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Joannie Oconnell

outdoor adventurer who spends most of my time camping, hiking and to be with nature. loves to cook healthy meals for my family.

Allbirds Mizzles Review: Do Mizzles Make For a Go-To Travel Shoe? As a semi-frequent traveler who looks to pack pretty light, I’m used to taking only one pair of shoes with me on any given trip.

Allbirds Mizzles Review: Do Mizzles Make For a Go-To Travel Shoe?

Is There Anything More Natural Than Nature? Our Readers Weigh In On "Green" Houses. Is There Anything More Natural Than Nature?

Is There Anything More Natural Than Nature? Our Readers Weigh In On "Green" Houses

Our Readers Weigh In On "Green" Houses March 16. Venmo Credit Card Review: Worth Adding To Your Wallet? Last year, following a few months of teasing, the Venmo Credit Card made its grand debut.

Venmo Credit Card Review: Worth Adding To Your Wallet?

With a novel reward structure, bright-colored card designs, and app integration, the card made a bit of splash. However, in the time since that announcement, the card itself had only been offered to select users. Well, that was until this past week when Venmo seemingly opened the credit card to all current customers. Now that the Venmo Credit Card is now available to all Venmo users, let’s take a look at what this card has to offer — and whether or not I plan on applying for it.

What You Need to Know About the Venmo Credit Card. There’s a Global Plan to Conserve Nature. Indigenous People Could Lead the Way. With a million species at risk of extinction, dozens of countries are pushing to protect at least 30 percent of the planet’s land and water by 2030.

There’s a Global Plan to Conserve Nature. Indigenous People Could Lead the Way.

Their goal is to hammer out a global agreement at negotiations to be held in China later this year, designed to keep intact natural areas like old growth forests and wetlands that nurture biodiversity, store carbon and filter water. But many people who have been protecting nature successfully for generations won’t be deciding on the deal: Indigenous communities and others who have kept room for animals, plants and their habitats, not by fencing off nature, but by making a small living from it. The key to their success, research shows, is not extracting too much. In the Brazilian Amazon, Indigenous people put their bodies on the line to protect native lands threatened by loggers and ranchers. In Canada, a First Nations group created a huge park to block mining. So Mr. Hunt, Gather, Parent book by Michaeleen Doucleff, reviewed.

The setup to the newest “parenting is better, anywhere but here” book goes like this: When reporter Michaeleen Doucleff, who lives in San Francisco, reached peak frustration with her spirited 3-year-old daughter, Rosy, she wondered if other people out there might have the answers.

Hunt, Gather, Parent book by Michaeleen Doucleff, reviewed.

She visited a few places that seemed sufficiently different to be enlightening—the Mayan village of Chan Kajaal, the Inuit town of Kugaaruk, and the Hadzabe tribe in northern Tanzania. She packed Rosy along, and asked local parents for their help. The result is Hunt, Gather, Parent: What Ancient Cultures Can Teach Us About the Lost Art of Raising Happy, Helpful Little Humans. This is a heartfelt book that’s full of perfectly fine advice, wrapped in a story of some experiences that obviously changed this particular mother’s life, all built on a premise that should make us feel very queasy. I've Always Loved Nature — Then I Realized Nature Loved Me Back. Overwhelm, overthinking, and over-reactivity were regulars in my life not that long ago.

I've Always Loved Nature — Then I Realized Nature Loved Me Back

I had been working on a purposeful business in San Francisco that I loved. It was work that had me collaborating with humanitarian organizations in a way that brought a lot of meaning to my life. I was so enthusiastic about what I was doing that, in a sneaky sort of way, the more I worked, the more energized I felt—or so I thought. Most of my work was done in front of my computer. On many days I didn't see any nature beyond the pictures on my laptop's wallpaper. Credit Karma Money Save Account Review: What You Need to Know. As someone who’s written about FinTech for a couple of years now, I’ve definitely spotted a few trends along the way.

Credit Karma Money Save Account Review: What You Need to Know

One of the biggest I’ve seen is the expansions many startups have made by adding basic banking services to their other offerings. Case in point: Credit Karma Savings — which was brought into the world in the fall of 2019. That service has now been rebranded as Credit Karma Money Save along with the addition of Credit Karma Money Spend. So how does this banking extension of the Credit Karma brand stack up against other options? Parenting in a pandemic: How to develop stronger family relationships during COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected us.

Parenting in a pandemic: How to develop stronger family relationships during COVID-19

It has increased our worries and concerns about physical health. COVID-19 has added to the existing challenges parents face, and has also created greater awareness surrounding the fragility of mental health. Yet, the second wave has also paved the way for a larger discussion on ways to promote mental well-being. As a researcher and a clinical psychologist, I lead a research group that investigates how emotion regulation, values and beliefs affect the development and inter-generational transmission of mental or behavioural disorders, and how these problems can impact educational achievement. The Childhood Anxiety and Regulation of Emotions (C.A.R.E.) research group has developed a school-based program as well as a parenting program, both of which teach core coping skills that have been associated with resilience.

Impact of the pandemic on family life. - The Washington Post. Plan a Camping Trip for Your Non-Outdoorsy Partner. Welcome to Tough Love.

Plan a Camping Trip for Your Non-Outdoorsy Partner

Are Annual Fee Cards Worth It? — These Ones May Be. The Illinois Nature Preserves Have Friends Who Care. A year ago if you looked past the gate of Short Cemetery in Coal City, Ill., near Morris, you would have seen a predictable landscape: a tranquil collection of gravestones surrounded by trees.

