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SXSW 2015 - Humans Are Predictable: Exploit It In Eight Charts. 5 Logical Fallacies That Make Humans Terrible at Democracy. Did you know that 63-65 percent of Americans think we're spending too little on welfare?

5 Logical Fallacies That Make Humans Terrible at Democracy

Well, as long as the polls calls it "assistance to the poor. " Use the word "welfare", and that number drops to 20-25 percent. Yeah, as we've mentioned before, just the way you word a question can change people's opinion on important matters, but, at least, this isn't a U.S. -only problem: The entire human race sucks at democracy. And we can't even help it because ... #5. Muha04/iStock/Getty Images Common sense says that angsty, rebellious teens who use words such as"sheeple" not ironically aren't the greatest source of thoughtful political analysis, but it turns out there's one thing they got right: Everyone does want to conform. Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images"Most of us majored in mindfuckery, actually. " Put yourself in this scenario: Someone asks you and seven other people a stupidly simple question, but all of the others give the wrong answer.

One Small Change That Makes You Seem Smarter. Schopenhauer y sus 38 maneras de ganar una discusiòn. Pablo by Buffer - Design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds. 7 Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention. Your long-term success depends on winning the attention of others.

7 Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention

If your boss doesn’t notice your work, how will you get a promotion? If your team doesn’t listen to you, how can you lead effectively? And if you can’t capture the attention of clients, how does your business or career survive? “Attention is the most important currency that anybody can give you,” Steve Rubel of Edelman once told me. “It’s worth more than money, possessions or things.” But very few people know the science behind captivating others. 17 Things Powerful People Say. ‘Picture Your Audience Naked,’ And Other Terrible Speaking Tips to Ignore.

By Michelle Mazur The absolute worst piece of public speaking advice I ever received came from a dear friend of mine.

‘Picture Your Audience Naked,’ And Other Terrible Speaking Tips to Ignore

My speech focused on giving up my dream job in paradise to pursue happiness and love in my personal life. My friend suggested, “Wear a coconut bra and a grass skirt. As you get more disenchanted with Hawaii, you can strip them off.” NO! Here are my top 5 bad speaking tips — along with what you should do instead. How To Be Someone People Love To Talk To. When do we really learn good conversation skills?

How To Be Someone People Love To Talk To

Well, we don’t. We’re just kind of expected to pick them up… And we wonder why people aren’t better communicators. The 9 Things People Decide Within Seconds of Meeting You. 15 secrets of really persuasive people. A Short History Of That Time George H.W. Bush Vomited In Japan. In Party Like a President: True Tales of Inebriation, Lechery, and Mischief From the Oval Office, author Brian Abrams gives us an honest and boozed-soaked history of the nation's highest office.

A Short History Of That Time George H.W. Bush Vomited In Japan

But it wasn't just illicit substances and affairs that tripped up our commanders in chief. No, rather on this Presidents Day, let's look back on the most famous state dinner in American history, when the original Bush hurled vomit on Japan, years before the second Bush hurled bombs on the Middle East. A Lesson in Failure- The Rise of the Mars Candy Company. The legendary Roald Dahl’s book Charlie & Chocolate Factory from 1964 (and its subsequent two film adaptations from 1971 and 2005) told the story of a magical candy factory and its eccentric and mysterious owner Willy Wonka.

A Lesson in Failure- The Rise of the Mars Candy Company

A chocolate river, gum that is a whole turkey dinner, never-ending gobstoppers, and, of course, the singing and dancing oompa-loompas are just a few of the surprises that waited inside the doors of the famously secretive factory. Of course, in a real life candy empire, there are a lot more failures, hard work, father/son disputes, and an unfortunate lack of oompa-loompas. What follows is the tale of how the Mars candy company went from a small candy business started by a polio stricken teen to one of the largest candy companies in the world. 4 Tips for Killer Calls to Action in Your Emails. After your subscribers open and actually read your email, the next challenge is to get them to convert.

