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outdoor adventurer who spends most of my time camping, hiking and to be with nature. loves to cook healthy meals for my family.

Seven tips for parenting teen boys: 'Nagging them is like shouting into a void' Teen boys are a universally maligned group, frequently seen as a scourge to orderly society.

Seven tips for parenting teen boys: 'Nagging them is like shouting into a void'

Yet underneath the often hard-to-chat-to, starving, forgetful, restless, accident-prone boy is a big heart yearning to be understood and valued. Any teen can struggle with relationships as they venture into adolescence and some key biological drivers make this struggle real. There’s the need for autonomy and independence, the hunger to belong with friends and peers, and the search for identity, which all teens experience during the child to adult transformation. These coincide with brain, hormonal, physical, psychological and emotional changes. Adolescence is the perfect storm for challenging relationships with parents.

Our teen boys have some particular challenges that can drive their stress levels higher and make them more prone to emotional volatility, especially anger. Our boys are conditioned early to feel this way. {QUICK TIP} Understanding the Rewards Credit Card — Is it Worth It? Fighting fires to save a natural preserve in Brazil. Fires are the biggest challenge between June and October in Sesc Pantanal, a privately owned natural heritage reserve of 108,000 hectares in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil.

Fighting fires to save a natural preserve in Brazil

This year, in the first three months of the dry season, more than 50% of the land was damaged by flames, and the drier areas were burnt to the ground. It was the worst scenario in 20 years. This picture was taken in August. Eu.usatoday. — Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors.


The Etiquette of Eating Outdoors During a Pandemic. OnceOnce upon a time, etiquette experts like Emily Post and advice columnists like Ann Landers blew through bottles of ink formulating rules to be observed when dining.

The Etiquette of Eating Outdoors During a Pandemic

Elaborate formulae governed placement of knives, forks, and spoons; determination of where guests should be seated; the proper way to pour wine; and, perhaps most important of all, not putting your elbows on the table. Getting Started With Dividend Investing: What I’ve Done So Far. When it comes to investing, the end goal is almost always the same: make money.

Getting Started With Dividend Investing: What I’ve Done So Far

However, the paths you take to get there can vary. Deadly diseases from wildlife thrive when nature is destroyed, study finds. The human destruction of natural ecosystems increases the numbers of rats, bats and other animals that harbour diseases that can lead to pandemics such as Covid-19, a comprehensive analysis has found.

Deadly diseases from wildlife thrive when nature is destroyed, study finds

The research assessed nearly 7,000 animal communities on six continents and found that the conversion of wild places into farmland or settlements often wipes out larger species. The New Nutrition Label Makes Healthy Eating Easier. Everything You Need to Know Before Camping With Dogs. 15 Best Nature Documentaries on Netflix in 2020 - Animal Movies. Biodiversity: our solutions are in nature. Biodiversity ensures that we have fertile soil, as well as a variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables to eat.

Biodiversity: our solutions are in nature

It is the foundation of most of our industries and livelihoods and helps regulate climate through carbon storage and regulating rainfall. It also filters our air and water and mitigates the impact of natural disasters such as landslides and coastal storms. On land, the most important ecosystems and biodiversity refuges are forests, which are home to most of Earth’s terrestrial biodiversity: 80% of amphibian species; 75% of bird species, and 68% of mammal species, according to The State of the World’s Forests.

Park closed during coronavirus? Look to wetlands to get outdoors. During shelter-in-place, balancing time outside while staying close to home can be difficult: certain parks are off limits, parking lots are closed and authorities are increasingly on patrol to keep people moving along.

Park closed during coronavirus? Look to wetlands to get outdoors

In many cases, marsh wetlands on the shore of the bay can offer an answer. The greater Bay Area has more than 20 wetland marshes that provide nesting and nursery habitat for resident waterfowl and shorebirds, and food and resting habitat for migrants. Many are within short range of Bay Area residents. NPR Choice page. What Are the Best Subreddits For Parents? To say that parenting is a tough gig is . . . the biggest understatement.

What Are the Best Subreddits For Parents?

But while we're quick to share the adorable moments of our children's lives, we're less likely to broadcast the trials and tribulations of raising a small human. The blunt truth is that at times, you might feel like you're not in control of your mind, your body, or your schedule, and it's completely normal to experience frustration and loneliness. So, where's a parent to turn when they need a safe space to let it out? For parents around the world, the answer is Reddit. One of the most-visited sites on the internet, Reddit's unique blend of anonymity and networking makes it a haven for those who long to feel seen and understood. Scientists Have Officially Found a Mineral Never Before Seen in Nature.

It was found along the side of a road in a remote Australian gold rush town.