The Illinois Nature Preserves Have Friends Who Care

Eu.azcentral. Nature is not healing. DolphinsDolphins did not return to cleaner canals in Venice, Italy this year. Nor was the critically endangered Malabar civet spotted on the streets of Kerala, India. And, contrary to one meme, there definitely were not dinosaurs in Times Square. Most of the memes that claimed “nature is healing” while COVID-19 shut down business around the world were misleading or just a joke to lighten up a heavy year. The reality is, even if it managed to keep people holed up for parts of the year, the pandemic is not leaving us with a healthier planet. There were fewer plane trips and car trips this year, which means fewer tailpipe emissions. For starters, assessing air quality in 2020 is complicated. As nitrogen dioxide pollution fell, another dangerous type of pollution seemed to stagnate and even rise in some places in the US.

A Way Forward for Working Parents. Seven tips for parenting teen boys: 'Nagging them is like shouting into a void' Teen boys are a universally maligned group, frequently seen as a scourge to orderly society. Yet underneath the often hard-to-chat-to, starving, forgetful, restless, accident-prone boy is a big heart yearning to be understood and valued. Any teen can struggle with relationships as they venture into adolescence and some key biological drivers make this struggle real. There’s the need for autonomy and independence, the hunger to belong with friends and peers, and the search for identity, which all teens experience during the child to adult transformation.

These coincide with brain, hormonal, physical, psychological and emotional changes. Adolescence is the perfect storm for challenging relationships with parents. Our teen boys have some particular challenges that can drive their stress levels higher and make them more prone to emotional volatility, especially anger. Our boys are conditioned early to feel this way. {QUICK TIP} Understanding the Rewards Credit Card — Is it Worth It? Fighting fires to save a natural preserve in Brazil. Fires are the biggest challenge between June and October in Sesc Pantanal, a privately owned natural heritage reserve of 108,000 hectares in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil.

This year, in the first three months of the dry season, more than 50% of the land was damaged by flames, and the drier areas were burnt to the ground. It was the worst scenario in 20 years. This picture was taken in August. Eu.usatoday. The Etiquette of Eating Outdoors During a Pandemic. OnceOnce upon a time, etiquette experts like Emily Post and advice columnists like Ann Landers blew through bottles of ink formulating rules to be observed when dining.

Elaborate formulae governed placement of knives, forks, and spoons; determination of where guests should be seated; the proper way to pour wine; and, perhaps most important of all, not putting your elbows on the table. Well, a whole new set of etiquette rules must be formulated in the age of COVID-19, though many of the old ones still apply. Getting Started With Dividend Investing: What I’ve Done So Far. When it comes to investing, the end goal is almost always the same: make money. Deadly diseases from wildlife thrive when nature is destroyed, study finds. The New Nutrition Label Makes Healthy Eating Easier. Everything You Need to Know Before Camping With Dogs. 15 Best Nature Documentaries on Netflix in 2020 - Animal Movies. Biodiversity: our solutions are in nature. Biodiversity ensures that we have fertile soil, as well as a variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables to eat.

It is the foundation of most of our industries and livelihoods and helps regulate climate through carbon storage and regulating rainfall. Park closed during coronavirus? Look to wetlands to get outdoors. NPR Choice page. What Are the Best Subreddits For Parents? Scientists Have Officially Found a Mineral Never Before Seen in Nature. It was found along the side of a road in a remote Australian gold rush town. YouTube. What science says about the best way to eat (and what we're still figuring out) Save Money and Earn Rewards with These 8 Great Shopping Tools / Apps. Winter is great time for urban hiking in Tri-Cities. Nature is a great reminder to enjoy the holiday season. Snow camping, not as bad as it sounds. How nature can help with stress, fatigue. 5 Outdoors-Lovin’ Ways to Celebrate Public Lands Month. Nature up close: Theodore Roosevelt, the conservation president. Five tips to help you keep your cool while hiking on a hot summer day.

Parenting by the Numbers. Up Your Social Media Game - 3 Tools I Personally Recommend. How to Juggle Your Parenting and Work Life Successfully. ‘Penguins’ Review: A Nature Documentary Veers Into Fairy Tale. Parenting vs. child rearing: Different as night & day. Best fall hikes in the US. Robinhood App Review — How to Get Started Investing. Www.forbes. - The Washington Post. When did parenting become so fearful? What should be in the new Environment Bill? Decide your parenting priorities ahead of time. Why a retreat to nature can be so therapeutic. In Search of Fresh Ideas About Environment. Backpacker. Environmental nutrition: 12 tips for 'eating green' in the new year.

Picture It: Your Environment photo competition - in pictures. Outdoors: This visitor is welcome back, any time. How to Properly Pack Your Photography Bag for the Outdoors. Technology is changing our relationship with nature as we know it — Quartz. When good parenting isn’t on the school supply list. 11 ideas for stylish living in the outdoors. Camping: a changing Wisconsin tradition. On Parenting: Meghan Leahy takes your questions about parenting - The Washington Post. Seven Terrifying Ways to Die while Hiking and Camping - Boise, ID. PARENTING: How can you say 'yes'? - News - Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota, FL.

An appreciation for nature. Early spring? Nature takes it in stride - News - The Columbus Dispatch - Columbus, OH. Research shows nature can beat back scientific tinkering with genes of entire species. Human migration. OUTDOORS: Natick man is winner in Trustees hiking challenge - Entertainment - Natick Bulletin and Tab - Natick, MA. Reset your sleep cycle with a weekend camping trip full of natural light and true darkness. Joys and challenges of winter camping. Mammoth just might be the best in winter RV camping - Entertainment & Life - - Barstow, CA. Afghan Female Skier Fights Taboos.