4 Tips for Killer Calls to Action in Your Emails

In other words, it’s time to take action. The words and images you use to ask for that conversion are known as a call to action or CTA. A CTA asks the reader to take the next step. Here are examples of CTAs in an email: 5 PowerPoint Shortcuts That Will Save Your Life. How to make a presentation like Steve Jobs. 20 Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest Features You Didn't Know E… Social Media Secrets. Even cockroaches have different personalities, scientists find. Cockroaches may be ugly, they may be among the most loathed creatures on the planet but at least, scientists say, they have personality.

Even cockroaches have different personalities, scientists find

Researchers studying the behaviour of the insects have discovered that far from simply being a homogenous mass they have individual character traits. The discovery is unlikely to change perceptions of them from skittering vermin to desirable beasts but it could go some way to explaining their evolutionary success. Scientists observed the character traits as they studied the way the “gregarious insect” seeks shelter when they come out into the open.

If they had the same personalities they would all behave exactly the same when in the open but observations have revealed clear differences. Some, those classified as shy, keep hidden as much as possible and seek the safety of shelter while the more adventurous are keen to explore their surroundings. “Shy individuals are those that spend more time sheltered and explore less the arena or the surroundings. 10 consejos de comunicación política y protocolo para redes sociales. Por: Diana Rubio y Gabriel Otazo El impacto de las nuevas tecnologías de la comunicación y la información (TICs), junto con el surgimiento y masificación de Internet, han cambiado la forma de relación y comunicación en todos los ámbitos de la vida humana, incluso, en el terreno político, convirtiendo en tendencia los procedimientos de interacción entre candidatos y ciudadanos.

10 consejos de comunicación política y protocolo para redes sociales

Actualmente, los líderes políticos se ven influídos por las transformaciones que han traído consigo la nueva era, la era de la información, que no sólo les exigen el despliegue de nuevas estrategias de adaptación: una mayor rapidez y oportunidad en la administración de la información, sino que además les requiere la elaboración de mensajes crecientemente segmentados (es decir, adecuados a las particularidades de un electorado cada vez más diverso) y el desarrollo de nuevas capacidades en la administración del diálogo público (Lanza, 2010). Aquí algunos tips: Why Great Presenters are Boring People. Brand And Marketing Trends for 2015. Gamification of Training Infographic. Gamification Infographics Gamification of Training Infographic Gamification of Training Infographic Games create engagement – they are the cornerstone of any positive learning experience.

Gamification of Training Infographic

It is essential that gamification becomes part of every learning professionals toolbox. The holidays are here! The psychology of impulse buying [infographic] - Holy Kaw! The holidays are prime-time for unexpected spending because, while you realize that sale sweater is perfect for Mom, the one next to it is not only a bargain but just the thing you’ve been looking for to complete your own wardrobe. Sights, smells, how a person gets to the store, and many other factors influence the frequency of impulse buys, so marketers will want to take note, and budget-conscious consumers will want to take warning. Via Marketo. Like infographics? 9 Simple (but Essential) Communication Rules for Success. Effective communication is extremely important in business. Not only do we want to send clear marketing messages to our customers--and customers to be--but we need to make sure that we build and maintain clear lines of communication with the members of our team.

Although most every leader knows the importance of communication for the success of their organization, their people, and themselves, a surprising number of leaders fail in this vital skill. According to a recent survey by Manpower and DDI, only 10 percent of frontline leaders are effective at conveying performance expectations, and facilitating clear agreement on next steps. Listen to These Intense Film Scores and Boost Your Productivity. 21 Tricks Stores Use to Control Your Brain. 15 Psychological Studies That Will Boost Your Marketing. How does your audience decide what it wants to click, share, favorite, and purchase? Understanding a bit of behavioral psychology can go a long ways toward a better understanding of your audience and why they do the things they do on social media and on your website.

