a tiny device that harvests energy from everyday, low-frequency vibrations. The breakthrough gizmo generates 100 times more power than other devices like it, and it can harvest electricity from a wide range of sources including footsteps, auto traffic, and even swaying bridges. Aimed primarily at supporting wireless sensor networks, the device could be used to create an ambient energy harvesting system right under our feet. Scientists have been using wireless sensor networks to measure and monitor the environmental conditions of just about everything these days.

They can track pollution, measure bridge and building movement, monitor oil pipelines, and even help predict the temperature changes in forests before a mass fire. Solar Cells with Kirigami Cuts Capture More Sunlight. Most of the solar panels in the world sit on rooftops at a fixed angle, so they miss out on capturing energy during parts of every day. Now researchers have shown that by cutting solar cells into specific designs using kirigami, a variation of origami which entails cutting in addition to folding, they can allow the cells to track the sun’s angle without having to tilt the whole panel. Xenius - Akkus der Zukunft Speichern ohne Ende. Erster Energiespeicher, der sich in 10 Jahren rechnet: SENEC Home G2 plus. One of the World's Largest Solar Farms to Be Built in California Desert. Solar is going big. Again. No More Ugly Solar Panels - Check This Out - Beautiful and Practical Solar Roofs - In the Garden.

Love this – Beauty and Practicality capturing the energy of the sun to heat your home or combined with Soltech’s PV Cells giving you an electrical generating system. These Glass Roof Tiles. Made by SolTech System are a real innovative idea giving another alternative for our heating needs while adding to the aesthetics. 5 breakthroughs that will make solar power cheaper than coal. There was some good news last week. While Washington was busy holding the global markets hostage and placing billions in badly needed R&D funding on the chopping block, a new report from REN21 (the Renewable Energy Network for the 21st Century) showed that global investments in renewable energy jumped 32 percent to a record $211 billion, this despite a downturn in the economy and massive R&D cuts in clean energy.

It's a little reassuring that progress marches forward, despite our nation's best efforts to stop it. New paper shows that renewables can supply 100% of all energy (not just electricity) V3Solar's Spinning Cone-Shaped Solar Cells Generate 20 Times More Electricity Than Flat Photovoltaics. Mobile Photovoltaik Plug&Save. Smart Power set to launch synthetic smart grid for (Scottish) renewables. Small scale hydropower can provide stream of new jobs to rural regions. The solar road in the Netherlands is working even better than expected.

Solar drängt in den USA anderen  Strom aus den Netzen. Solar Power Revolution - Here Comes The Sun.  Neuer Rekord: Photovoltaik und Wind liefern Deutschland so viel Strom wie 40 Großkraftwerke - SolarServer. Powerwall. Energy & Electricity. Pressemitteilung_Strompreise.pdf. Energieeffizienz. Reduce energy consumption and green house gas emissions by half. Better Wind Turbines Are Here: Lightweight, Compact, Powerful! BuildItSolar: Solar energy projects for Do It Yourselfers to save money and reduce pollution.

Alternative Energy. Planet e. Deutschland exportiert immer mehr Strom. Replik ǀ Sonnensteuer? Nein Danke! Debatte Klimaschutz: Die Irren der Energiewende. Solarindustrie: China hängt Deutschland ab. - Die Energiewende selbst gestalten. Was_ist_sicher_preiswert_und_foerdert_den_Frieden. Energiewende: Natürlicher Widerspruch. Energie in Bürgerhand. Streit um EEG-Umlage - Teurer Strom - Nano - 15.10.12. Strompreis-EEG-Umlage 2013- warum steigt der Strompreis? Wie die Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft die Energiewende attackiert — Carta. Dorf erzeugt Strom selbst. Small-Town Solar Revolution Has Created Jobs Galore & Driven Down Price of Power in Germany. Can nuclear power be part of the solution?'s Free The Sun Campaign for Builders.