Scientists Have Officially Found a Mineral Never Before Seen in Nature

In the old days, Wedderburn was a hotspot for prospectors – it occasionally still is – but nobody there had ever seen a nugget quite like this one. The Wedderburn meteorite, found just north-east of the town in 1951, was a small 210-gram chunk of strange-looking space rock that fell out of the sky. YouTube. What science says about the best way to eat (and what we're still figuring out) Eggs are good for you. Eggs are bad for you. Avoid red meat. Enjoy red meat in moderation. Butter is out. Butter is back. Yet despite the seemingly always changing nutrition landscape and turnabouts in opinion — and setting aside tribalistic views — there’s actually a lot of agreement in the nutrition world.

Save Money and Earn Rewards with These 8 Great Shopping Tools / Apps. What’s that sound I hear? Could it be jingle bells? Nope, sorry — it’s just the sound of cash registers scanning away as the holiday shopping season is officially upon us. With today being Black Friday, millions of Americans are currently cruising around town looking for deals. Winter is great time for urban hiking in Tri-Cities. With the mild winter, there are plenty of good reasons, and no reasonable excuses, to get outside. Tri-Cities has lots of places to go. It is an excellent time to put on a few layers of clothes, gloves, a hat, warm socks and a pair of hiking shoes and go exploring the local trails. Walking and hiking in winter requires a bit of extra care and preparation.

Nature is a great reminder to enjoy the holiday season. I talked myself into going “out there.” The negative trifecta was in full swing — cloudy, cold, windy — yet I laced my walking shoes, hooked up my earbuds, and threw on the old down coat. When one is clutching a warm mug of something and gazing at the Dickensian view beyond the window, it goes against common sense to become part of the scene on the other side of the glass. Snow camping, not as bad as it sounds. Snow camping is the perfect way to treat yo self.

How nature can help with stress, fatigue. 5 Outdoors-Lovin’ Ways to Celebrate Public Lands Month. September is Public Lands Month, and with millions of acres to celebrate, we’ve put together a few of our favorite ways to enjoy and support public lands. Here in the United States, we collectively share a whopping 640 million acres of public land. From national parks to national monuments, wildlife refuges, designated wilderness areas, and beyond, there are places that push adventurous limits and provide sanctuary for humans and creatures alike. Nature up close: Theodore Roosevelt, the conservation president. Five tips to help you keep your cool while hiking on a hot summer day.

Hiking during the summer can feel like walking across a hot griddle with a blow torch aimed at your face. That’s why park rangers, who encounter lots of park visitors suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration, want to share some tips to keep hikers safe during the hot summer months. Parenting by the Numbers. Up Your Social Media Game - 3 Tools I Personally Recommend. How to Juggle Your Parenting and Work Life Successfully. ‘Penguins’ Review: A Nature Documentary Veers Into Fairy Tale. Parenting vs. child rearing: Different as night & day. Best fall hikes in the US. Robinhood App Review — How to Get Started Investing. Www.forbes.

- The Washington Post. When did parenting become so fearful? Why are Americans so suffocatingly weird about their kids nowadays? In a 2016 Pew survey, only 30 percent of parents said kids should be allowed to play in a public park unsupervised before they’re 13 years old, though the country’s streets have never been safer.

And yet, this style of care doesn’t seem to benefit anyone involved: not kids, not society, and definitely not the parents themselves. Caregivers cling to their charges, afraid of everything and nothing in particular. What should be in the new Environment Bill? Decide your parenting priorities ahead of time. Why a retreat to nature can be so therapeutic. In Search of Fresh Ideas About Environment. Backpacker. Environmental nutrition: 12 tips for 'eating green' in the new year. Picture It: Your Environment photo competition - in pictures. Outdoors: This visitor is welcome back, any time. How to Properly Pack Your Photography Bag for the Outdoors. Technology is changing our relationship with nature as we know it — Quartz. When good parenting isn’t on the school supply list. 11 ideas for stylish living in the outdoors. Camping: a changing Wisconsin tradition.

On Parenting: Meghan Leahy takes your questions about parenting - The Washington Post. Seven Terrifying Ways to Die while Hiking and Camping - Boise, ID. PARENTING: How can you say 'yes'? - News - Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota, FL. An appreciation for nature. Early spring? Nature takes it in stride - News - The Columbus Dispatch - Columbus, OH. Research shows nature can beat back scientific tinkering with genes of entire species. Human migration. OUTDOORS: Natick man is winner in Trustees hiking challenge - Entertainment - Natick Bulletin and Tab - Natick, MA. Reset your sleep cycle with a weekend camping trip full of natural light and true darkness. Joys and challenges of winter camping. Mammoth just might be the best in winter RV camping - Entertainment & Life - - Barstow, CA.

Afghan Female Skier Fights Taboos.