People Will Believe Anything. File this one under sad but true: Most people will believe whatever you tell them, at least as long as a chart is involved, according to a study by Cornell University researchers that appears in this month's Public Understanding of Science journal. In a series of three experiments, researchers Aner Tal and Brian Wansik showed 174 study participants--most of whom had some college education--several versions of the description of a cold medicine. Of those who were shown a graphic with words, 97 percent said they believed the medicine worked. Conversely, of those who were only shown words with no graphic, 68 percent believed that it worked. How Your Brain Processes Logos [Infographic] Take a second to sit back and think about your favorite brand. Perhaps it's a consumables brand, like Ben & Jerry's. Or maybe it's a fitness brand, like Under Armour, or a car brand, like Mercedes or BMW.

How to Ruthlessly Prioritize Your Task List to Get More Done - The Zapier Blog. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to make a to do list, but how much harder it is to actually get one done? From my experience, it seems like prioritization makes a huge difference when it comes to actually completing that task list. The trick is to be as ruthless as you can stand, prioritizing until you only have one task to focus on right now, so you can't help but get to work. At least, that's what it usually takes for me to get stuck in! Prioritization is really hard, because it's mostly about saying no.

I've ordered these methods of prioritization to ease you in, with the most ruthless ones at the end. Analyze Your Task List. Presenting with impact – a matter of life or death? How to be a better communicator V - Axiom Communications Ltd. 10 ways to gain real superpowers that will change your life. 6 Simple Ways To Improve The Way You Speak. Worst Body Language Presentation Mistakes. Neuromarketing – Manipulation vs. Customer Focus, Dilbert-style. One of the post-speech questions I’m often asked is whether employing my neuromarketing strategies is “manipulative” and/or unethical.

This weekend’s Dilbert strip by Scott Adams highlights the divide between manipulation and customer focus: The hidden structure of the Apple keynote - Quartz. The Lee dynasty that runs Singapore has always been touchy about criticism. Like his father, the late Lee Kuan Yew, prime minister Lee Hsien Loong and his People’s Action Party (PAP) have a habit of suing their detractors for defamation or for “scandalizing the court,” leaving many of them in financial ruin.

9-step cheat sheet for becoming a public speaking expert. The 6 Scientific Principles Behind Influence and Persuasion. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. 5 Steps to Creating a Gorgeous Presentation. 50 Tweetable Twitter Tips, Tricks and Facts. 15 Twitter Hacks to Turn You Into a Tweeting Ninja. What makes a stellar headline. Little-Known Form Facts that Increase Conversion Rates. 24 Scientific Ways to Influence People Without Saying a Word. 12 Most Powerful Ways To Build Instant Influence. A Guide to Designing Cute Quote Graphics. 7 Ways to Make a Killer First Impression. TED Talk Takeaways: 8 Ways to Hook Your Audience. 8 Vital Social Media Ingredients To Boost Your Content Marketing. Wide-faced men negotiate nearly $2,200 larger signing bonus. 39 Resources for Understanding the Science & Psychology Behind Great Marketing.

Why You Clicked on That Tweet: The Psychology of Twitter Engagement. Why Public Speakers Need To Copy James Bond. 20 de los mejores sitios con miles de recursos gratis para diseñadores. 20 excelentes ebooks gratuitos sobre marketing en Social Media. No perdis el temps a les xarxes socials! How to Make a Presentation Stick. Microsoft has perfectly predicted this stage of the World Cup and it thinks Brazil is finished - Quartz. Infografia: els millors moments per publicar a les xarxes socials.

20 new and free infographic kits & templates. 12 Most Horrible Pieces of Blogging Advice. Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 Rule for Presentations. 9 Word Cloud Generators That Aren't Wordle. A Tool For Building Beautiful Data Visualizations. 12 free and low-cost tools to create Pinterest graphics. How to Win Arguments, Be Attractive, & More – Roger’s Picks. 12 Most Foolproof Ways to Keep People Awake During Your Powerpoint. 12 Most Foolproof Ways to Keep People Awake During Your Powerpoint.